OMF V8C18 A Simple Solution

The person in question was indeed still battling with his guilty conscience. But holding Jing Yi in his arms and thinking of how he had almost been killed when he arrived, he managed to fight down the feeling. He had done what he needed to do at the moment. Yes, it might be a problem for Jing He, but he could only deal with that in the future. For now, it was the right decision to just take some more time to think things through.

Soon enough, the official from the Court of Justice returned, and bowed to them, leading them past Li Yin and to a palace not far from there. “This is the palace that was prepared for Longjun and his followers. If there’s anything you need, you can just tell the guards at the entrance.”

Qiu Ling smiled faintly. “So the king of your allies needs two guards at the entrance.”

The official just gave a noncommittal smile. “Naturally, the king of our allies is a valued guest and should get the best security. If you would excuse me now.” The official inclined their head and then left, going back to the God of Justice’s study who had gone back to sitting at his table, staring off into the air. “The task has been done. Longjun, his two advisers, and the ascended deity in question have been given access to a palace with guards stationed around the parameters.”

Li Yin nodded slowly. “Well done. You can go back to your usual tasks then.”

The official nodded and then left, closing the door behind them.

Li Yin listened for the steps outside to recede and then sighed. “Leng Lu, I’m sure that this is the kind of drama that you like. So you certainly have been watching.” He fell quiet again, just silently waiting.

For a moment, nothing happened. But when Li Yin neither spoke up again nor did anything else, the air in front of him finally split open, revealing the figure of a man clad in black and the sight of the interior of another palace behind him.

The man stepped through the gate he had opened, a faint smile on his lips that did not reach his eyes. “It is indeed the kind of play that I like. It is really quite entertaining. Who loves whom? Who is willing to push the other into the abyss? Who the one to finally take the fall? Right now, it doesn’t look good for your crown prince.”

Li Yin glanced at the dark mark between Leng Lu’s eyebrows and gave a hum. He didn’t comment on his previous words and just got right to the matter he really wanted to know. “Is what the dragons said about Tian’s curse on their race true?” This was what everything else depended on. He might be able to find out in another way but it would take a long time. Asking Leng Lu was much faster and he trusted his words without a doubt. He was the only person he trusted like that.

Leng Lu slowly walked toward the desk, his steps not making a single sound while the portal behind him closed again just as silently, leaving no trace where it had once been. “It is indeed. In fact, it might be worse than they let you know. You know, there’s a small fallen god over in the High Heavens that will go on and on about how only the dragons are worthy partners.

“He isn’t completely wrong. Among all the three races, the dragons are certainly the ones you can depend on the most in that regard. But who is it for? Their lover? Or maybe this is also their sense of survival. Maybe because their own life has been tied to their lovers, they have a harder time betraying them.”

Li Yin glanced at him, keeping quiet. Clearly, this was what everything went back to when it came to Leng Lu. He should’ve known it would end like this today as well. Deep down, it hurt a bit being told by his very own lover that he was less worthy than a dragon would be but he could hardly blame him. He could only wait for Leng Lu to get past that thought.

The fallen god sat down at the edge of the desk and stared at him, his gaze turning calm again after a moment. In the end, it even seemed to soften a bit. “What about Ru Zhen? I haven’t seen him for a while.”

Li Yin smiled faintly, his own mood lifting as well. “I can have him be called over.”

Leng Lu turned to look at the door but shook his head. “No, I don’t think it would be a good idea right now. It is dangerous enough to come here with only the gods around. Add the dragons into the fray and I’m afraid things might turn out even worse. I’m not tired of living yet. Not enough, that is. I’ll come back again another time when you’ve solved things here.” He got up and raised his hand but Li Yin already stood up and grabbed his wrist.

“Why not help me solve the matter then? Then you would also be able to see him sooner.”

Leng Lu slowly took back his hand and looked at him, a hint of ridicule evident in his eyes. “You actually need my help for this? I really wonder who made you the God of Justice. The solution is quite easy, isn’t it? I’ll give you some time to think it through.” With that, another portal was opened, and Leng Lu stepped inside, his figure vanishing as soon as the gate closed behind him.

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