OMF V8C126 Where Would Their Relationship Lead?

Jing Yi nodded. To be honest, he didn’t know that much about Leng Jin Yu. He had met him when he pretended to be that senior martial brother Yu of the Yun Zou Sect. That person had seemed quite knowledgeable to the young him who had no idea about cultivation. It was only later and through his own relationship with Qiu Ling that he found out that there was more to it. Now, it seemed that this person was even more awesome than he had thought. “It seems that he is quite the special person.”

Duan Ming nodded but the one who got the first word in was once again Lan Ling.

“Since you know him, why do you need to ask something like that?”

Jing Yi couldn’t help but feel a bit put on the spot. This Lan Ling … Leng Jin Yu hadn’t told him that he was this troublesome to get along with. “Well, I had the feeling but to me, he always seemed like a kind senior. Somebody that was rather far away for me. So I guess that I always felt that I don’t have an accurate grasp of his real strength or what he could do. But he seemed really knowledgeable to me. And like somebody who would know not only about one or two things but many.”

Lan Ling’s expression actually looked a lot better when he heard that.

Qiu Ling gave him a disdainful look, still feeling that this person was delusional to have any designs on his father’s reincarnation. This time, he kept quiet though. After all, things seemed to be going quite well for Jing Yi so he didn’t want to mess things up again. Right now, he had to keep silent. Even if he didn’t like it.

Jing Yi also couldn’t help but have his own thoughts. Clearly, what had set Lan Ling off in the first place was the fact that he had mentioned Leng Jin Yu. So that was probably what he needed to make up for to be able to get along with him more.

He thought for a bit and then couldn’t help but speak up again. “To be honest, I also don’t know him that well. The one he would be better acquainted with would be Qiu Ling. I only know that he already ascended quite some time ago judging from the standpoint of the mortal realms and that he spent some time here. He just mentioned the two of you though and not really much more about the courtyard of the idle gods so my knowledge about that is also really limited. I guess he wouldn’t have told me anything in the first place if I hadn’t asked directly. So it’s really not a wonder that I don’t know much.”

Lan Ling’s expression became even better when he heard that. “So that is to say he only mentioned us today because you didn’t talk about his time in the Nine Heavens before.”

Jing Yi shot a look at Qiu Ling who still had on a disdainful expression. “Well, I can’t speak for Qiu Ling but for me, that is certainly the case.”

Lan Ling gave Qiu Ling a triumphant look.

The dragon king just raised a brow though. “Who cares about that bit of time in the Nine Heavens? We have other stuff to talk about.”

Lan Ling pursed his lips, feeling that this dragon king was really too unreasonable. He felt that Jing Yi was a little better though. Thinking of that, he walked a little closer, intent on finding out some more. Since he finally had the chance to hear what Leng Jin Yu was up to, he naturally had to use it! “So, he actually got married?”

Jing Yi nodded. “Yes, he did. they were together for a while longer but the wedding was just before I ascended.”

Lan Ling gave a hum, still feeling a bit bad that he hadn’t known about that. He had always thought that whatever Leng Jin Yu was doing, sooner or later, he would return to their courtyard. Now though, there didn’t seem to be much of a chance of that happening. He really felt down imagining that. He just couldn’t understand. In any case, hadn’t they gotten along well? Why would Leng Jin Yu just ditch them?

Duan Ming gave him a long look and sighed. This guy … he had always known that he looked up to Leng Jin Yu but this was really going too far. In any case, they hadn’t known each other that well either because of the short time. They really couldn’t expect to get an invitation to his wedding or to be filled in on the details of whatever mission it was that he had gotten. In fact, who knew if that mission was something that could be disclosed? It was better not to pry there.

Thinking of that, he cleared his throat. “Well, it’s good that he found happiness. Whether that is here in the Nine Heavens or down in the mortal realm, it doesn’t matter much. I’m happy for him.”

Jing Yi nodded. “I felt that they looked really happy.” To be honest, he had missed the wedding because he was cultivating at that time and nearing his breakthrough in the final level. But when he had seen them before, they had clearly been incredibly close. That kind of couple, he didn’t think that they would have any problems. They would certainly be able to make things work.

Thinking of that, he couldn’t help but glance at Qiu Ling. The two of them, on the other hand … it was hard to say. There were just so many things that stood between them, he wasn’t even sure if he could still call Qiu Ling his lover or not. After all, where would this ever lead? Right now, there didn’t really seem to be a future ahead of them. And that was something that he had quite a bit of trouble accepting.

Duan Ming noticed that Jing Yi was glancing at Qiu Ling and couldn’t help but feel a little intrigued. That downcast expression made him lose any thought of inquiring though. Sometimes, some things were better left unspoken. Clearly, if there were troubles, it was best not to remind him of them. Instead, it would be better to distract him a little.

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