OMF V3C123 We Have to Find Your Senior Martial Brother

Seeing Jing Yi’s expression, Cen Fu was sure that something had to be wrong. He turned to give Yu Jin an alarmed look but his senior martial brother didn’t seem bothered at all.

Cen Fu could only turn back to Jing Yi awkwardly. “Can you tell us what happened? Oh, and do you want something to eat?” He rummaged through his bag and finally produced two spiritual fruits that he had been carrying around.

Jing Yi’s stomach growled as if on cue but he just embarrassedly shook his head.

“It’s alright. I don’t need them right now. You probably didn’t have anything to eat in a while either.”

“That’s not it.” Jing Yi sighed. “You see, I’m not … a real cultivator. I can’t eat anything with too much spiritual energy.” He lowered his head, feeling even more embarrassed. He had kept Qiu Ling’s warning in mind though. That was probably the most important.

Cen Fu lowered his hand, feeling just as awkward. “Oh. I’m sorry, I don’t have anything else.”

“We can get him something to eat later. Now, can you tell us what happened?”

Jing Yi looked up and nodded. “I went with senior martial brother Qiu to practice at the seaside. I don’t know what exactly went wrong but, suddenly, there was a huge wave rushing in the other direction.”

Yu Jin furrowed his brows. Even though Jing Yi hadn’t said it directly, it was faintly discernible from his words that the wave was somehow a result of their practice.

Cen Fu didn’t seem to notice this. “So your senior martial brother was worried and went to do something about it?”

Jing Yi nodded. “Yes. As I said, I’m not a real cultivator yet so I couldn’t do anything but wait. When he hadn’t returned after several hours while the sea was already back to normal I felt that something must have gone wrong. I didn’t know what to do but felt that I should first go to the next town to inform somebody and sent a message to the sect maybe.”

Cen Fu nodded. “That was a good idea.”

“Then …” Jing Yi looked from Cen Fu to Yu Jin and then back again when he felt that the former seemed more approachable. “What should we do now? You didn’t see Qiu Ling, did you? Then something has definitely happened to him.”

Cen Fu was also at a loss. He turned to Yu Jing and waited for him to speak.

“That senior martial brother Qiu of yours should be Grandmaster Zhangsun’s disciple?”

Jing Yi’s eyes widened and he nodded his head. “Yes, that’s him!”

Yu Jin looked out at the sea, his lips pressed into a tight line. “I guess it’s good we came to investigate this. Cen Fu.” He turned back to the two of them and gave Cen Fu a deep look. “This is a matter of great importance to the sect. I want you to return and tell Grandmaster Zhangsun. Ask him if he has further instructions and if you’re supposed to inform my Master as well. I will take care of this matter.”

Cen Fu nodded and got up again. “Will you … will you be able to handle it all on your own or should I ask the Grandmaster to send help?”

Yu Jin shook his head. “It’s alright. The situation isn’t actually dangerous and I already have an idea how to deal with this. You can rest assured. I … I will contact the Grandmaster as soon as I have new information. Should I need help by then, I will contact him.”

“Very well. Then you take care.” He turned to Jing Yi and gave him a small smile, nodding his head. Afterward, he set off.

Yu Jin watched him leave and then turned to Jing Yi as well, giving him a deep look. Jing Yi requited his gaze nervously. They hadn’t met before and he couldn’t help but feel a little timid in front of this gaze.

In the end, Yu Jin sighed. “You’re not really in a good state but it’s more important to find your senior martial brother right now since we don’t know if he is hurt.” He took out a water gourd similar to the one Cen Fu had used just now and handed it to Jing Yi. “Take this and keep it with you. There’s still some water inside. You should continue to head to the next town as you intended to do. Meanwhile, I’ll go to search for your senior martial brother.”

Jing Yi took the gourd but then continued to look at Yu Jin. “That … Is there anything I can do to help?”

Yu Jin hesitated for a moment, his mind churning. He naturally couldn’t take Jing Yi with him and he didn’t want to either. But most likely, this wasn’t the best way to go about this? He gave him another look and finally gave a small smile. “Well, if you’re eager to help, there would be one thing.”

“What is it? I’ll definitely do my best!”

Yu Jin motioned down the beach. “You won’t have a problem getting to the next town but I might have a problem finding this place again after I’ve gone to search for your senior martial brother. Is there any bigger place you can think of that you could travel to? I could bring him there then. It would make things easier for me.”

Jing Yi was stunned for a moment but then nodded. That was right. Who knew where Qiu Ling was right now? And if he was hurt, it also wouldn’t be good to have him travel. “On the other side of the sea should be the capital city of the Long kingdom, right?”


“You could bring him there. On one of the corners of the main street is a teahouse run by my family, the Zhongs. If something happened to Qiu Ling on the other side of the sea, he should be closer to the capital city than this place here and my family would definitely take care of him. So maybe this would be for the best.”

Yu Jin looked at him with a subtle expression. “It would be quite the long way for you though. Do you think you can take that?”

Jing Yi bit his lower lip but finally still nodded. “I have to.” Anyway, it was his fault that things had come to this. How could he dare to complain about hardships?

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