OMF V3C151 How about Assisting Me?

Liu Cheng did not have to think for long to figure out a suitable candidate to help him with this task. As soon as he returned to the merchant’s estate in the evening, he went to look for Jing Yi.

Knocking on the door, he couldn’t help but smile to himself. It really was a good thing that he had met this boy. Since he was aiming to become a cultivator, he should be willing to help him out and wouldn’t pull back just because he was scared like a commoner might be. This was just perfect!

At that time, Jing Yi had just returned to his room after having dinner with the other servants of the manor after a long day. He had just wanted to wash up real quick and then go to sleep. When he heard somebody knock, he couldn’t help but think that there might be another task that needed to be taken care of after all.

Since he was relying on these people’s help, he immediately went to open the door. Seeing Liu Cheng on the other side, he widened his eyes in surprise. “martial brother Liu. What can I do for you?” He stepped to the side and motioned inside, letting Liu Cheng come in.

Liu Cheng didn’t beat around the bush. He didn’t even bother to sit down and just waited for Jing Yi to close the door before he turned to him. “Junior martial brother Zhong, there’s a question I’d like to ask you. You do remember how I told you that I was here on a mission and that I’m a disciple of a demon-hunting sect, don’t you?”

Jing Yi nodded. This was also what the merchant had told him when he explained to him who they were going to see. In fact, this was more or less the only thing he knew about Liu Chang so far.

“Well, you might not have had anything to do with demons thus far. What you need to know is that there are vile creatures who will harm humans whenever they can. Everything they do is for their own benefit, regardless of the price others will have to pay for it. In fact, they find joy in bringing harm to others.

“In this case, several men have already died because of the selfishness of a demon. That is why I was called. This demon needs to be caught in order to stop more senseless deaths from occurring.”

Jing Yi nodded in a daze. He didn’t quite understand just why Liu Cheng was telling all this. He didn’t dare to interrupt him though and just continued to listen on.

Seeing Jing Yi being so obedient, Liu Cheng was quite happy. In general, it was always a risk to involve somebody who wasn’t a demon hunter in such a task. While a cultivator might be better, it still wasn’t risk-free to work with them.

That was especially true for those young talents that thought they were able to achieve just about everything. Seeing that Jing Yi was not that kind of disciple almost made him heave a sigh of relief. He could work with somebody who had no idea what was going on but was willing to listen to his directions.

“Well, after investigating this for several days, I’ve come to figure out a likely suspect. It is just that this person isn’t that easy to catch. I might require some help to do so and I’m reluctant to involve the people of this estate. They are just normal humans. And right now, they’re already scared after what has happened. I don’t think it would go well if they had to assist me in this. So I was wondering if you might be willing to help me out?”

Once again, Jing Yi’s eyes widened. “You … want me to help you catch the demon?” He never would have expected that. Especially not after Liu Cheng had said that hunting demons definitely wasn’t something he could assist with.

To his continued surprise, Liu Cheng nodded though. “I know what I said the other day. Normally, I wouldn’t involve you either. But several men are already dead. I do not want to see even a single further man become a victim of this. And I’m sure that somebody who aims to become a cultivator will think the same. So would you be willing to lend me a helping hand?”

Jing Yi nodded with some hesitation. “I’m definitely willing to help. It’s just that … I don’t know the first thing about demon hunting. And I don’t think that you have the time to teach me anything, do you?”

Liu Cheng shook his head. “Unfortunately, this is true. I would also feel much better if I was able to have you prepare for this for some more time. For now, I can only explain the situation to you and tell you my plan. You just have to stick to it and do as well as you can. I will try to make sure that you won’t come to harm.”

Jing Yi couldn’t help but tense up when he heard him say ‘try’. This … It had to mean that there was a very real chance that he would get injured, didn’t it?

He wavered for a moment but then took a deep breath and forced himself to smile. Hadn’t he always wanted to be a hero? Well, now he finally got the chance to prove just what he was made of. He should get past this fear and attempt to do his best just like Liu Cheng asked him to.

If he got hurt … Well, that was probably something he would need to deal with. In the future, when he became a real cultivator, he also wouldn’t be able to just say no. This was what he wanted. Why shouldn’t he give it try? And if he could help others with that … Then that would be a dream come true.

Jing Yi gave Liu Cheng a smile and nodded again. “Yes. Yes, I’ll do it. Just tell me what I need to do and what I’ll have to take note of. I won’t disappoint you!”

Seeing Jing Yi’s resolve, Liu Cheng also nodded, happy inside. It seemed that he had made the right call to involve this boy.

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