IRL C53 I’ll Give an Explanation Soon!

Mister Mo left the room with a huff after the servant had been escorted out. He really couldn’t believe that this was happening! Originally when hiring these people, they had given them a background screening and made sure they didn’t have any unsavory tendencies precisely to make sure that something like this wouldn’t happen. But now, despite all their precautions, they hadn’t been able to prevent it.

His mood didn’t get any better when the first face he saw after stepping out was Liangqiu Huang’s which … wasn’t nice to look considering his forbearing expression. Right, not only were his family’s servants doing what they shouldn’t but now he would also have to explain this to a junior of his family’s in-laws. Could there be a bigger humiliation?

Mister Mo sighed and walked over, giving a self-deprecating smile. “Young Master Liangqiu, I’m afraid I don’t have great news. While it seems that we found the culprit that stole the painting, we don’t know anything else. He is refusing to confess anything. For now, I’ve had him locked away. We’ll see if that makes him change his mind. I will definitely give you an explanation soon.”

“Mn, don’t worry.” Liangqiu Huang nodded, not intending to make things difficult for Mister Mo. Thanks to the fact that he was also training in sword arts, his hearing was better than the normal person of this game world and he was able to hear the gist of the conversation going on in the hall.

From his impression, nobody in the Mo family had known what was going on and the overall situation was quite messy so it would need time to figure out. It didn’t matter. The only important thing was that he would find out in the end and that his brother’s death would be avenged. He had no doubt that this would happen.

Behind him, Ao Jing glanced at the message in the chat window again and then cleared his throat. “Young Master, might I suggest something?”

Liangqiu Huang turned to face him and raised his brows. “What’s the matter?”

“Since it will likely take time for that servant to confess anything we could use the meantime to investigate on our own.”

Mister Mo looked at him in puzzlement. “How do you want to do that though? Only one servant girl saw him leave the compound to talk to the man that contacted him and neither she nor the guards knew who that person was.”

Ao Jing smiled. Thankfully, Mister Mo was so nice to actually tell them what had happened. Now, he wouldn’t need to disclose that he knew exactly what had happened in the hall. “Well, they might not know who the person is but they might be able to recognize them, no?” He gave a smile and turned back to Liangqiu Min. “This might be dependent on luck but I think it might be worth a try. Anyway, we can do nothing but wait otherwise, and maybe fate is on our side.”

Liangqiu Huang pondered for a moment but finally nodded. He turned to Mister Mo though. “Would you mind letting us take these people with us for a while?”

Mister Mo wasn’t quite sure how that was supposed to help but considering the circumstances, he still nodded. The marriage of his daughter was too important to leave anything up to fate. If he could help with something that someone of their in-laws requested, he would naturally comply. “But of course. Anyway, this is the precious painting of my daughter’s fiance. I am sure Xiao An is eager to have it back. The sooner we can solve this the better.”

Liangqiu Huang didn’t have much of an opinion on that but he was happy to have his wish granted so far. “Very well. Then we shouldn’t lose any time.” He turned to Ao Jing and raised his brows. I’ll have my servants bring over a carriage and then we can leave. Let’s meet at the gate.”

Ao Jing almost heaved an audible sigh of relief. ‘Let’s meet at the gate’ was quite obviously code for ‘You can now go and do something else while this quest is on hold’. That meant he could go and check up on Shangguan Yu without trouble.

It was about time. He had spent much too long on this. Hopefully, his husband wouldn’t be angry about leaving him in the dungeons for so long. Well … Not that he really thought that Shangguan Yu was still in prison. Judging from that message of his, things had already changed on his side. Well, he’d find out about that soon enough.

Liangqiu Huang turned to leave and Ao Jing followed behind since he didn’t quite know the way out of the estate. As a result, when Liangqiu Huang opened the door out of the building, a naked man streaked past them.

The two of them stared blankly but before either of them could say anything, a horde of guards ran past as well, making some dust rise from the ground that was blown onto their faces by the gust of wind following in their wake.

Liangqiu Huang … regardless of how good the AI of this game was, it wasn’t able to compute a reaction to this event. Well, not that Ao Jing was faring any better. Especially since … the naked man just now had seemed a little familiar?

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