OMF V3C193 A Message from Senior Martial Brother

While Qiu Ling was slowly making his way through his own inner self, another person was traveling in the human world at the fastest speed they could muster. This person was none other than Liu Cheng who was on his way back to investigate the matter of the demons.

Not being dragged down by having to make sure the person traveling with him was alright, he was able to travel at a faster pace. In fact, he probably wouldn’t even need half the time to get back to that forest to continue his investigation since he was using his full strength to fly. In his eyes, it was the only thing he could do. After all, he didn’t want to lose out on any clues just because he took too long to get to the place and thus let some demon slip away.

While on the way, Liu Cheng already pondered how to go about this investigation. For one, he needed to comb through that forest again and make sure that he hadn’t missed any demonic beasts living there. On the other hand, there was still the town.

He had managed to kill one demon but he wasn’t completely sure if there weren’t any others around. Normally, demons didn’t have very good relationships even with each other but it was hard to say if they wouldn’t team up for their own gain at least for some time. Thus, he had to make extra sure and investigate the matter further even though he hadn’t seen any other demons there.

The problem was that he could hardly be in two places at the same time. He could only investigate one after the other which might cause either some of the beasts or any demons to get away. This definitely didn’t sit right with him. Those demons could never be left to their own devices. The kind of mess that could ensue if that happened … He had seen it often enough over the years. No, this was unacceptable.

Having made up his mind, Liu Cheng took out a paper crane and hastily stopped along the way, writing a message to another group of their sect’s demon hunters that should be close by. He didn’t know if they would make it in time but at the very least, it was more likely to solve this with them than it would be if he tried to do everything on his own. It was worth a try. Having released the paper crane, he hurried on, continuing toward the forest.

As for the message he had sent … One of his junior martial brothers from the Chun Feng Sect received it when Liu Cheng himself had almost arrived at his destination.

Unfurling the message, his brows furrowed when he read about the situation detailed inside. “This isn’t good.”

The other disciples that he was out traveling with couldn’t help but look at him worriedly. “What happened, senior martial brother Shen?”

Shen Qiang folded the message up again. “Senior martial brother Liu encountered some additional demons while he was out on his mission. He has asked us to go over and investigate one of the occurrences since they were in different places and he can’t investigate them at the same time.”

Before his juniors were able to say anything, a head was stretched in through the door and a pair of limpid eyes blinked at him. “Senior martial brother Liu? You wouldn’t be talking about my senior martial brother Liu Cheng, right?”

Shen Qiang’s lips twitched at that. “Junior martial sister Hong, so you’re back.” He wasn’t quite sure if she should be happy about that or not.

Shen Qiang himself was the head disciple of one of the sect’s Elders so he had been asked to take the juniors out on a mission to eradicate some demons and let their juniors get some experience. Those juniors included precisely this Hong Bao. Since she was the Sect Master’s youngest disciple, he had had high expectations of her originally. But as it turned out, he had thought too much.

This Hong Bao was nothing like Liu Cheng. In fact, he felt a bit that she was more of a burden than anything else. While she actually was quite gifted when it came to cultivation or sword arts, she was, unfortunately, quite scatterbrained.

Just now, she had actually disappeared for several hours without anybody knowing where she had left to. That wasn’t the kind of person you could go hunting demons with. When it came to their occupation it was paramount that they always knew where the others were. After all, demons were cunning. You needed to work together well to be able to resist them. This Hong Bao … She really made that part of the job difficult for him.

Be that as it may, Shen Qiang knew that Hong Bao and Liu Cheng were close so he didn’t intend to keep anything from her. He didn’t want her to worry needlessly. “It was indeed him that I referred to. Do you want to take a look at the message?” He extended the letter toward her and Hong Bao happily took it, reading it over.

“This sounds like a really serious matter!”

Shen Qiang nodded to agree with her. “That is indeed the case.” Turning back to the others as well, he started to lay out his plan. “The town he mentioned isn’t too far from here. We should pack our things and then head over there. Things here have been mostly dealt with so it will suffice for two of you to stay here to wrap things up. Those two can come over as soon as they’re finished. Any volunteers?”

The disciples exchanged glances and finally, two of them stepped forward and cupped their fists. “We would stay here then, senior martial brother Shen.”

Shen Qiang nodded, giving the two of them a satisfied smile. “Very well. If there’s anything you don’t know how to deal with, you can also ask for help from the head of the village.” He knew that this kind of stuff that didn’t require them to actually fight demons and instead was just doing some paperwork normally wasn’t too much liked by the younger disciples who were still eager for success and excitement. So he was especially happy that two of them had volunteered so fast. As for the rest … “Everybody else should pack up then. We leave in ten minutes.”

The disciples acknowledged his words and then rushed out, going to get everything they needed. Soon enough, the group minus the two disciples that were staying back rushed out.

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