SML V3C10 I Don’t Mind Either Way

Having it expressed this way made Li Ming feel even more uncomfortable. In a sense … he probably did? He cleared his throat and looked down, not quite sure what else to say. “Well, not exactly. You know, I’m just worried. He has so much experience. So he really knows what he wants I guess. If I’m not up to par …” Just thinking of it, he started to sweat.

Mo Fang was clearly somebody who was able to say what he wanted so Li Ming was pretty sure that he would be very open when they really slept with each other. But on the other hand, he felt that it would be really too awkward to let Mo Fang guide him through the whole thing.

It wasn’t like this was his first time. He should be able to do it. But the thought of all this really gave him anxiety. It was to the point where he was afraid that if the thought popped up at that time, he wouldn’t be able to perform at all. Then, he really would have something to explain to Mo Fang. Thus, he just wanted to psych himself up beforehand. If he had some kind of plan, he might be able to get around the rest of his embarrassment.

Rui Lan didn’t know what to say to that. He could see that Li Ming was really distressed though. Thus, he didn’t just want to leave him hanging. While it was somewhat strange to talk about this kind of thing in detail, what other choice did he have if he wanted to help? Scratching his cheeks, he finally leaned closer and lowered his voice to make sure that nobody would be able to hear. In any case, this was also embarrassing for him. “Well, let’s start from the basics. How do you … you know?”

Li Ming looked up and stared at him in confusion. “What?” He really didn’t get Rui Lan’s drift there.

Rui Lan looked annoyed when he didn’t get a straight answer and then looked around, trying to figure out if there was somebody close by. When he couldn’t see anyone, he leaned even closer. “You know, when you do it, are you going to be on top and at the bottom?”

Li Ming looked at him, wondering what to say to that. That … it wasn’t like they had talked about it. “Well, I don’t mind either way.”

Rui Lan stared at him and suddenly was attacked by a mental image that he really didn’t want to have. He immediately shook himself and then leaned back, waving his hands in front of him. “Alright, I think that was a little too much information.”

Li Ming raised his brows, really not sure what to make of this. “But you asked?” Normally, he also wouldn’t volunteer this kind of information but since they were already on the topic and Rui Lan had asked so straightforwardly, he felt that it shouldn’t be a problem to answer. Looking at Rui Lan’s reaction though …

He was at a loss for a moment until he finally realized that most likely, Rui Lan had not expected that answer. That was the real problem here. Originally, he had probably just asked the question to find a start and then slowly move forward. And he had already had a guess as to what exactly it was that Li Ming would say. Unfortunately, he had been wrong.

Li Ming looked at him, feeling that this was really such a straight thing to do. In any case, he really didn’t mind either way. As for Mo Fang … “I didn’t ask Mo Fang about it but I guess he might have a preference.” Thinking back, while he had never outright said anything, the way he had volunteered before, it always put him on the receiving end. So most likely, even if he was open to switching, that was probably not his preference.

Rui Lan shook his head already though and even almost wanted to cover his ears. “Don’t tell me! I’m afraid I won’t be able to handle shock!” Seriously, the mental image really was a bit difficult to bear. And he also couldn’t help but question just which of his boyfriends Li Ming had tried things with. That was a bit … He shook himself again, and took a last gulp of his beer before he got back on topic. “Well, what exactly is it that you’re worried about then? If you are able to do … both and Mo Fang has a preference, then can’t you just do your thing?”

In any case, he had never really thought about the partners that his girlfriends had had before. So he had a bit of a problem putting himself in Li Ming’s shoes. Also, he personally thought that he was pretty amazing in bed so that question had never even occurred to him. Li Ming though … it seemed he had put quite a lot of thought into that.

Rui Lan lightly furrowed his brows and then felt that maybe it wasn’t that unexpected. No matter which of his girlfriends he recalled, all of them had had a normal amount of partners that was around the same number as what he had had. So the playing field was actually quite level.

In Li Ming’s case though … from what he knew, he had only had a handful of boyfriends and really wasn’t one for casual dating so that was probably the only experience he had. Mo Fang though … just from the bit he had gotten to know over the years that he had worked at the railroad station, he could recall at least a dozen different boyfriends. And he was pretty sure that Mo Fang was not somebody who shunned casual dating so the number of people he had sex with was probably much higher.

Rui Lan could somewhat understand that this would give a guy some trouble. Unfortunately, that really wasn’t something that you could solve in just one conversation he was afraid.

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