IRL C75 A Stupidly Adorable Hero

Ao Jing hurried over to the entrance of the Mo family’s estate where Liangqiu Huang was waiting. Since the questline was currently paused, he just stood there, not even reacting when Ao Jing stepped outside. For that, he would have to speak to him first.

Ao Jing glanced at the gate again and then opened the chat window, slightly turning to the side so none of the NPCs would see how he wrote the message. Even though it was unlikely that it would trigger anything, it was better to be safe than sorry.

[Have you left yet?]

At that moment, Shangguan Yu was already on his way to the estate of merchant Wang. [Don’t worry about it. I’m already halfway there.]

Ao Jing smiled when he saw that answer and then send another reminder to be careful before he closed the chat window and went over to Liangqiu Huang. “I’m here, we can leave.”

Liangqiu Huang turned to look at him and nodded, getting onto the carriage that had been prepared beforehand. Ao Jing followed him and sat down opposite him, waiting for the carriage to drive off. From outside, he heard the voices of Mo Ju An and that servant girl, and then, the door of the carriage was once again opened and the two of them got inside.

Ao Jing slightly raised his brows, not having expected this. But anyway, it was more convenient this way so he certainly wouldn’t complain. He just nodded at the two of them and then turned to the window next to him, wondering how long it would take to happen upon that servant. He really didn’t want to be separated from Shangguan Yu for too long.

After a while, Ao Jing furrowed his brows and turned to the others. “What exactly are we waiting for?” A few minutes had gone by since everyone was seated but the carriage still hadn’t left yet.

Liangqiu Huang raised his brows. “Aren’t we waiting for that friend of yours?”

Ao Jing was stunned for a moment before he realized that Liangqiu Huang wasn’t talking about Shangguan Yu but about Zhou Ming. He smiled wryly and then cleared his throat. “Right … Let me get off and check where he is.” He opened the door and went a few steps further away, opening his friend’s list.

After meeting Zhou Ming for the first time when Shangguan Yu introduced them, the two of them had added each other’s as friends even though they had never played together again. He had always felt weird about it when he saw that name on the list but, today, he finally felt that they had made the right decision back then.

He clicked on the name and wrote a message to him: [Zhou Ming, do you want to come along for that mission?]

For a moment, there was no answer, and Ao Jing couldn’t help but worry that maybe he wouldn’t get any at all. After all, yesterday, they hadn’t talked about how to continue with Zhou Ming. While he was online right now, he might be busy.

In the end, it turned out that Ao Jing had been thinking too much. After only half a minute, a message popped up: [Ah! I thought you had forgotten me!]

Ao Jing’s brows twitched. While he was happy to get a response, this wasn’t an answer to his question at all. He already wanted to ask again when another message appeared.

[Wait a moment. I’ll be there asap.]

Ao Jing heaved a sigh of relief. Well, that was at least an answer. He stood there, waiting, only for a few minutes to pass. Closing his eyes, he took a deep breath. Maybe he should have asked Zhou Ming where he currently was. He really didn’t want to wait here for a quarter of an hour just so they could leave.

He drummed on his leg with his fingers and finally opened the chat window again. He didn’t text Zhou Ming though and instead messaged Shangguan Yu: [We forgot about Zhou Ming.]

At that time, Shangguan Yu had arrived at the estate of merchant Wang. He stopped on the roof and raised his brows. [What happened?]

[I got onto the carriage and noticed it wasn’t moving so I asked what we were waiting for.] Ao Jing hesitated for a moment but finally still went ahead and told Shangguan Yu the rest. [Liangqiu Huang looked at me as if I was an idiot and said we were waiting for my friend.]

On top of the roof, Shangguan Yu couldn’t help but laugh. [My poor husband! But I guess you can be proud of yourself. Not everyone can make an NPC doubt their IQ!] He sent a laughing face after the message, making Ao Jing smile wryly.

[Don’t forget you’re married to this idiot!]

Shangguan Yu just continued to laugh. He lay down flat on the roof, propping up his elbows and crossing his legs at the ankles before he wrote back. Anyway, it seemed that Ao Jing would need some time so he might as well make himself comfortable for now. [I don’t mind. Being idiotic every now and then is also adorable.]

Ao Jing almost laughed out loud. [Is that a dig at what I did today?]

[No, no, what you did there wasn’t adorable.]

Ao Jing’s heart jumped at that. Not adorable? Then … was Shangguan Yu angry after all? He wanted to ask but was afraid, his finger hovering over the window. The longer he waited, the more nervous he became. What now? What should he do?

Back at the Wang family’s estate, Shangguan Yu laughed to himself. He could imagine how his husband was squirming right now. Well, it was probably about time to release him. [What you did was very heroic. If that had been anybody else than my brother-in-law, you really would have saved me.]

Ao Jing’s heart jumped once more but this time, there was a smile on his lips again. [In the future, let’s leave the saving to the game, alright? I’d rather just leisurely spend time with you IRL.] Still, seeing that response, the last bit of apprehension about his actions today was blown away.

Yes, it had turned out awkward but only because the person in question had been somebody Shangguan Yu knew. If that hadn’t been the case, then he really might have saved him from harm. Knowing that … he didn’t feel bad about it anymore.

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