SML V3C9 I Need Your Advice

Even though he had felt troubled at first, Li Ming actually managed to stay firm this time and left after the two of them had eaten dinner.

Needless to say, Mo Fang wasn’t happy about needing to return home alone but there wasn’t really anything he could do. While he wanted to complain, he also realized that that might be taking it a bit far. If Li Ming became angry, wouldn’t he risk losing his affection then? He couldn’t let that happen! Thus, he could only return and stew in his anger, trying to complain to somebody else.

As a result, he messaged the first person he could think of.

Mo Fang: [Li Ming doesn’t even want to take me home! Have you ever seen an irresponsible boyfriend like that?]

Over in the office of a certain restaurant, Si Tao picked up his phone, wondering if his girlfriend was missing him. When he saw who the message was from and what exactly it said, he couldn’t help but roll his eyes.

Si Tao: [You managed to get yourself a decent boyfriend who treats you well and still have the guts to complain? Just break up then! Aren’t you really good at that?]

Back then, it had also been Mo Fang who had broken up with him. Even though he had also felt by the time that maybe the two of them would be better off as friends, it had still stung a little. Thus, when it came to complaining about boyfriends, he really didn’t want to hear from Mo Fang.

Mo Fang pursed his lips even further, silently cursing Si Tao in his heart as well. Didn’t this guy have any compassion? No wonder he had broken up with him!

Mo Fang: [Are you my friend or not? If you are, shouldn’t you want to let me vent to you? Don’t be like this!]

Si Tao shook his head and put the phone down, not bothering with it any longer. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem like this rascal wanted to let him off. One after the other, more messages came in, making the phone issue a few low sounds.

After a moment, Si Tao put down the pen in his hand with an audible clank, and then just got up and left the office, leaving his phone on the table. In any case, that guy could write messages however much she wanted, as long as he didn’t see them, there wasn’t a problem.

When Si Tao entered the main room of the restaurant, he immediately stopped in his tracks. Wasn’t that … Mo Fang’s boyfriend at one of the tables over there? He tilted his head and watched Li Ming. That guy was sitting there alone, a glass of water in front of him, looking a bit nervous.

Si Tao immediately felt alarmed. He wouldn’t be cheating on Mo Fang, would he? But no, that didn’t make any sense. If Li Ming was really cheating on Mo Fang, he wouldn’t do it here. Since he already knew that he was one of Mo Fang’s ex-boyfriends and that he was also in the restaurant every now and then, he wouldn’t take such a risk and just choose some other place. This would be much too obvious.

Even though Si Tao knew that he was likely right about that, he still couldn’t help but watch on. After a while, some guy came in and walked over, sitting down in front of Li Ming as if the two of them had been wanting to meet up.

Si Tao took a look and felt that there likely wasn’t anything going on between them. This guy had that straight guy look. While that didn’t have to mean anything, he trusted in his instincts.

That person with the straight guy air about him was nobody else but Rui Lan. Actually, he was a bit disgruntled that Li Ming had called him out here. He had wanted to spend a nice evening in with his girlfriend, but considering how Li Ming had sounded when he called him before, he still felt that it would be better to at least come to listen to what he had to say. He wasn’t willing to spend too much time on this though if it wasn’t something important. “So, what’s the matter?” He waved over one of the waiters, hurriedly ordering a drink before he turned back to Li Ming and raised his brows questioningly.

Li Ming smiled wryly, not quite sure if he really immediately wanted to get to the point. Calling Rui Lan had been a spontaneous decision because he really couldn’t think of anything else. Then again, maybe this hadn’t been a good idea.

Seeing Rui Lan’s impatient expression though, he finally just waited until the drinks had arrived, and then took a sip before he finally started. “Well, you know how Mo Fang and I are a couple now.”

Rui Lan raised his hands, looking at him exasperatedly. “That is what you want to talk about?” In that case, he really should have stayed home.

Li Ming’s expression turned awkward and he felt even less sure about this. “Well, I know that you know that, I just thought that there was something I would like your advice on.”

“Then get it out with! In any case, I’m already here.”

Li Ming nodded and put down the glass, awkwardly turning it on the spot. “Well, you know it’s just, our pasts are pretty different. You also know that I’m usually not somebody who gets into relationships this fast. I like to take my time and get to know the person well before I start anything. On the other hand, Mo Fang …”

“He jumps every single guy he sees, I know.”

Li Ming wanted to protest but that really wasn’t the point. In any case, while it definitely was an exaggeration, it was true that Mo Fang was a bit more adventurous than him and also wouldn’t wait too long to start something new and get intimate. “Well, it’s because of that, that I’m a little worried. I still want to take my time with Mo Fang, no questions there, but I can’t help but think about the future already. And … I’m worried that when we really do it, he won’t be satisfied, you know?”

Rui Lan looked at him blankly. Then, he spit out his drink. “Are you fucking asking me to give you advice on how to pleasure your boyfriend?!”

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