SML V3C25 Not Giving Him Any Face

At this time, Mo Fang and Mister Mo were in the kitchen, staring into one of the pots on the stove.

Mo Fang had furrowed his brows with dissatisfaction and glared at his father. “Didn’t I say to just order something? How are we supposed to eat this?”

Mister Mo pursed his lips, unhappy that his son was angry at him. “What do you mean? It’s not that bad! In any case, previously, you never had a problem eating my dishes.”

“I never had a problem eating your dishes if there was nothing else around. That doesn’t mean it tastes good. Li Ming knows how to cook. Did you know that he brought lunch for me to work today? He said he just thought of it last minute but it was still delicious. How can this compare?”

Mister Mo wrinkled his brow a little. He also couldn’t change that he wasn’t that good of a cook. But anyway … “He brought lunch for you?”

“Yes, he also cooked for me each morning since we got together. Li Ming just is that kind of guy.”

Mister Mo nodded, feeling even better about Li Ming. Since he had been working for him a few years, he felt that he had a pretty good grasp of his personality. Clearly, he was serious, hard-working, and kind. Now, he could also cook. In the future, he wouldn’t have to worry about Mo Fang if he was together with somebody like this. He should work hard to make sure that this relationship turned out well.

Thinking of that, his gaze became a little troubled when he looked into the pot again. Working hard … it seemed he hadn’t worked hard enough. Mo Fang had said before that it would be best to order in but he hadn’t been able to bring himself to do so. In any case, if he invited somebody to his house, then he should make the dishes himself, right? At the very least, that was how he had thought.

Now though, maybe he shouldn’t have done that and rather erred on the side of caution. He didn’t want to scare his potential future son-in-law away with bad cooking. “Maybe I should order take out just in case?”

Mo Fang gave him an insipid look and then pulled out his phone, slipping on the screen to look at the time. “Well, if you had done so half an hour ago when I told you that it didn’t look appetizing at all, then maybe that could have worked out. Now though? It’s definitely too late. You should have listened to me immediately, Daddy.”

Mister Mo nodded, feeling a bit reluctant as well. Yes, he probably should’ve listened to his son. Now, they were actually in this kind of situation. What a pity! “Well, let’s hope that Li Ming isn’t a picky eater.”

“Do you think he wouldn’t be a picky eater if he can cook like that? Even if he wasn’t one originally, after cooking for himself for years, he will also have gotten used to it.”

Mister Mo sighed and turned off the stove, feeling that it didn’t make a difference anymore. In any case, he could only hope that Li Ming would be polite enough about this. “Well, we could still order something for a little later. We can just pretend that it was still in the oven or something.”

Mo Fang gave him a look, not feeling that that would work at all but if it would make his father happy, they might as well do it. “Go ahead then. I won’t keep you from doing that. I still think you should have done that half an hour earlier though.”

Mister Mo nodded and took out his own phone to give a call when the doorbell rang. He cursed under his breath and then put his phone away, not bothering anymore. Well, since Li Ming was already here, they’d just have to make the best out of it.

He went to get the door, giving Li Ming a bright smile when he opened it. “Li Ming, ah! You’re already here. Come on in then!”

Li Ming was a little taken aback when Mister Mo was this excited but he still greeted him and followed him inside. His heart was already thumping wildly but there was nothing he could do about that anymore.

Mo Fang was already following after his father, giving Li Ming a bright smile as well. “Bro Li, you’re finally here!” He walked past his father and gave him a half-hug, kissing his cheek. “Don’t be too polite. My father won’t mind.”

Before Li Ming could answer, Boss Mo immediately echoed his son. “Yes, ah, don’t stand on ceremony. In any case, we’ve been working together for years and now, you’re also Xiao Fang’s boyfriend. So there is really no reason to be polite.”

Li Ming was thrown a little off-guard but he still nodded and thanked Mister Mo before handing over the presents. “This is for you. It’s not much, just a small gesture of appreciation. Mo Fang told me that your wife currently isn’t at home but I included a little something for her just in case.”

Mister Mo looked at the bag in his hands, feeling even more appreciative of Li Ming. This boy, he … was really too good! Just think of that Lan Heng. He wouldn’t even give him a good attitude, not to mention gifts. “Aiya, Li Ming, you don’t need to be like this.” Even though he said so, he was clearly smiling even brighter than before, showing that the gifts had already done their magic.

Mo Fang raised a hand to his mouth, hiding a smile, and then tugged at Li Ming’s arm. “Well, let Daddy put that away and come on in. The food is ready. I hope you’ll be able to stomach it. It’s really not that good.”

Mister Mo winced and then hurried away as fast as he could so he wouldn’t have to hear about how bad his food was from his son once again. This family … They really didn’t give him any face, ah!

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