IRL C25 Just Try It On!

Before Shangguan Yu had any time to regret his decision, his mother already had her eyes on something. Pulling out a white shirt, she looked at him with sparkling eyes. “How about something a bit more formal? If he’s already working, then maybe he would appreciate a partner that is looking a bit more mature.”

Shangguan Yu looked at the shirt doubtfully. While it wasn’t that he couldn’t imagine it at all, this really was something he would rather wear for some kind of official occasion instead of for a date. For the latter, shouldn’t you wear something that you would feel comfortable in? He couldn’t imagine that that would be it.

Seeing his doubtful expression, his mother wasn’t too sure of her idea anymore. She looked at the shirt again, almost wanting to hang it back.

Before she could do so, Shangguan Xin snatched it from her hands and hung it over her arm. “There’s no need to be like that, mom. It won’t hurt for him to try on a few more things. Maybe he’ll like it when he sees it on his own body.”

Thinking about it like that, their mother nodded. “That’s also true. Then you take that for the time being and we’ll go try it on later.”

With that, the three of them continued through the store. With every aisle they walked past, something new would end up on Shangguan Xin’s arm. After having half a dozen pieces of clothing hanging there, she finally furrowed her brows and then reached over, grabbing her brother’s arm and pulling it out, draping the clothes over it instead.

Shangguan Yu raised his brows but didn’t say anything. Anyway, this was for him so he might as well be the one to carry them. That way, his sister would also have her hands free to go through the things on the display racks.

He wasn’t wrong with that: As soon as her hands were free, Shangguan Xin jumped at the opportunity and dug right in, following her mother’s example. “How about this one?” She lifted a t-shirt with a pattern printed on the front.

Her mother leaned over and pursed her lips. “Well, it’s not bad. I guess trying it on can’t hurt.”

With that, another piece of clothing was added to the mountain on Shangguan Yu’s arms. Looking at it, he couldn’t help but glance over to the changing cubicles. “Say, how about we go and try these on first? Maybe there’s already something in there that would work out. Then we wouldn’t have to go and search through the whole store. It’d also be tiring after a while.”

The mother and daughter pair exchanged a glance at that.

“I guess your brother is right. What do you think?”

“Well …” Shangguan Xin looked at the clothes on her brother’s arm and couldn’t help but feel that he had a point. Even if they didn’t get tired from walking around the whole time, he might get tired from carrying everything and having to change. That type of thing could be stressful. Then, if he wasn’t in the mood to continue shopping while they hadn’t found anything yet, she would only have herself to blame. Especially if that was the reason they had to postpone the date.

With that horror scenario in her head, she hurriedly grabbed her brother by the other arm and pulled him toward the cubicles. “Yes, yes, let’s go and try these on. Actually, while you’re changing, mom and I might as well go and look for some other stuff. We can hand it to you while you’re in there.”

Shangguan Yu raised his brows but didn’t object and just sped up so she wouldn’t end up dragging him through the store. When they reached the cubicles lining the wall, he hurried inside and hung the clothes to the side before starting to change into the first one, the shirt that his mother had picked out.

Outside of the cubicle, Shangguan Xin and their mother were talking.

“What do you think he’ll pick?”

“I have no idea. To be honest, while they all looked good, I’m not sure if we have found the right one yet. Since it’s the first time they actually see each other, we have to be even more prudent than we would be for a regular blind date!”

“But it’s so difficult without knowing that man. Anyway, if it was a girl, I wouldn’t have any trouble finding something but what does a man look for when dating like this?” Madam Shangguan had on a lost expression. While she had accepted that her son was gay, she only now realized that that came with its own complications. She really didn’t know how gay men normally dated. “Maybe we should look up what gay men like to wear online?”

Shangguan Xin’s lips twitched. “Mom, I don’t think you can generalize that. It still depends on the man in question. Well, you were right that we don’t know enough about him to make a decision based on that.” She sighed at that thought. In fact, what they knew about this Ao Jing was really very sparse. Xiao Yu had only mentioned that he was already working and also in the same field as him. What kind of info was that?!

She turned to the cubicle with a frown. “Hey, Xiao Yu, say, that Ao Jing … What else do you know about him?”

Shangguan Yu who had just changed into the shirt was at a loss. Opening the door to show his mom and sister how he looked, he shook his head. “What do you want to know?”

“His eight characters and three measurements.” She rolled her eyes at him before grabbing his shoulders and turning him in a circle. “Not this one. It doesn’t fit nicely at the shoulders. Try something else.” With that, she pushed him back into the cubicle and closed the door behind him. “Haish, this might be more difficult than I thought it would be.”

Their mother nodded along with a worried expression. Indeed. She had thought this shirt would fit him really well. Now, it turned out it didn’t.

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