OMF V3C121 Traces in the Sand

While Jing Yi had made his way toward the next town, Yu Jin and Cen Fu had also arrived on the other side of the sea. In fact, they had managed to do so the previous evening but by then, the sky had already turned dark so they stopped close to the beach and rested for the night.

When they got up the next morning, they started to investigate the coastline. There was no telling if the disaster had come in a perfectly straight line so they flew closely above the ground, looking for any kind of traces.

Finally, Cen Fu pointed ahead. “Senior martial brother Yu, look at that!”

The place he pointed at was precisely the spot where Qiu Ling and Jing Yi had stopped before to train. Even though the waves and the wind had made quite a few of their traces disappear, there were still remnants left over.

“Let’s take a closer look.” Yu Jin didn’t hesitate and flew over, landing close to the spot that had the most footprints. He studied the way they were arranged for quite some time before he looked in the direction Jing Yi had left in. “Two people came here but only one left.”

Cen Fu looked at the footprints as well and then glanced at Yu Jin. “So …”

“Well, we can’t say for sure but my guess would be that one of them was the dragon that tried to stop that calamity while the other one …” He stopped and then shook his head. “There is no way to say who that person might be. Just that they came together and that that person left in another direction.”

Cen Fu nodded but there was some hesitation in it.

“Is something the matter?” Yu Jin turned to look at him, his gaze calm.

“Well …” Cen Fu gave an embarrassed smile. He would believe everything Yu Jin said but that didn’t mean that he understood. “I was just wondering how you were sure that it was the dragon? Just because this is the other side of the sea? I mean there are two trails of footprints but they look human.”

Yu Jin nodded and looked at the ground. “Indeed.”

“Then …”

“Dragons are part of the immortal races. Most of them will sooner or later gain the ability to shift forms. Some of them are even born with a body that resembles that of a human.” He furrowed his brows. “Well, maybe it is wrong to call it a human body. I guess I should say that it is a body that resembles whatever the humans were shaped after.”

Cen Fu once again looked at the footprints, pondering deeply. “So that dragon … originally appeared as a human but then changed to its true form to stop that wave?”

Yu Jin nodded. He already wanted to wave Cen Fu with him to follow the other set of footprints but then hesitated, a complicated expression flitting through his eyes. “Well, maybe things are more complicated than that though.”

“How so?”

Yu Jin gave a wry smile. “The people in that city were common folk. They don’t know much about cultivation. Who knows if what they saw was an actual dragon?”

“But … a dragon should look pretty distinctive, right? How could they mistake it?”

“It could be another type of spiritual beast or maybe it wasn’t even somebody from the immortal races at all and instead just an illusion created by either the spiritual energy from the disaster or some kind of attack that a cultivator used to destroy that wave. You know, some techniques can generate images.”

Cen Fu nodded in a daze. So that kind of thing was also possible. Thankfully, senior martial brother Yu was there. If he alone had to investigate things, he wouldn’t have been able to think of such possibilities at all.

Well, if it was just him, he wouldn’t have gotten this far anyway. He would have given up on the other side of the sea and just returned to the sect, telling them that there had been a natural disaster that was thwarted by a dragon who then disappeared. He unwittingly might have caused problems with that!

Yu Jin glanced at Cen Fu’s expression and then looked away just as fast, finally motioning at the trail of footprints after all. “We should see where those traces lead. Maybe we’ll even be able to find the one they belong to. Then, we’d have another clue that we can investigate.”

Cen Fu nodded. The two of them once again pushed off the ground and then flew along the trail, rapidly catching up to Jing Yi.

Soon enough, they came to a place where the footsteps deviated from the straight path and led to a group of shrubs not far away. They went to look at the place and Yu Jin narrowed his eyes.

“That person should have taken a rest here. Judging from the ground they covered, this person shouldn’t be of the immortal races. In fact, I highly doubt that this person is even a practitioner. They seem more like a mortal.”

“A dragon and a mortal?”

Yu Jin glanced at Cen Fu.

“Or … maybe a cultivator and a mortal? That might make more sense. Maybe it’s a Master with his disciple? A wandering cultivator?”

Yu Jin nodded. “That could be. Let’s continue to follow the trail. With that speed, the person shouldn’t have gotten far.”

They once again set off and just as Yu Jin had said, they did not need long until they saw a person in front of them. The white robe on the person’s body had been stained with dust and they faintly swayed from side to side as if they would fall over soon enough.

Yu Jin raised his brows and then sped up, reaching the person just in time to catch them when they fell. Looking at the face … He couldn’t help but sigh.

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