SML V2C63 Nostalgic Tendencies

Li Ming soon finished preparing breakfast and the two of them ate before leaving his apartment to take that stroll he had mentioned before.

Mo Fang wasn’t unhappy with how things had turned out at all. Actually, he even felt that this had gone quite well. Never mind missing out on that workout, he was just happy that he had been able to spend time with Li Ming. For him, working out wasn’t really something that he necessarily liked to do. It was just something that he did at the side to make sure that his muscles stayed a little toned. While he really wasn’t the type to put on weight, it definitely couldn’t hurt to make sure that not only did he keep his shape but also the contours. After all, that was a lot of what made a person attractive.

Spending time with his boyfriend was a different matter altogether though. The more time they had, the more comfortable Li Ming would feel with him. And then, it wouldn’t be a problem at all to seduce him. Who knew? This weekend, they might already be ‘exercising’ between the sheets. Thinking of that, Mo Fang smiled happily.

Li Ming couldn’t help himself and tugged at his hand, raising his brows in a questioning manner. “You look happy.”

Mo Fang turned to him, a sweet smile on his lips. “Well, I am happy. I’m happier than I’ve ever been before.” He stopped in his tracks and turned to Li Ming, wrapping his arms around his neck. “You’re the best thing that ever happened to me.” He leaned closer and gave Li Ming a kiss but immediately pulled back. “Well, I know I shouldn’t overdo it.”

Li Ming hugged his waist, not saying anything in return. To be honest, he was already smitten. How would he be able to bring himself to say anything bad to Mo Fang? By now, he really didn’t want to let go.

Mo Fang’s smile brightened when he realized what was going through Li Ming’s mind. It seemed that he had made even more progress than he had expected. Maybe … he wouldn’t even need to wait until the weekend.

Before he could give away anything, he hurriedly buried his head at the crook of Li Ming’s neck, pretending to be sweet. “You’re so nice, Bro Li. If I ever get onto your nerves, you have to tell me honestly. I don’t mind it. As long as I can be a better boyfriend for you, I’m willing to do anything.”

Li Ming showed a complicated expression in response to that. Reaching up, he rubbed the back of Mo Fang’s head and then hugged him tighter. “You don’t need to change anything. You’re good just the way you are. And you shouldn’t let anybody tell you otherwise. You don’t need to pretend with me or try to be someone that you aren’t. Just be yourself. That’s enough already.”

Mo Fang gave a hum but naturally, he didn’t really think like that. Don’t kid him! He had had more than enough relationships to realize that just being yourself wouldn’t get you anywhere. It might still be alright at the beginning when everything about your partner was new and interesting but as soon as that stopped, and you had found about all those exciting stories and habits, things would just turn dull. If you didn’t cater to their preferences by then, you really couldn’t hope to stay together. That was just the way things were. Even somebody like Li Ming probably wouldn’t behave differently. Otherwise, he definitely would’ve been in a long-term relationship already.

The two of them continued to hug for a while before Li Ming finally let go. Pulling back, he gave Mo Fang a kiss on the cheek and then motioned down the street. “There is still quite some time until we have to head for work. Do you want to do anything?”

Mo Fang’s expression immediately lit up. Right. Since they hadn’t gone to work out and immediately eaten breakfast, not much time had passed. And since their shift started later today, they absolutely didn’t need to hurry. This was just perfect for getting closer. He needed a good idea on how to make the most of this time though.

He pondered for a moment, the pensive expression highlighting his beautiful pair of eyes. Li Ming who probably should’ve also been thinking about what to do couldn’t help but gaze at him, just admiring the view.

Finally, Mo Fang’s expression lit up and he looked up at Li Ming again. “Ah, I know! Come on, follow me!” He chuckled, tugging at Li Ming’s hand to pull him down the street.

His boyfriend raised his brows but seeing Mo Fang’s expression he was pretty sure that he wouldn’t be told just what they were going to do until they had already arrived. Well, he didn’t mind. If it would make Mo Fang happy, he was willing to just play along with it. In any case, as long as they didn’t get to work late, he was alright with everything. Just spending time together was already very good.

As a result, Li Ming finally found himself in the mall, standing in front of a photo booth. He raised his brows, not quite sure what to make of this. “This is …?”

Mo Fang smiled brightly and waited for the person in front of them to come out before he pulled him inside, pressing him down to sit, and then immediately taking the spot on his lap. “Well, I just realized that whether it was yesterday or the day before that, we don’t actually have anything to remember it by. So I figured that if we’re having a bit of time to go out together today, we should find some kind of souvenir. Just something that, in a few years, we could take out to look at, reminiscing together about how things were at this time.”

Li Ming nodded, gazing at Mo Fang without knowing what to say. He had known that he was an emotional person but he wouldn’t have thought that he had this kind of nostalgic tendencies. It really was quite sweet.

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