IRL C26 A Similar Personality

Shangguan Yu, on the other hand, didn’t worry too much. He hadn’t liked that shirt from the get-go so he wasn’t the least bit regretful that his sister hadn’t liked it either when worn. Instead, he was happy to change out of it and try something else. Anyway, he would be nervous enough when meeting Ao Jing for the first time. He didn’t need to be even more nervous because he was wearing something that made him uncomfortable.

Putting on one of the t-shirts his sister had picked out, he felt much better already. Humming to himself, he opened the door again and gave his mother and sister a smile. “What do you think? I feel like this is much better already.” At the very least, he felt much more comfortable with himself in this.

Unfortunately, his sister had other thoughts. “Well, it does suit you better considering the cut but I don’t think this is too suitable for a date. Especially not if it’s the first one.”

Shangguan Yu sighed and looked at his mother. Knowing these two, she would probably just go along with what his sister said.

Their mother did indeed look from one child to the other and back again before she showed a torn expression. “Well, I think it doesn’t look bad on him. Maybe we can just put it to the side for now. If we don’t find anything better, he can still go with this.”

Shangguan Yu nodded and stepped back into the cubicle, closing the door behind him before his sister could say anything. Anyway, he himself liked it. That was already very good, right?

Changing into another five different pieces, the reaction was pretty much the same: His sister still wasn’t really satisfied with anything, feeling that while he didn’t look bad, it also wasn’t good enough. On the other hand, his mother very much proved to be the stereotype of a mother always finding her children handsome regardless of how badly they actually looked.

In the end, Shangguan Yu had hung almost everything to the side in case they didn’t find anything better while only a few pieces were sorted out. They still didn’t have anything they all agreed on that he could wear for the date.

Shangguan Yu opened the door of the cubicle after changing back to his own clothes and gave his mother and sister a wry smile. “If you continue like this, I won’t be able to have a date at all. Maybe we should just take one of the things that you thought were alright?”

Their mother looked at Shangguan Xin, nudging her shoulder. “Xiao Xin, you’re close in age. What do you think?”

Shangguan Xin furrowed her brows, unable to help feeling a bit vexed. She really hadn’t imagined things to be like this. “I don’t know. I don’t think that this is it yet. If this was just any date, I wouldn’t say anything. All these things are alright. But it’s the first time the two of them will meet. You really should leave him with the best impression you can.”

Shangguan Yu only smiled wryly. Well, they had gone over this several times already. “I’ll still have to wear something in the end.”

His sister sighed, giving a nod. “I know, I know. Ah, we should have taken some photos and shown them to Yu Lan. As a man, maybe he’d have another perspective.”

Shangguan Yu’s lips twitched. Even though Yu Lan was a man, he still wasn’t gay. Whatever he’d have to say about how he looked, he wasn’t too sure if that would tell them anything about what Ao Jing would think. Although, he did have to say that when it came to men, his sister and he did have quite similar tastes. From how he had gotten to know Ao Jing, he actually had a similar personality to his brother-in-law. They were both the calm and well-thought-out types.

In the end, he cleared his throat and pushed the thought away, feeling a bit uncomfortable that he could think about his brother-in-law that way. Anyway, he should better stay on topic. “I don’t think that would really help. Maybe we should just continue to look if you really think that none of these is a good idea.”

His mother nodded while his sister turned to look around, obviously not too sure if this would really work out. They had made a round through the first third of the store but so far, things weren’t too optimistic. Would things really change when they looked at the rest?

Shangguan Yu smiled and turned back to the cubicle, picking out one of the T-shirts and hanging it over his arm. “Among all of these, I think I like this one the best. Let’s hang the others back and just take this for now. We can go through the store again and if we find something else, we can hang this one back as well. Otherwise, we can just take this. In the end, I think Ao Jing isn’t that picky. He’ll like me for my personality, not for the t-shirt I’m wearing.”

Shangguan Xin gave him a doubtful look and then snatched the T-shirt from him to have a look. While she didn’t agree that just his personality would be enough, she was willing to compromise. And thinking back, she felt that her brother hadn’t made a bad choice with this t-shirt. “Well, I guess this would work if it really has to. In the worst case, we’ll just have to work with the rest to make it more eye-catching.”

Shangguan Yu shook his head but still followed her when she turned around and continued her search for the perfect date outfit. He wasn’t too sure if he actually wanted to be eye-catching of all things but he did trust that his sister had an idea of how to go about this. In the end, even if it took a long time, they would probably be able to find something suitable. And … he would be lying if he said that he wouldn’t like to dazzle Ao Jing with just one look.

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