OMF V3C146 Time to Say Their Farewell

Liu Cheng excused himself so he could go and make some inquiries for his mission while Jing Yi went and asked one of the servants to bring him back to the inn just as the merchant had told him.

When Jing Yi arrived, he first went to see Si Fen to tell her about how things had worked out and ask her whether she would be alright with him helping out for the next few days as well. After all, even though he felt that it was the right thing to do, it might also be that Si Fen wouldn’t want him to do that. After all, this also meant that she had to provide him with the room and the food. Maybe his help didn’t outweigh that.

Si Fen laughed when he made such a serious face. “Well, I guess I shouldn’t have expected anything else of you. Even in such a situation, you’re still being like this. Very well, since you want to do it this way, then we will. I’ll have somebody take you back to the estate when we leave. After that, they’ll take care of you. And don’t worry about anything. That man is a friend of mine so he won’t treat you badly since I asked for this favor.”

Jing Yi nodded earnestly. Actually, he hadn’t been worried about that at all. The merchant had seemed like a nice person. But since Si Fen put it like this, he also wouldn’t argue with her. He just said his goodbyes and then went back to the room he shared with the three servants before who welcomed him back enthusiastically.

The next few days seemed to go by in a rush. They got up in the morning, ate and then went to work. If they were lucky, they would take a small break around midday before they got back to work and only returned when the sun had almost gone down in the evening. After that, it would be a few hours of sleep before everything started again.

It was almost a week of days like this until all the goods that Si Fen still had over had been sold and everything that she wanted to take back to the Haibin town had been bought.

Jing Yi went to sleep together with these people that he knew for the last time in the foreseeable future, once again having slightly mixed feelings. But this time around, he was a little more cheerful as well. At the very least, he had secured a way to get back to the Long kingdom’s capital city. That meant that sooner or later, he would see Qiu Ling again. Just the thought of that made him cheer up.

The last morning finally arrived and the others couldn’t help but look at Jing Yi with some sadness as well. The three servants he had roomed with patted his shoulders one after the other and wished him luck. The others also exchanged a few words and finally, Si Fen came out of the inn where she had still been talking with the owner and also stopped in front of him.

“Well, I guess it’s farewell now. It’s been a few weeks. I couldn’t take you until the place where you had to go but I hope that I was able to help you out a bit. And I also hope that you’ll be able to make it back to your fiance in no time. If you’re ever out traveling again with him, you can come to visit us in the Haibin town. I’d be happy to see you and I’m sure the others feel the same.”

Jing Yi nodded eagerly. “Thank you again, Madam Si. I hope I haven’t made too much trouble.”

Si Fen waved a hand, not wanting to hear him say these kinds of things once again. Honestly, had he still not had enough of thanking her and apologizing for making her help him? Hadn’t she said often enough that she didn’t mind?

Well, it was better this way than having an ungrateful brat that wouldn’t care about what she had done for him and pretend she somehow owed him for being granted his company. “Anyway, we’ll have to go now. Maybe we’ll see each other again in the future.” She gave a smile and then motioned at the others to move forward, getting onto the carriage.

Jing Yi watched them leave and then sighed. Well, this part of his journey was over and soon, another one would start. He was curious to see what it would be like to travel with a demon hunter.

He turned to the person from the inn that Si Fen had told to bring him to the merchant’s estate and followed him over there.

Liu Cheng currently wasn’t inside and was instead still outside, dealing with the matter that the merchant had originally called him for. Jing Yi wasn’t quite sure what to do but finally just approached one of the servants in the estate, telling him who he was and asking whether he could help with something.

When the merchant went to go out for lunch with some friends around midday, he thus saw Jing Yi helping out around the house. He raised his brows with some slight surprise but then just nodded to himself. It turned out that this boy had really meant what he said the last time. Well, he hadn’t expected much else considering that Si Fen had said that he was hard-working.

Seeing that he seemed to be getting along with the other people, the merchant didn’t linger any longer and just went out. He didn’t know just how long Liu Cheng would need to deal with everything but since he had already been here for several days, he didn’t believe that it would be much longer. When that time came, the two of them would leave. Then it wouldn’t be on him to think about these things any further anyway.

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