RMN C207 A Possibility

When Mei Chao Bing returned to the courtyard where he and Yun Bei Fen were staying, he found Zhi Guan sitting on a stone bench at the side while Yun Bei Fen was practicing next to him. That first senior martial brother of Yun Bei Fen’s still had the same expression that read ‘It’s nice you’ve learned so much but what about your sword arts?’ I didn’t seem to be as impressed as Yun Bei Fen had probably hoped he would be.

Mei Chao Bing couldn’t help but laugh to himself and went over. “How are things going? Did you make some progress already?” He reached out and ruffled Yun Bei Fen’s hair, making him immediately lower his hands.

“A bit! Do you want to see?” His eyes seemed to be glittering when he asked, clearly wanting to display the bit of progress he thought he had made.

Mei Chao Bing nodded and then greeted Zhi Guan, sitting down next to him and taking a look at Yun Bei Fen’s demonstration.

In fact, there was no progress that had been made just in the short while that Mei Chao Bing had been gone to talk to Elder Baili. But Yun Bei Fen had managed to get slightly better over the past few days when they came back from the Zhen Yan Sect’s camp and he wasn’t tired of demonstrating it over and over again.

When he showed his spiritual attack now, it still didn’t look that much better from how it had been a week ago but at the very least, it wasn’t wavering as much from side to side and instead almost floated out in a straight line. Seeing this, Mei Chao Bing generously nodded.

“Very good. If you manage to stabilize it a bit more, I’m sure that you will be able to make a leap in your command of this skill.”

Yun Bei Fen’s expression lit up and he immediately turned around to practice some more. Mei Chao Bing smiled and leaned back, happy that his little bunny was so motivated.

What he had said actually wasn’t wrong. After watching him over the past few days, he felt that there were two problems with Yun Bei Fen’s ability to control this skill: The first one was that he was unable to make it fast enough. The second one was that he was unable to control the trajectory well.

In fact, these problems weren’t isolated from each other. Because Yun Bei Fen was unable to control the trajectory, the attack would inevitably slow down. If he managed to shoot it out in a straight line, it would get at least a little faster. It might not be enough to hurt somebody but it would be a start.

In regards to mastering this kind of skill, one step needed to be taken after the other. Getting the trajectory right and keeping to it was the first one for Yun Bei Fen. After that, he could slowly work on speeding up. Then, he would be successful in the end.

While the three of them sat there, one practicing on his own while the other two watched him, Elder Baili was trying to think of what to do.

His idea was pretty simple: He wanted Mei Chao Bing and a few of the other disciples to go and check out the place that Yang Wu Huang and his group had found. Since nothing else had been discovered in the days since then, this might very well be the last clue that was to be had in the border region.

The question really was who to send. It was clear that Mei Chao Bing should go and he also wanted to send Zhi Guan as long as he was still here. If they obtained new information, he could also have Zhi Guan deliver that to Sect Master Zhang afterward. Choosing the other disciples was a problem though.

Considering that they had been attacked when the disciples went there, he couldn’t just send anyone. He would need to send someone who was strong. Song Mu was definitely a candidate, as were Liu Bao Ru and Xi Ju Hai. Yuan Lei might also qualify even though his level was slightly lower. Then there was Yang Wu Huang but considering how he was suspicious and his relationship with Mei Chao Bing wasn’t good, that might end up being a problem. Then again, he was one of the people that had discovered the place so he would be the best option to actually lead the others there.

Baili Chao wrote down the names, staring at them thoughtfully.

Zhi Guan was the one with the highest level so it would make sense for him to lead the group. If he was the one giving orders, then Yang Wu Huang wouldn’t be able to make as much trouble for Mei Chao Bing. And Yang Wu Huang might not dare to act against Mei Chao Bing either when he was surrounded by other people. After all, these were the strongest disciples the sect had sent. It wasn’t like they were the low-leveled ones that could be hoodwinked by some kind of trick. No, he would have to be quite careful. Especially so if the people that he was close to weren’t there. And if he tried something after all … maybe this would actually benefit Mei Chao Bing.

If the strongest people were able to see that not he was a problem but Yang Wu Huang instead, then maybe that would change their perception of him. It wasn’t a guarantee but it was a possibility. And maybe it was an opportunity that should be taken just on the off-chance that it maybe worked out.

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