OMF V3C172 The Same Gentle Woman

Liu Cheng felt dizzy for a moment and raised his hand to touch his temple. At that moment, Yawen already waved the plank once again, going in for another strike with a yell.

Jing Yi and Peng Mu looked on with open mouths, unable to believe what they were seeing. Yawen was a petite woman. Peng Mu had even suggested carrying her groceries because it looked like she was struggling with them. And now, she was able to swing a wooden plank just like that and even seriously injured a person.

The next moment, Jing Yi’s eyes widened and he lunged forward, pushing Liu Cheng to the ground and making him narrowly evade the attack.

Jing Yi’s heart beat madly and he stared up at Yawen, unable to believe what had just happened. If that attack connected, would Liu Cheng even survive? While he had been the one to attack first, how could she do this?

Yawen grimaced when her attack missed but she seemed far from giving up. With a ferocious expression, she turned around, once again striking out with the plank as if it was nothing.

Jing Yi yelped and gripped Liu Cheng, rolling to the side, once again narrowly evading.

Yawen cursed. “Stay where you are!” Her previously soothing voice had turned into a shrill shriek, making Jing Yi’s hair stand on end. She also didn’t seem like she was paying him much mind. Whether she hit him along with Liu Cheng didn’t even seem to factor into her decisions.

At the side, Peng Mu was still sitting on the ground, staring blankly. He just couldn’t understand. The gentle woman he had fallen in love with … She was nowhere to be seen. Was this really his Yawen?

Liu Cheng was finally pulled out of his dizziness. He pushed Jing Yi aside, cursed, and then jumped to his feet, still seeming a little unstable. He picked up his sword though and once again raised it to point at Yawen. “So you finally show your true face, demon!”

Yawen didn’t even answer. She swung that plank again but this time, Liu Cheng was on his feet and prepared. He evaded and then struck at the plank with his sword, once again cutting it in half.

Yawen gave another shriek and then threw the wood at him, lunging right after. Liu Cheng sidestepped the plank but her fingers struck his sleeve, ripping the fabric to shreds.

Liu Cheng cursed and then jumped further back, before striking out himself. In the fight against a demon, attack was the best defense. He had to drive them back into a corner and then, he would be able to capture or kill her if necessary. He’d rather like to capture her alive though. That way, he could take her back to the Chun Feng Sect and question her. They needed to know if she had any information about other demons she had met along the way. If they were able to get that out of her …

He shook his head to push the thought away, focusing only on the fight. While this demon did have some strength, she didn’t seem too skilled at fighting. When he struck out again, she only barely evaded the attack and seemed to grow flustered. Liu Cheng narrowed his eyes and continued to pressure her, his weapon soon drawing blood. Yawen hissed at the impact but still continued to try to fight him despite her face being scrunched up in pain.

At the side, Peng Mu gulped but finally leaped to his feet. He didn’t understand what was going on or how Yawen had been able to wave that plank just like that but this was still the woman he loved. He wouldn’t watch while she was attacked and maybe even killed.

This time, he didn’t have a weapon. He just threw himself at Liu Cheng, trying to tackle him to the ground.

Liu Cheng hadn’t thought that Peng Mu would interfere again after seeing Yawen behave like this. He cursed and had to evade Peng Mu. Unfortunately for him, Peng Mu still managed to latch onto his leg and clamp his arms shut in a death grip.

“Yawen, run away!”

“You hold him down!” Yawen didn’t even think of running. She raised her hands, scaring Peng Mu stiff.

“What are you doing?!”

“I’ll give him his just desserts! He actually dared to attack you. I won’t let him get away!” She waved and a flame shot out at Liu Cheng.

He ducked but the fire still singed the band he used to hold up his hair. He cursed again and then kicked Peng Mu who was staring at Yawen speechlessly. “Get back if you don’t want to be caught in-between!” He whirled around and then struck at Yawen, catching her off-guard. The blade embedded itself into her shoulder, making her scream.

Peng Mu jumped to his feet and rushed over, pulling her to his chest and hugging her tightly to cover her from Liu Cheng’s attacks. “Leave her alone! She didn’t do anything wrong! She was just defending herself.” Yes, yes, that was right. It was this madman who had attacked first. Even if Yawen was able to do things he hadn’t known about, that didn’t have to mean anything. He had always known she was special. How could he shy away because of that? No, she had only done this because she was afraid. Otherwise, she would still be the same, gentle Yawen he had always known.

“Stupid!” Liu Cheng furrowed his brows but he didn’t dare to just kill a human either. He would only do so if there really was no other way. “Get out of the way!”

Peng Mu just pulled Yawen tighter, refusing to let go. Behind his back, Yawen raised her hand, a flame once again springing to life. She screamed and then threw it at Liu Cheng.

He stepped to the side and then once again brandished his weapon. It bypassed Peng Mu’s shoulder and embedded itself squarely into her neck. Yawen gave a last choked groan and then collapsed in Peng Mu’s arms.

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