OMF V8C82 Don’t String Him Along

Hua Lin Yu couldn’t help but be stunned when his brother brought that up. Well, unfortunately, he really couldn’t argue with that. There had really been some problems between them beforehand. But now …

He finally shook his head, seeming pretty decisive. “You don’t have to worry! It’s not like that anymore. In any case, we are in the mortal realm now. And we’re giving it another shot. Isn’t it just getting to know each other better? I’m sure that nothing bad will happen.”

Hua Lin Rong looked at him, not quite sure how much he could believe this. In any case, before this, he also wouldn’t have thought that Hua Lin Yu would be able to just reject Xin Lan after living together for three years. It had come completely out of the blue.

If it happened again … He really wasn’t sure if Xin Lan would be able to take that again. Because clearly, everybody had a point where they would stop doing something. And for Xin Lan, it might very well be that this point was already close by. If Hua Lin Yu refused him again, then why should he persist?

Hua Lin Rong sighed and put his hands on Hua Lin Yu’s shoulders, looking into his eyes. “Xiao Yu. I’m not saying that you can’t do it. I’m just telling you that you need to be sure about this.

“Originally, the two of you promised each other to get married. You could still say that in the very beginning, you were too small to make a real decision. But you still maintained that you wanted to do this when you met him again after you turned an adult. So that was the time when I would say the real promise was made.

“Now, you’ve already lived together for three years. But you’ve refused him. I know that you had your reasons and I’m not even blaming you for it. I’m not saying that I can understand how that happened but it was just the case. It wouldn’t do us any favors to question it too much.

“But in any case, think about what it meant for Xin Lan. After three years, after the promise had already long been given and you were just waiting for the sake of our parents, he got rejected. No man would be able to take that just like that. This relationship of yours already has one crack. If something like this happens again, then I don’t think you can come back from this.

“That is something that you need to keep in mind. If you feel like you can’t marry him because you really don’t love him, then it is better to tell him right now instead of trying and trying again. You’d just hurt him this way.”

Hua Lin Yu furrowed his brows. “I really do like Xin Lan.”

Hua Lin Rong looked at him, a hint of disappointment mixed into his gaze. “You also like me and our parents, and your Master, and all your senior martial brothers and sisters at the Jian Yi Sect. Liking him is simply not enough and you know that. So you should ask yourself whether you love him enough to marry him. But if the answer is no, then you should better stop now.”

Hua Lin Yu shook his head. “No, you are worrying too much. I really do love him.” He had almost wanted to say ‘like him’ again but he caught himself at just the right moment.

Hua Lin Rong saw that he had hesitated for the slightest bit but he was too tired to argue with his brother about this any longer. “If you say so, then I can only hope that it’s true. If you figure out on the way that you have made a mistake, you have to be honest with him. Don’t string him along. Xin Lan is … a decent man. There’s no reason to do something like that to him.”

Hua Lin Yu nodded. He had also never wanted to hurt Xin Lan. So naturally, if he could, he wanted to spare him from even more hurt. It was just that in his heart, no matter what, nobody else seemed to be able to measure up to Bai Mu. That was a secret he might as well take to his grave. He was sure that Hua Lin Rong wouldn’t talk about it. And he had never told anybody else. So he could just pretend that it had never happened.

“Don’t worry, big brother. In any case, traveling together with just the two of us is also so that we can get to know each other better. After doing so for a while, I’m sure that I will also be ready to marry him. I just need a bit more time.”

Hua Lin Rong nodded and patted his shoulder before finally taking his hand back. “Very well. Then I won’t stop you. If you do need my help or that of our family after all, you know how to send a paper crane. Don’t hesitate to contact us.”

Hua Lin Yu nodded and the two of them left the house together, seeing Xin Lan stand further away as if he wanted to make sure that he wouldn’t accidentally overhear anything.

Hua Lin Rong led his brother over and gave Xin Lan a deep look. “Thank you for taking care of him. I know I don’t need to say anything but just make sure he gets back home safely whenever that may be. If you can, come by every now and then or at least sent a letter or something. That way, we will know that we don’t need to worry about him.”

Xin Lan inclined his head and took Hua Lin Yu’s hand. “Don’t worry. I will definitely do my best to keep your brother safe. You don’t need to worry. I’d rather lose my own life than let him get hurt.” He reached up and brushed back a loose strand of hair, leaning down and giving Hua Lin Yu a kiss on the temple.

Watching the two of them, Hua Lin Rong felt a pang of regret. Just why couldn’t his little brother sincerely love this man? If he did, everything would be so much easier.

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