SML V3C14 Creating Sparks

Si Tao was lucky. Since Mo Fang felt that he had already found out just what the problem was, he didn’t feel the need to bother him and instead worked on solving this problem with a boyfriend. For how to create a situation where even Li Ming wouldn’t be able to resist … he felt that it couldn’t be that difficult.

Clearly, Li Ming was already head over heels for him. Right now, the only thing that was still missing was the very last spark that would make him forget about his troubles. Naturally, creating that shouldn’t be difficult for him. If he wanted a spark, he just needed to be smoking hot.

Having decided on that, Mo Fang went over to his wardrobe and started to rifle through the clothes there. Since this was about Li Ming, he needed something that was hot but also not too overbearingly so. Clearly, Li Ming had a different kind of aesthetic than most of his previous boyfriends. From what he understood so far, he was definitely more into the homely type.

After a while, he finally found a T-shirt that was tight enough to show off his torso when he moved without giving too much away at a glance and a slightly wider sweater that would go on top, as well as a pair of pants that was a little looser at the bottom but showed off his butt when the sweater was pushed up by a bit.

This wasn’t the type of thing that he would usually wear together but it was exactly the right thing to seduce Li Ming. At first glance, it looked innocent enough but it could be explosive when he executed everything right.

He smiled and then put the clothes to the side, going over to the bathroom instead. The right outfit was one part but his face was the other one. He needed to look his best tomorrow morning when Li Ming opened the door for him.

Having taken care of his looks, Mo Fang finally went back to his room and lay down on his bed, pulling out his phone. He had seen about a million romantic movies, so he had a good idea of the type of thing he should do tomorrow to get into Li Ming’s good graces or, well, his pants. Still, it couldn’t hurt to get a few more ideas.

He continued to scroll through the search results but there really wasn’t much else to be found. Considering the routine they had had over the last few days, some things wouldn’t fit too well and others would be downright impossible. In the end, he still decided to just go with what he had initially thought of.

Then, taking another look at the time, Mo Fang realized that it had gotten pretty late. Seeing that he needed to get up early tomorrow to go and surprise Li Ming again, he definitely had to go to sleep now or he would oversleep and his whole plan would be ruined.

With that, Mo Fang went to turn off the lights and then lay back down, falling asleep with a sweet smile while he thought of how he would finally manage to completely seduce Li Ming tomorrow.

At the same time, Li Ming had also arrived at home and was thinking about something quite similar. He was sitting in the living room, staring dazedly at his phone and the messages that Mo Fang and he had been exchanging over the last few days.

He had refused to take him home because he had wanted to meet up with Rui Lan to talk about things. Now though, he regretted it a little. Would Mo Fang feel very lonely? Would he feel that he didn’t care about him enough?

He rubbed his face, feeling awful. The breakup with Lan Heng had hurt Mo Fang so much. To now be treated like this by his new boyfriend had probably ripped open old wounds. And that was all his fault. He could’ve at least explain to Mo Fang that he already had something else planned. That way, Mo Fang wouldn’t feel neglected.

Should he call him to let him know now? In any case, while it would’ve been better to prevent Mo Fang from feeling bad before, it was still better to apologize afterward after he had failed to do so.

He picked up the phone but then hesitated with his thumb hovering over the button, feeling that it would also be a little awkward. In any case, it had gotten late already. Who knew if Mo Fang wasn’t already asleep? Or maybe he was spending time with Boss Mo, finally talking things out. If he called, he would interrupt him and only make things worse again. Not calling would not work though.

Li Ming sighed to himself, feeling that this whole situation was really his own fault. He should have thought about things earlier. Then, he wouldn’t be in this situation now.

Sighing to himself, he finally put down the phone and then got up, walking to the kitchen. He should make it up to him tomorrow. It was a pity that he didn’t know what Mo Fang favorite’s dish was. If he did, he could have used that to surprise him.

Although … that might be a little cheap. Cooking wasn’t something that was difficult for him and he was doing it for Mo Fang already. To use that as a means of apology … it didn’t seem very sincere, did it? No, he should probably try and think of something else.

Li Ming rubbed the top of his head and then went back to the living room, sitting down on the couch again and picking up his phone. Opening Baidu, he started to look for ways to sincerely apologize to his new boyfriend. As a result … he found plenty of text templates on how to tearfully apologize after a breakup.

Li Ming closed his eyes and threw the phone to the side, leaning against the back of the couch. This whole thing was so ridiculous. He should just wait until tomorrow and then open up to Mo Fang. Surely, he would understand. In any case, he had always been pretty understanding even though they differed quite a lot in their approach to even the big questions in their relationship.

Author’s Note: A short reminder (or an info in case you haven’t read this announcement yet) that this is the last SML chapter from my stockpile. Thus, we are officially entering a hiatus now until I am doing better health-wise. Thank you for your patience!

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