OMF V3C148 The Other Side of the State

Seeing that Jing Yi finally relented, Liu Cheng was satisfied. “Alright, first of all, where exactly did this happen?” He needed to know just how big the scope of this demon’s actions was. For one, this might give him valuable clues as to what kind of demon this was and secondly, this might also help to determine whether this demon was working alone or together with others.

Jing Yi also felt relief when he heard that question. This was something he could answer without trouble. “It was at the seaside, not far from the Haibin town.”

Liu Cheng furrowed his brows. “The Haibin town?”

Jing Yi nodded his head. “Yes. More precisely, it was about half a day’s journey away from there on foot. After this happened, I went along the coastline and then came to the Haibin town. I didn’t know what to do so I asked one of the locals where exactly the place was. After all, before that, Qiu Ling did everything for me. Anyway, the person I met was Madam Si’s cousin-in-law. He sent me to her and then I was able to follow her when she traveled here.”

Liu Cheng’s brows furrowed even further. “You … took half a day to get to the town and then you traveled with her to this place? So how much time has passed since then?”

“Oh, it’s been a few weeks actually. The Haibin town is on the other side of the state of Wu.”

Liu Cheng stared at him in a daze. The other side of the state of Wu? That couldn’t be. Well, it definitely couldn’t be if this had anything to do with the demon on the herb field. Unless … Well, it could indeed be that these two things were completely unrelated.

He had thought that the merchant that came by and brought Jing Yi here had been somebody from a town close by. But as it turned out, they had been on the road for so long. In that case, it might be that this case was indeed unrelated to the one he was investigating. So maybe this demon and that demon weren’t the same at all. The problem was that even if he went to that Haibin town now to take care of the other demon, the one in question probably would be long gone.

He sighed deeply, regretting that he hadn’t been there at that time. Unfortunately, he had still been outside, hunting down a demon at another place. “I see. It seems that this doesn’t have anything to do with my task after all. Well, thank you for answering me honestly.”

Jing Yi nodded, once again relieved that it seemed that this was already over. “Then, can I go back to work now? I feel like I should do a bit more to make up for the help I’m getting.”

Liu Cheng nodded and patted his shoulder. “You should. It’s good that you have such morals. That is especially helpful when having to withstand a demon’s temptations. It’s something very beneficial for the future especially if you want to become a cultivator.”

Jing Yi nodded with slightly widened eyes, not quite sure what he should say in response. It seemed that for demon hunters, the only thing they ever thought about was demons.

In the end, he bowed to Liu Cheng and then hurried back into the stable, apologizing to the servant before he went back to work.

Meanwhile, Liu Cheng continued to stand in front of the door for a moment before he left the courtyard and went back to the room that the merchant had given him. He washed up and changed his clothes before he sat down to think about everything he had found out on this day.

First of all, he had to look closer into that servant he had identified as being suspicious, Peng Mu. He could just ask the merchant about that and then also take a look at the other servants that were working on the field and also the ones that were working in the estate. After all, they all would’ve had to do with him sometimes.

He had to be careful though. After all, who knew if the demon wasn’t one of the other servants? That kind of thing was entirely possible. If he asked the wrong person or asked the others in a way that was too obvious, then that might result in the demon getting away. It might be best if he got a list of all the servants working for the merchant. That way, he could find out if all of them were still there and find out early if somebody suddenly vanished.

Thinking like this, Liu Cheng didn’t bother to waste any more time. He made a few notes on what he had found out and then went to the merchant, asking for his help on this. Naturally, the merchant didn’t even think twice before writing him a list of his servants. Anyway, he had been the one who had called Liu Cheng over to get his help. He would do anything he could to have this case solved faster. Just giving him one list was hardly any trouble.

Liu Cheng looked it over and slowly nodded to himself. There were quite a few people, some of which he had already seen on the herb field. “Has any of your servants vanished recently?”

“No, everybody is there as usual. Nobody left without an explanation. There were only the ones that had an accident and either died or had to be sent home.”

Liu Cheng nodded. This was why he had originally been called over: There had been more and more accidents on the herb field. It definitely wasn’t normal anymore. “I suspect that the culprit behind this will either be one of these people or somebody who is close to them. Have you noticed anything strange about one of your servants?”

When he was asked this directly, the merchant took some time to consider the question. In the end, he had to shake his head though. “No, nothing that I know of. You could ask the steward that’s in charge of the herb field though. He might know some more.”

Liu Cheng nodded and got up. “Then I will do that right away. This case needs to be solved as soon as possible.”

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