RMN C219 Bad News

At the same time, Elder Baili hurriedly wrote another letter to Sect Master Zhang and gave it to Zhi Guan. His disciple nodded and then rushed off, making his way over to the Teng Yong Sect in the shortest amount of time possible.

Sect Master Zhang raised his brows when he saw Zhi Guan with a letter from his Master but he just took it from him and opened it to take a look. “Your Master …”

Zhi Guan already shook his head though. “Master asked me to return immediately.”

Zhang Guan Yi raised his brows but finally nodded. “I guess this letter will tell me everything I need to know then. Alright. Go ahead.”

Zhi Guan nodded again, turned around, and then rushed out, leaving the sect grounds again.

Zhang Guan Yi stayed in his palace, looking at the door for a moment. It seemed that once again, there had been new revelations and once again, none of them were good ones. He sighed and then opened the letter, taking a look at the message inside.

The further he read, the further his expression darkened. Not only had the demonic practitioners allied together but now it turned out that they also had a means of getting around the border region in a much faster way than them. There was nothing that the righteous side could counter that with at the moment.

Elder Baili had included a few suggestions and Zhang Guan Yi slowly nodded along while he read them. Yes, they definitely needed a faster way to the other sects. They needed to have more communication about these things going forward. And yes, they definitely also needed more people of a higher level over there.

He sighed, folded the letter back up, and put it into his spatial bag. Then, he got up and sent a message to the other Elders, asking them to come over. After that, he waited on the doorstep of his palace, his thoughts wandering.

Elder Baili Seemed to have no idea yet about Mei Chao Bing’s true level. Apparently, even at that stage, that boy hadn’t disclosed it. Well, that was what he had asked of him after all. It was best if this knowledge didn’t become known to anyone else for the time being. After this matter with the demonic practitioners was over, it would be a different thing altogether. But right now, it just wasn’t time yet.

All things considered, the situation wasn’t too bad. They had found out a few things and while some of those might be misleading hints that the demonic practitioners had left behind deliberately, he still believed that they already knew more now. The rest was something they would have to figure out on their own bit by bit. Now, they at least had a direction they could investigate in. That was better than nothing.

Soon enough, the first Elders reached the Sect Master’s palace. He nodded at them and then went back inside, sitting down in the head seat while he waited for the other Elders to sit as well.

Elder Xing was among the first to arrive. When the Sect Master called them over, he couldn’t help but wonder if this was about the things that he had reported before. The Sect Master’s expression gave nothing away though so he could only sit down and silently ponder it.

Soon enough, everyone had been seated and was waiting for the Sect Master to speak up.

Zhang Guan Yu sighed. He was normally somebody who liked to joke around but he also understood that right now wasn’t the right moment for that. “You will be wondering why I called you over. Well, we have gotten news from the border region.” He went on to explain both the news that Elder Ying had brought, as well as the ones that Elder Baili had just sent over. Then, he looked at one Elder after the other.

“I know, I originally asked you to send some of the younger disciples. But it seems that the reports we got previously from the border region didn’t manage to grasp the actual severity of the situation. We will have to send over some stronger disciples.

“I have to ask you to gather those who have a higher level — at least in the early stage of the core formation level — and have quite a bit of experience in doing missions outside. I don’t think it needs to be said but this mission will be fraught with danger. Even though they are of a higher level, I’m afraid that not all of them will be able to return. That is a possibility you will need to keep in mind.

“Now, as for the other disciples already there … I intend to send a team that will get them and escort them back. I won’t force the disciples that want to stay there but I would suggest that most of them should return. Right now, the border region is not a place for somebody who is weak.”

The Elders all nodded. There was no doubt about what the Sect Master had said. Now, it was just up to them to choose which of the disciples to send. It would depend on what the disciples thought as well but also on who they were willing to send out. This decision definitely wouldn’t be an easy one but they were afraid there wasn’t much time either.

Elder Rong couldn’t help but clear his throat. “Sect Master, until when do we need to decide?”

Zhang Guan Yu looked at him and then at the others and sighed once more. “I’m afraid it will have to be quite soon. The disciples should leave today. There is currently a lead that needs to be investigated but we need people for that. The investigation should start tomorrow if possible, so the disciples need to arrive there today so they can still take a short rest and have a discussion with Elder Baili and Elder Xing over there.” He turned to Elder Xing and nodded, indicating for him to also return with the disciples.

Elder Xing inclined his head but didn’t say anything. In any case, he had wanted to return with the Sect Master’s decision as soon as he could. Things had already been taking too long in his opinion. Now, he hoped that things would move fast.

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