OMF V3C184 There Wouldn’t Be a Guarantee

Liu Cheng who had followed Jing Yi with some distance, furrowed his brows when he heard that. Jing Yi had mentioned that his fiance had gotten injured but he hadn’t thought that he would still be in a bad situation when they arrived here. Now, what was he supposed to do?

While he was still pondering, Madam Zhong asked one of the servants from the kitchen to take over for a while so she could bring Jing Yi home. Turning around, Jing Yi finally remembered Liu Cheng.

“Ah, martial brother Liu, this … You probably heard what my mother said just now. My fiance …”

“I did. I guess I’ll have to stay then to make sure nothing will happen to you.”

Jing Yi looked at him in a daze. Why would Liu Cheng think that something might happen to him?

Liu Cheng could see that he had doubts. In the end, he could only sigh and explain. “I do suspect that what happened with that demon previously might have negative consequences. I wouldn’t be able to rest assured that you’re safe if there wasn’t a cultivator or practitioner around you. With your fiance like this …”

Madam Zhong looked from her son to this person and back again. “A cultivator from Jing’er’s sect came here together with Qiu Ling. I don’t know …”

Liu Cheng visibly relaxed upon hearing that. “That’s good then. I would like to meet that person if possible. If he is able to protect him, then I should take my leave. There are still things I have to do.”

“Of course.” Madam Zhong motioned outside and then led the two of them over to Zhong Gang’s house. While on the way, she looked at Jing Yi’s face again and again, trying to gauge how he was feeling. She was really worried about him.

It wasn’t a secret that Qiu Ling had been madly in love with Jing Yi when they came by for the first time already. If it had been Jing Yi that had been unconscious for several months without any sign of waking up, that man would have done everything he could to help him while fretting the whole time. If Jing Yi wouldn’t wake up, he might just close his eyes with him.

But even though her son had been hesitant back then and hadn’t said that he loved Qiu Ling, she could still see that it was the same the other way around. Jing Yi felt for Qiu Ling just the way that man felt for him, he was just unable to name that feeling or even clearly describe it. But he was young, so that was to be expected. He needed more time to understand himself.

She only feared that seeing Qiu Ling like this might actually let her son realize how much he truly loved him. What then? What if that self-proclaimed son-in-law of hers never woke up again and made her son unhappy before they had even had the opportunity to get together?

She didn’t want to see that happen. But what could she do? She could only pray that he wouldn’t realize immediately. If he did after all … she could only see about that when it happened. Anyway, they first had to go and see that martial brother of her son.

When they reached the house, she led the two of them immediately over to the room where Leng Jin Yu was staying, gently knocking on the door. “Daoist Yu, I’m sorry to disturb you. My son just returned and brought somebody with him who would like to talk to you.”

Inside the room, Leng Jin Yu raised his brows. He hadn’t contacted the Fate’s Scribe again after informing him of what had happened so he didn’t know what exactly was going on. Anyway, it was surprising that Zhong Jing Yi had returned this fast considering he had been completely without help.

Thinking of that, he got up and walked over, glancing at Liu Cheng. Seeing the dark green robe, he already had a faint idea of what kind of person he had in front of him. “Chun Feng Sect?”

Liu Cheng slightly raised his brows but still nodded, clasping his hands as a greeting. “Yes. I am Sect Master Xian’s succeeding disciple, Liu Cheng.”

Leng Jin Yu nodded at him and also cupped his fists. “Sect Master Yuchi’s disciple, Yu Jin. Might I ask what happened?”

“I met Jing Yi outside and he told me what had happened with his fiance so I promised to bring him back here. On the way, we got into trouble with a demon. I’m afraid they’ll try to take revenge so I wanted to make sure that he would be safe here. Unfortunately, I heard that his fiance …” He didn’t finish and just looked at Leng Jin Yu. There was no need to torture Jing Yi by saying these things in front of him.

Leng Jin Yu thoughtfully glanced at Jing Yi. Getting into trouble was normal, having interactions with demons wasn’t though. That should probably be reported to the Nine Heavens as well.

For the time being, he needed to get this demon hunter out though. These guys could go nuts when demons were involved and there was some relationship between the demons and the dragons. He definitely couldn’t allow this guy to be around while the dragon king was lying in his room completely defenseless.

“I see. Well, his fiance is indeed not in a good condition right now. You do not need to worry though. I’ve stayed with senior martial brother Qiu to make sure he’ll be alright. Naturally, I will do the same for junior martial brother Zhong.”

Liu Cheng nodded, satisfied with that. “Then I will take my leave now. I still want to investigate the demonic activities I discovered.”

“Of course. Thank you for helping my junior martial brother. And rest assured: Nothing will happen to him with me here.” At the very least, he could promise this as long as it concerned the demons. Anything else … he was afraid there was no guarantee like that for Zhong Jing Yi and there never would be.

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