Announcement: Oh. My. Fate?! Revision Volume 3 Mass Upload

I’m here with some news about the 3rd volume of the Oh. My. Fate?! revised version and I think you’ll be happy about it. I sure am 😊

Since most of the volume were completely new chapters because of some added arcs, I wasn’t really sure how to update them since you’d be getting a ton of notifications at a time since I’m uploading them in bulk. That would be especially annoying for all the people that don’t read the revised version but the original version instead or are here for other stories altogether.

Well, after some trial-and-error I finally found a way to hopefully make this work ~ I already did a small test yesterday and since everything seemed to work in the end (even though I messed up in the beginning), I uploaded another 50 chapters today. I sincerely hope you didn’t get notifications for those (and will be pleasantly surprised now instead 😉) and everything really worked as intended.

Now, of the 242 chapters of this volume, only about 30 remain to be uploaded. I’ve already added them on my end but still need to do some formatting for ease of navigating between them. If everything goes well, I will be (silently) uploading them in bulk later next week. After that, I’ll start the next upload after the first part of volume 4 (Demonic Sect Spy) has been completely revised. For that one, uploading shouldn’t take as long since there are less added chapters (even though there are still quite a few …).

I will do a more detailed post on the differences between the original and revised volume “Demonic Sect Spy” a little later as well. Right now, I’m still busy wrapping up the novel from last year’s ace week over on Patreon though (the draft is completely finished but I’m slowly revising and four chapters remain to be uploaded there) so you’ll have to wait a bit longer since I want to take the time to also add my reasoning just like I did for the added arcs in this volume.

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