SML V2C44 The Perfect Time to Ask Questions

Mo Fang shelved that thought for later. In any case, this kind of thing was always best done at a moment when the other person had already forgotten that they had ever mentioned it. It needed to be a surprise. In that way, the impact would be the biggest.

For the moment, there was one thing we should do though. Since Li Ming had started to ask him a question and had also mentioned before that he wanted to get to know him better, he should make an effort to show him that he was up for it and would let him find out more about himself. That would count as the bonding experience his boyfriend wished for.

He put on a smile that was a bit flirtatious but not too obvious and put a hint of adoration into his eyes. This was definitely the ultimate look of ‘I want to know more about you’! “So … I know a bit about what you like but what is something you don’t like?”

Li Ming raised his brows. “In terms of activities, you mean?”

Mo Fang smiled faintly. “Well, I wouldn’t mind being told about that either but I was thinking more in terms of a pet peeve that you have, something that you just can’t stand.”

“Ah.” Li Ming’s expression turned thoughtful. “Well, I’d personally say I’m an orderly person. I like it when things are tidied up and organized. On the other hand, if I see somebody fumble around or not take care of things, it makes me feel a little cross.

“Like, imagine if somebody borrowed something from you or — maybe better — if you lent something to an acquaintance and then you go to get it back. Maybe you’re under a bit of pressure time-wise but they just can’t find it and start looking around but it seems they completely lost whatever it was you lent them.

“It makes me feel like that is such a waste. It could have been avoided easily if they just organized things better. I’d rather spend a bit of time tidying things up right after I do something instead of living in chaos and then having to spend a massive amount of time searching for things when I need them or having one big act of tidying everything after it really gets too much. Actually, it makes me feel vexed.” He laughed at that, seemingly a little embarrassed.

Mo Fang raised his brows. He actually hadn’t expected that. Thinking back now, it was indeed true that Li Ming seemed to be somebody who liked things to be tidy and organized. At the very least, his locker at work and his apartment were like that and after eating this morning, he had started to put the dishes away right the next moment but he wouldn’t have thought that it was to this degree. In fact, since he hadn’t even noticed, he wouldn’t have thought that it was really deliberate. But maybe that was why this was something that Li Ming disliked. To him, keeping things tidy was already a habit.

When Mo Fang didn’t indicate that he had a problem with that, Li Ming actually felt a little relieved. “What about you? Is there something that you dislike?”

“Mn, well, I guess so.” In fact, this was one of the easiest questions to answer for him. That was why he chose it after all. If he asked something, he should better have an answer to that question himself.

He just wasn’t quite sure which answer to bring up yet. After all, he also didn’t want Li Ming to think that he was too bitchy. Somebody had broken up with him because of that before and he didn’t want a sad record of his shortest relationship lasting only one day and a few hours. “Well, this might be a bit surprising but it is how some people talk.”

Li Ming raised his brows, wondering what exactly that was about. “A specific type of person?” In fact, he could somewhat understand that. While he wouldn’t call it a pet peeve of his, he did have to agree that it could be taxing to listen to some people. Depending on how his day was, that could still be an easy task but also really daunting.

As a model, Mo Fang probably had to work with a lot of different people all the time, so he might have experienced that a few more times than he did at the railroad station. In the future, things might get even worse in that regard considering that he was now working at the service point where he would have to deal with all sorts of people all day long. Sometimes, he would hardly be able to catch a break between dealing with customers. It might get rough for him unless he got used to that aspect of his new job soon.

Mo Fang smiled happily when his boyfriend immediately caught his drift. “Yes. You know, it’s those people that will just throw in those big words to the point where you feel like they’re just doing it to seem extra smart. I really hate that. Can’t they get their point across more easily?”

Li Ming tried to think of somebody he knew who had ever done that but couldn’t really come up with anyone. But he could imagine how something like that might make somebody miffed. “Well, I guess as long as you don’t have to work with them, it’s alright. You don’t have to talk with anyone.” He took Mo Fang’s hand, smiling faintly.

He really liked that Mo Fang was being so open with him about this. This specific pet peeve was something that could potentially be construed as negative but he had still told him about it. This was unexpected especially since it was going in the same direction as the talk they had had about focusing on looks being shallow before.

Mo Fang might believe himself to be quite superficial which he clearly saw as a character trait he shouldn’t have. But he still admitted it and showed himself so vulnerable was a huge step forward from how things had been before. It really made him happy. Just thinking about it, Li Ming’s heart thumped. “Alright, then can I ask you something else?”

Mo Fang raised his brows, a little surprised at that question but also happy that Li Ming seemed satisfied with what he had said before. “Of course. It’s our second date. That’s the perfect time to ask questions, don’t you think so?

“How about you choose one to ask and then it’s my turn? And we’ll both answer the question.”

He chuckled, and Li Ming felt as if his heart was blooming like a flower. This was really the kind of relationship he wanted to have. Somehow, just on day two, they were able to talk like this. He never would have expected that.

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