SML V2C55 How about The Next Few Days?

Mo Fang took a bite of the food and then gave a drawn-out hum, raising his gaze to Li Ming. Naturally, this was the perfect opportunity to make use of this biggest talent again. “The food isn’t bad but it still can’t compare to yours.”

Li Ming gave a tense smile in response. “Thank you.” He didn’t really know what else to say and he also didn’t feel like speaking much. Thus, he left it at that.

Needless to say, Mo Fang was unhappy with that reaction. He didn’t dwell on it though. In any case, while Li Ming seemed to have calmed down a bit after the food arrived, he still wasn’t his usual self now that they were sitting here so openly. Thus, he couldn’t expect that he would be his usual charming self after getting a compliment either. No, he would have to work slightly harder for that. But in any case, that was alright.

He didn’t say anything for a moment either and just took a few more bites. “Ah, I guess we won’t have much time for dates for the next few days since we’ll have to go back to work. Or would you like to meet up in the morning or evening just for a few hours?” He blinked his eyes at Li Ming, seeming genuinely curious.

Li Ming glanced around, trying to find out whether somebody had noticed them. When he saw that nobody seemed to be looking over, he finally nodded. “If there’s a chance, I would naturally like to meet up. But I guess it might be a little much to do anything. I mean you’ve seen yesterday and today just how much time it can take to go and visit an exhibition. So maybe we could do something that will take a little shorter instead.”

Mo Fang nodded, happy that he had gotten a normal answer out of him. It seemed that things were going in the right direction. “Well, we could probably do a work-out together. And as I said, I really wouldn’t mind if you cooked for me every day.” He blinked his eyes again, his gaze quite a bit more flirty than it had just been.

Li Ming gulped. Maybe in the future, it would be better to just invite Mo Fang back home with him after all. It really … was a bit dangerous to be in public with him, wasn’t it? No matter how much he tried to hold back, Mo Fang was so obviously displaying the fact that he was gay that people around them would need to be blind to miss this.

He almost wanted to ask him to tone it down a bit but he finally couldn’t bring himself to do so. If things really got out of hand, they could just leave. It wouldn’t be good but it was better than giving Mo Fang a guilty conscience because of something that was just normal to him. He just was a bit more outgoing in that regard.

Mo Fang slightly pursed his lips when he didn’t really get a reaction out of Li Ming and then continued with his plan. “Well, if you’re alright with it, then how about we make it dependent on the shifts we have? If I’m not wrong, we should be scheduled together for the next few days. If we have an early shift, we could just leave together after work, go work out, and then I could eat dinner at your place before I go home. And if it is the late shift, then we can work out in the morning, have breakfast at your place, take a quick shower, and then go to work together. Wouldn’t that be nice?”

Even though Li Ming was worried, he also couldn’t help but soften his stance a bit when he heard Mo Fang ask like that. It seemed that his boyfriend really liked being at his place. Well, not that there was a chance to ever go over to Boss Mo’s place. It would definitely be strange if he even suggested that. “That sounds great. Let’s do it that way then.”

Mo Fang beamed when he finally got another reaction out of Li Ming. This wasn’t enough for him though. He reached over and took his boyfriend’s hand, his gaze turning gentler. “If it’s getting too much, you can say it though. Don’t feel forced just because I like to stay at your place. I can totally get something to eat on my own if you think I’m getting annoying.”

Li Ming shook his head. “No, don’t worry about it. I don’t think you’re annoying at all. I do like to spend time with you.”

Mo Fang interlaced his fingers with Li Ming’s in response. “I’m so glad you’re saying that. I wouldn’t want you to get tired of me. Not anytime soon and it would be best if it never happened.”

Li Ming unwittingly smiled. He really couldn’t believe that anybody would ever get tired of Mo Fang. He was this kind of person that was just overflowing with energy. If anything, he would just pull you long to do something fun. And he would even still make sure that it was something that you could enjoy. This kind of considerate and energetic boyfriend was probably quite rare.

Li Ming lightly squeezed his hand and gave him a smile. “In the future, I hope you won’t worry as much. You really don’t need to do so.”

“Well, I’ll keep it in mind.” Mo Fang took back his hand and then continued to eat, glancing at the group of men at the table not far from them. Those guys had looked over a few times but, surprisingly, none of them was getting up to come over and harass them.

Well, it seemed that Li Ming had really worried without reason. They might feel a little uncomfortable, but it wasn’t to the degree that they would actually come and confront them. Ah, this really was a nice change. Although he wouldn’t have minded dealing with them either even if it was just to show his boyfriend how he could deal with something like this.

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