OMF V3C174 An Awkward Journey

Jing Yi kept quiet for the whole way when they returned to the merchant’s house. He didn’t talk with anybody even after they arrived and just quietly stood in a corner while Liu Cheng explained to the man what he had found out and how things had been solved, reassuring him that nothing would happen anymore. He barely managed to get out a goodbye before they left. When the city became small in the distance, he finally heaved a sigh of relief.

He regretted it. He regretted agreeing to help Liu Cheng. He regretted not telling Peng Mu about it or doing anything more when they had been in Yawen’s courtyard.

If he had decided differently somewhere down the line, then maybe Yawen would still be alive. Maybe these two people who had loved each other so much would still be able to be together, getting married in the future, having children. Now, all of these possibilities were gone.

Liu Cheng glanced at him a few times but finally didn’t speak up. Considering that Jing Yi wasn’t a demon hunter and likely not very old either, it was no wonder that he was behaving like this. He would probably need some time to get over it. Especially since he still failed to understand that what he had seen wasn’t human but a demon instead. Until he finally realized that, these memories might haunt him. But there was nothing he could do about that. Anyway, he was just going to deliver this boy home. Afterward, they likely wouldn’t have anything to do with each other anymore.

Thus, the two of them traveled like this: Liu Cheng used his spiritual energy to fly on his sword, taking Jing Yi with him toward the Long kingdom, keeping quiet the whole time. They weren’t as fast as Qiu Ling had been able to travel but they still made good progress. Unfortunately, even though that was the case, the journey wasn’t a pleasant one.

When they set up camp in the evening of the third day, Jing Yi absentmindedly stared at the flints after making the fire. Qiu Ling had given this to him. He had also shown him how to use it. When they had traveled together, it had never been like this. Even though he had been unsure how to deal with Qiu Ling a lot of the time, his company had still been pleasant. And the longer they were together, the better they got along with each other.

Now, though, things were different. The longer he traveled with Liu Cheng, the worse he felt. He just … He just wanted to return home. He wanted to see Qiu Ling again. We wanted to know that he was doing well. He wanted to tell him about everything that had happened after they separated and tell him how happy he was that they were together again.

Right now, he would give a lot to be able to look into his eyes and maybe hug him and listen to him tell him that none of this was his fault and that he would still stay with him regardless of what had happened. Unfortunately, the way until the Long kingdom was still pretty far. Until they were finally able to reunite, it would likely take a lot of time.

He sighed to himself, finally tucking the stones away. He looked up to where Liu Cheng sat who was taking out the food. Contrary to Qiu Ling who had gone out to hunt for them, Liu Cheng had brought some dry rations with them from the city that they were sharing every day. Jing Yi didn’t mind. In fact, he was quite happy that it was like this. If Liu Cheng was trying to go out of his way to be nice to him, he might feel even worse about everything.

Liu Cheng also glanced at him and then gave him his part of today’s ration. “We will likely only need about two or three more days.”

Jing Yi nodded but didn’t know what else to say. Anyway, there was nothing to talk about. That was also different from his time with Qiu Ling.

Liu Cheng also fell quiet and the two of them ate in this awkwardness, each keeping to himself.

Halfway through, Liu Cheng paused and raised his head, narrowing his eyes.

At first, Jing Yi didn’t notice but when Liu Cheng wrapped up his ration again and put it down next to him, reaching for his weapon and then getting up, he also knew that something had to be wrong.

“What happened?”

“I think I heard something. You wait here. I will go and check it out.”

Jing Yi nodded but he couldn’t help but have a bad feeling about this. Liu Cheng had looked rather serious. And being left alone didn’t make him feel any better. Even though he really couldn’t help and always think of what had happened with Yawen when he saw Liu Cheng, that didn’t mean that it was any better to be alone.

Now, he actually felt terrified of what was around him. He didn’t know where exactly they were. He didn’t even know which direction to go should Liu Cheng leave him here alone.

Thinking of all that, he couldn’t continue eating. He wrapped up his food as well, putting it into his bag next to the flints. Then, he inched a little closer to the fire, trying to push away those thoughts. He had no reason to worry. Liu Cheng was just checking out what he had heard. He would be back in a few minutes and likely tell him that it was nothing. Then, they could resume eating, and tomorrow, they would continue to make their way over to the Long kingdom. Then, he would soon be able to see Qiu Ling again.

Unfortunately, Jing Yi’s thoughts didn’t come true.

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