OMF V8C11 Help Him Out

After teasing his husband like this, Jinde was happy enough. He might not have been able to achieve his original goal but it seemed that Xin Lan wasn’t really appreciative of him trying either. Thus, after a while, he didn’t try to continue. Instead, he glanced over to Sect Master Yuchi who was sweating buckets. “My dear, it seems that your Master is having a bit of trouble over there. Don’t you think you should go and save him?”

Leng Jin Yu also looked over and his expression turned a little resigned. “Well, I guess if we want to retire now, I should go and tell him anyway. Are you coming with me?”

Jinde nodded and the two of them bid farewell to Xin Lan at Hua Lin Yu before going over to Yuchi Bing Xia’s side.

“Master.” Leng Jin Yu didn’t mind butting right in. In any case, this was his wedding and people had completely forgotten about him and his husband. Nobody could complain about him being rude in this situation, right?

Yuchi Bing Xia turned to his disciple, feeling as if he had been saved. “Ah Yu, it seems that your wedding has been overshadowed a little. I’m sorry. I didn’t think that this would happen today.” He looked embarrassed and actually did feel that way. He was the one who had said that this would be an auspicious date. And while it was true that it was one, that couldn’t change that there had been an even bigger event happening. That kind of thing … which couple would want to see that?

Leng Jin Yu still shook his head good-naturedly though. “Don’t worry about it, Master. Junior martial brother Zhong has been advancing by leaps and bounds over the last years. It was only a question of time until he would ascend. I definitely don’t mind. In any case, it is also good that he was able to do this.”

Yuchi Bing Xia had hoped for somebody to enlighten him as to who the disciple was that had finally ascended but hearing the name ‘Zhong’, he wasn’t any more in the know than before. Just who was this junior martial brother Zhong? Why couldn’t he remember him?

Leng Jin Yu could imagine that the Sect Master had no idea who this person was he was talking about but he also didn’t know what else to say. He could only glance at Jinde, hoping that he would be able to provide the Sect Master with some more details.

Jinde’s lips curved up. The situation really was too funny. “Well, with the guidance from Grandmaster Zhangsun’s disciple, I’m sure that it was only a question of time until he ascends. Actually, these two might even have ascended together. Was that why your disciple didn’t join us today, Grandmaster?” Jinde turned to Zhangsun Xun Yi, providing an excuse for Qiu Ling at the same time.

Zhangsun Xun Yi who had been standing back and letting the Sect Master deal with everything looked up when his name was actually called out. He glanced at Jinde and Leng Jin Yu and then nodded. “That’s very likely. He has been making a lot of progress as well. And I guess it’s true that they wouldn’t want to be separated. They’ve always been so close. It was basically impossible to see them anywhere alone.”

Hearing that, the people that had come to visit for the ceremony were discussing even more spiritedly. So that was why the Grandmaster’s disciple hadn’t turned up today. He had actually ascended! Well, that did explain quite a few things. Also, it really made them wonder what Elder Gongxi from the Yang Huo Sect had been on about before. Obviously, the Grandmaster’s disciple and the dragon king were two completely different people. How could he make any kind of comparison between them? There had to be something wrong with his eyes!

Jinde had a hard time holding back a smile when he heard what everyone was saying. These people were so easily hoodwinked, it really was quite laughable. It seemed that the title of dragon king was quite useful here.

Well, with that, everything that they had to do here was already done. Now, it really was about time to go and just enjoy himself with his husband. He turned back to the Sect Master, his expression turning a little more serious. “Well, the ceremony is already done. And it seems that Sect Master Yuchi has quite a few more things to discuss with everyone. I guess my husband and I won’t be needed here any longer then.” He hugged his waist and the people around them gave the two of them a knowing gaze.

Leng Jin Yu just smiled noncommittally but he did take Jinde’s hand and nodded at his Master. “I hope it’s not a problem if we leave you with all of this Master. But I guess senior martial brother Wu will be able to handle most of it anyway.” He turned to look at Wu Min Huan who was standing a few steps away and inclined his head.

He had asked him to help out with the preparation which seemed to have done quite some good for their relationship. If he left things to him now directly in front of everyone, that might help even more. Later on, when they went on to join the Jian Yi Sect, there would probably not be any of the resentment from the past be left. That was something that he really wished for. He had originally long left the mortal realm behind. There was no reason to start any new troubles here.

Wu Min Huan looked at him appreciatively and nodded. “Rest assured, I will certainly deal with it well!”

Leng Jin Yu nodded and turned back to Yuchi Bing Xia, waiting for his agreement.

The Sect Master nodded as well and then reached out to pat Leng Jin Yu’s shoulder. “Of course. You just got married. I’m sure that you’d rather spend time with your husband than with us. You should go and enjoy yourself.”

The two of them nodded and then went toward the area behind the Sect Master’s palace once again, not bothering about the people out there any longer. Now, there were really just the two of them. It was time for them to catch up on what they had missed out on before.

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