SML V2C38 Progress Was Made

Li Ming couldn’t help but be intrigued. He might not actually be too much into fashion but he wasn’t necessarily into aquatic life either. But seeing an exhibition like this which would explain all of the things one needed to know … He was at least appreciative of all the things that had been created in the thousands of years of history their country had.

Being able to see the ages-old weaving techniques, the beautiful patterns of the fabrics, and the detailed embroidery, as well as all the styles of robes that had been popular in the different dynasties, he couldn’t say that he wasn’t impressed. He could have spent hours wandering through the exhibition and reading up on everything. And most likely, even then, he would only have the shallowest of knowledge on the subject.

Mo Fang, on the other hand, wasn’t as much into the technical aspect and mostly ignored everything that had to do with the production of the fabric or the history but he was very much into looking at the actual fashion.

Seeing him like this, Li Ming couldn’t help but smile. “It looks like you’re having a lot of fun with this.” Come to think of it, it had been quite similar yesterday as well. He absolutely didn’t mind looking at the fishes but he usually didn’t seem too interested when it came to learning more about them. Most likely, Mo Fang was just a little lazy when it got to reading the signposts. Well, this was probably something that a lot of people felt. In fact, he couldn’t help but think that it was a little cute.

Mo Fang held his boyfriend’s hand and gave him a faint smile as well. “Well … you can’t deny that they are all beautiful, can you?”

Li Ming shook his head. “Of course not. Looking at them, it really makes me realize just how old our traditions are. Sometimes, doesn’t that make you a bit sad that we didn’t carry over some of these aspects?”

It wasn’t that he disliked modern clothing. In fact, especially looking at the exhibition, it was obvious just how much easier it was to produce clothes nowadays compared to the past, that was progress he couldn’t deny. But he also felt like there was a certain beauty missing.

To create something with your own hands instead of using machines, the hours that were poured into making a single fabric and piece of clothing back then compared to how it was done today … Yes, he did feel a bit like that with every bit of progress, there was also a bit of a loss. It was actually quite poetic thinking about it.

Things that would have been impossible back then were now able to be done. On the other hand, some of these old techniques couldn’t be used anymore because the knowledge on them had been lost. This really was what history was like. Even though he usually wasn’t that much into historical things, he did have to admit that it was indeed interesting.

While Li Ming thought so, Mo Fang pulled him over to one of the exhibits that he really liked and gave him a bright smile. “Well, I don’t know about carrying over aspects but don’t you think that this would look good on me?” He raised a hand and cupped his cheek, slightly tilting his head.

Li Ming turned to gaze at him, not quite sure how to answer that question. To be honest, no matter what it was, he was pretty sure that the clothes would fit Mo Fang quite well. There was a reason why he had become a model. “I’m sure it would look good on you.”

Mo Fang beamed and then motioned at an exhibit on the other side. “And that one?”

Li Ming turned to look over there and then nodded. “That one as well.”

Mo Fang’s eyes lit up and he wrapped his hands around Li Ming’s arm. “You’re such a charmer, Bro Li.”

Li Ming couldn’t help but laugh. “I’m a charmer? Weren’t you just fishing for compliments?” That kind of question … what else was he supposed to say? If he had volunteered his opinion, he might still understand that statement but he really felt that Mo Fang was praising him a bit too much here.

Mo Fang pursed his lips though. “Does this mean that you were lying just now? You just said so because you wanted to make me happy?”

Li Ming suddenly felt like he had put his foot in his mouth “No, that’s not it. It’s just that you are a model. What else am I supposed to say? When it comes to clothes, no matter what it is, you would probably look good in it.”

Mo Fang gave a satisfied hum and continued to pull Li Ming through the exhibition. “Actually — not that I’d want to praise myself or something — but I think you’re exactly right. You know, I think I would look really good in all kinds of clothes. It’s just that the feeling is different.”

Li Ming raised his brows at that. “Oh? So what is that feeling like?” In fact, he really was curious about that. Mo Fang seemed to love his modeling job very much. Whenever he talked about it, there was a special kind of excitement that could be seen from his eyes. He just loved to see them light up like this so if Mo Fang would talk about it more often, he definitely wouldn’t regret that.

Mo Fang hummed and then leaned closer, lowering his voice a little. “Well, talking about traditional clothes, they make me look more serious. You know, it’s that feeling of seeing a young master from a good family who has a good future ahead of him.”

“Oh.” Li Ming’s expression turned intrigued. Actually, he could somewhat understand it. Truth be told, Mo Fang seemed a little spoiled sometimes and maybe a little unruly when he talked about his past escapades. It was very much in line with that kind of image. “What else?

“Well, then talking about the kind of robe that has been adapted as a costume for those xianxia and wuxia movies, I’d either look like that kind of taciturn righteous person that just joined some kind of sect and is willing to pick up a sword a fight injustice at a heartbeat or …” He leaned in closer and his red lips curved into an even more charming smile. “Or if it’s the right color, I might just seem like a wild spirit ready to wreak havoc.”

Li Ming raised his brows. He really had trouble imagining the latter. In his mind, Mo Fang was such a nice person, how could he ever associate him with the word ‘havoc’? Before he could say something, his boyfriend was continuing though.

“And in modern clothes, I’m just incredibly sexy. If you want to, I’ll show you some photos when we get back home.” Saying so, he craned his neck and blew a kiss at Li Ming.

His boyfriend stared at him, not quite sure what to say. On one hand, he really was curious and wanted to take a look at those photos. On the other hand, he somehow felt that he might regret it if he did.

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