OMF V8C103 Cut It Out Already

Leng Jin Yu also glanced over but he wasn’t quite sure what to say. He agreed with everything that Jinde had said. And having been a dragon himself in his last life, he could understand these feelings.

Maybe he was also the one who could understand Zhong Jing Yi the best since he was in a rather similar situation. The thing was just that for him, finding his memories was something that he had set out to do originally. On the other hand, Zhong Jing Yi was different. He hadn’t wanted to know but had stumbled over the opportunity to remember some things and how that had turned out … well, they all knew too well.

But now, Jing Yi was in this situation that he had never needed to confront either. If you were there and your other half was also there, who was more important? To be honest, he had thought about that after Chun Yin had returned for just a moment. Most likely, the fact that Jinde had been happy to see him again and had actually wanted him and not his previous self had put any doubts he had had before to rest. But that wouldn’t happen with Jing Yi. Qiu Ling was still caught up in his memories of Jing He. He would never be able to let go of him. At the very least, that was how it seemed right now.

Leng Jin Yu thought and thought but he felt like there was nothing he could say. All the words that he came up with rang hollow, unhelpful, maybe even like pouring salt into Qiu Ling’s open wounds. He didn’t want to do that. So in the end, he just kept quiet.

Jinde sighed when he saw that his husband couldn’t bring himself to say anything and turned back to Qiu Ling. “Well, things are a bit better on our end. We managed to leave the Yun Zou Sect and went to travel. It’s been a few fun years. If you can, maybe you and Jing Yi should do the same. Not staying at the same place, not always having to do with the same people, and instead getting acquainted with new sights and experiences and meeting new friends is something that can open the mind. Maybe that would help the two of you.”

Qiu Ling gave a wry smile in return. “You think I wouldn’t want to do that? But I don’t think the gods would allow it. In any case, Jing Yi should have been killed following their laws. If not for me, it would’ve happened already.

“So right now, I really don’t think that we could just go on a leisure trip. And even if we could, there will always be this voice at the back of my head telling me that maybe it is unfair that I am doing this to Jing He. After all, those experiences, they should be something between the two of us, you know? I just don’t want him to feel betrayed.”

Jinde gave a hum, having at least a general idea of what Qiu Ling was worried about. “Well, I’m afraid there’s nothing you can do for the time being. Just take it slow then. And like Jin Yu said to him before: If you need help, we’re there. In any case, we’re pretty idle ourselves right now. As long as we’re not currently in the company of somebody it wouldn’t be a problem at all to have a chat with you. There absolutely isn’t anything for you to worry about in that regard.”

Qiu Ling’s smile actually brightened a bit at that. “Well, I never intended to be polite with you.”

There was an evil twinkle in Jinde’s eyes and he couldn’t help but raise one of his golden brows. “Just with me?”

Both Leng Jin Yu and Qiu Ling glanced at each other and then simultaneously looked away.

Jinde tsked, feeling that these men were really too boring. “Could the two of you cut it out already? You’re family.” He turned to Qiu Ling, his expression actually turning grave. “I know he isn’t Chun Yin but your father isn’t coming back. Jin Yu is the next best thing you will ever have.

“And in any case, he has remembered. More than that, those memories have become one with him again. So in a sense, it’s like your father took a vacation while having amnesia and then returning. He just looks a little bit different right now.” Turning to Leng Jin Yu, his gaze became a little disappointed considering that they had talked about this before. “As for you, stop it with your hangups. You were shit as a father before but this is your chance to do better. Why not make use of it?”

Qiu Ling and Leng Jin Yu both lowered their heads, really not sure how to argue with Jinde. In a sense, they were actually rather similar in that they had trouble rejecting anything he said. Maybe there really was more of a bond between them than they had ever thought there was.

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