OMF V3C163 Let Me Take a Look at Her

As it turned out, the next free day was already three days later. The steward who had told Liu Cheng as much also gave Jing Yi a free day when he heard that Liu Cheng would need his help in dealing with the situation. Anyway, it wasn’t that hard to make up a reason for this. After all, Jing Yi was new and might need some help to orientate himself in the city while at the same time, he had gotten along best with Peng Mu. Thus, asking Peng Mu to take Jing Yi along shouldn’t be too much.

This explanation also provided Jing Yi with the perfect excuse to proceed with Liu Cheng’s plan. Since he had to accompany him to the city, he might as well take a short look at that woman. As a nosy child which Peng Mu seemed to have labeled him as, asking for that shouldn’t be too much, right?

Thus, on the evening before the free day, Jing Yi watched as Peng Mu was taking out his best clothes and checking them to make sure that there wouldn’t be anything wrong with them.

“You probably want to go and meet her again, right?”

Peng Mu looked over and gave a smile that seemed slightly embarrassed before he cleared his throat. “Well, don’t you worry. I promised that I’ll take care of you so I will definitely do that.” He looked kind of uneasily at the clothes though. Obviously, he still wanted to go and meet that woman.

Jing Yi waited for a moment while Peng Mu looked as if he really couldn’t decide what was the right thing to do and then spoke up with a smile in his voice. “You know … It would be enough for me if you just brought me to the city and maybe showed me the marketplace or something. Anyway, I should be able to find my way around the town and you could just pick me up from there in the evening when you return home. If I’m not back by then, you can just wait there for me.”

Peng Mu gave him an astonished look, not quite sure how to deal with this unexpected surprise. “Are you sure about that? I wouldn’t mind doing it. I mean … If you promise something, then you can’t just say no afterward, can you?”

Jing Yi laughed at that. “I’m honored that you would actually go so far for me. But I actually think that you should go and meet up with her instead. Anyway, that’s the woman you want to marry, right? And you only have a few days to see each other. It wouldn’t be good if you had to miss out on one of those for a person you can actually see every day in the fields. I feel that that wouldn’t be fair to you or … well, her either.”

Peng Mu nodded slowly. “Well, I guess you’re not completely wrong with that. It’s just that … Since I did promise you, I won’t go back on it. If you do need me to show you around, then I will do so.”

Jing Yi hesitated for a moment and finally brought up what he actually wanted to. “Actually, rather than being shown around, would you mind showing her to me? You’ve talked quite a bit about her since we’ve gotten to know each other and I’m kind of curious. If you can’t, then I would also understand that. I just want to take a short look actually.”

Peng Mu was slightly stunned at first but finally couldn’t help but laugh out loud. “This is actually what you wanted to say the whole time, right? You just want to take a look at her.”

Jing Yi pursed his lips as if he had been found out but didn’t want to admit it. “Anyway, there’s no reason to be worried, is there? I already have a fiance myself. So it’s not like I’d be stealing her away.”

Peng Mu laughed even more at that. “Even if you hadn’t, I wouldn’t be worried about that. Just look at yourself! You’re clearly a decade younger than me. And she’s my age. Do you really think she’d be interested in somebody who’s still green behind his ears? I think you should think again if you really expect that.”

Jing Yi just smiled lightly at that. Actually, his own fiance was also a decade older than him … But that wasn’t the point right now. “Well, then you really don’t have any problem with showing her to me, right? Just a short look, I swear! Anyway, I already promised that if it was possible, my fiance and I would also come and visit in the future. Since you’ll be able to get to see him, I feel like you should also let me take a glance at her.”

Peng Mu gave him an indulgent look. “Well, if you’re asking me so nicely and still trying to do me a favor at the side, then I guess I can’t say no. I would’ve preferred it if I was able to talk with her beforehand to see if she was alright with it but since it’s not possible, we’ll just do it the way you said. Anyway, I doubt she would be angry because of this. She’s a very understanding person.”

Jing Yi nodded eagerly, feeling a weight lifting off his shoulders when he managed to do as Liu Cheng had asked him to. Anyway, he really hoped that nothing bad would happen when he went to meet this woman and that she would turn out to be not related to these incidents at all. That would certainly be for the best.

Jing Yi got up from his seat and stretched. “Well, I bet it will be an exciting day then tomorrow. I should go to sleep early so I won’t hold you back. And I definitely don’t want to miss out on anything.”

Peng Mu laughed and then just went back to checking his clothes and preparing for the next day.

Jing Yi was sure that everything would go alright. That evening, he actually fell asleep almost immediately feeling that he had almost managed to finish his task and soon enough, he would be able to return home and see Qiu Ling again. He could hardly wait for it.

Soon enough, he shouldn’t be that relaxed anymore though.

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