OMF V8C16 Bad Timing

An Bai gave a faint hum. It was obvious that the God of Justice did not trust his words. Well, he couldn’t blame him. This was something too important to just go with the flow and believe everything he was told. It was a matter of course that he would want to make sure. Thus, An Bai patiently explained further. “What the God of Justice says is true. The soul does not perish by killing an incarnation and merely moves on. But you also know that Tian’s curse was never that simple.

“I’ve put it in the easiest way to understand without giving away the details that bind us in fear of causing some consequences I cannot yet foresee. I do realize that this might make it difficult to understand though. In any case, what it boils down to is that His Majesty cannot stand by and watch his lover be killed, no matter the form the person currently takes. That alone would set off the curse’s consequences.”

Xiang Yong nodded as well, adding a few words to stress the point a little further. “Originally, we wanted to prevent this situation from occurring in the first place. The God of Justice can go and verify that His Majesty was in the dragon realm to deal with some internal issues. There should be people that saw him at that time. If we had been able to stay there, then His Highness’s reincarnation would have ascended without him ever knowing which would have prevented the current predicament.

“Unfortunately, we finally received an invitation from the mortal realm to attend a wedding. Maybe the God of War has heard?” He turned to Qiang Yan and faintly raised his brows. “The person in question was that ascended deity, Leng Jin Yu. Since we had some dealings with him before and he helped us, we felt it would be rude not to go.”

Qiang Yan was startled. Leng Jin Yu’s wedding … he had thought it had long been held? But he knew who this person was so he didn’t bring that up and just confirmed Xiang Yong’s words. “Ah, yes, he had mentioned before that he had fallen in love back in the mortal realm after we sent him there. I guess it was only a matter of time before they would get married. He stayed there because of that after all.”

Xiang Yong nodded. “Well, the wedding was beautiful but who knew the timing would be this awkward? Just when the ceremony had ended, Zhong Jing Yi ascended. Thus, His Majesty was in the know about what was to happen.” He sighed at that, looking like he really regretted how everything had turned out. “At such a time, a dragon can’t just stand back. That would trigger the curse. So the only open option for us was to follow His Highness’s reincarnation here and try to prevent the gods from killing him.

“If the gods want to still go ahead, then I’m afraid His Majesty will have to fight no matter what the consequences are and we, as His Majesty’s advisers, will have to join in as well. Also, should His Majesty come to harm, then I think I do not need to tell you what it will mean for our alliance.”

An Bai nodded, echoing the thought. “Yes, I’m afraid that is the case. I’m sorry about that. I know that this is a problem for the gods. But as I see things, His Majesty coming to harm if you were to kill Zhong Jing Yi is already given. On the other hand, His Highness will not be directly harmed just because he wakes up late, or am I in the wrong there?” He turned to look at Li Yin, hoping for an honest answer.

If the gods just said that he would come to harm, then things would be different. But even then, they were in a bad situation. What he said was true. They couldn’t just send His Majesty away and hope for the best. It didn’t work like that. The guilt gnawing at him would attack his soul because it was bound to the crown prince’s soul.

So yes, he would be harmed. It was harm that could likely be repaired but then again, this kind of situation had never occurred before. It was hard to say if they would really have a chance to save their king. It might very well be that even if they repaired the damage, it would just come back because the underlying issue couldn’t be changed anymore. He would not risk that.

Li Yin kept quiet for a moment and then finally rubbed his forehead. This was not what he had expected. “Well, for the time being, I guess we will have to let him live then.” He turned to the Heavenly Emperor, his expression still worried. “Your Majesty, this matter is a little too big for me to handle. I would like you to also give your decision.

“For the time being, my suggestion would be to let the boy live, and keep him under supervision here in the Nine Heavens. We can only look at this matter slowly and try to find a solution that will not harm either side. If we find one, then we can have a new discussion.”

Rong Su furrowed his brows. He definitely did not want this mortal to live if it meant that his son would not be able to come home. “Jing He’s trial has already been going on for way too long. It’s about time that he returns.”

Li Yin nodded. “That would be the best outcome of course. I’m just afraid that the dragons’ reasoning makes sense. We cannot risk the dragon king getting hurt. You also have to think of the war with the demons, Your Majesty.”

The Heavenly Emperor pressed his lips together but finally nodded. “Fine! Then we’ll do it that way. But you’d better find a solution soon!” He flung his sleeve and then walked out of the Court of Justice, leaving the others behind.

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