OMF V7C491 Time Sure Flies

At this time, Xin Lan had made his way back to the mortal realm and to the Hua family’s estate with Hua Lin Yu and Hua Lin Rong. He greeted the Elders of the family and then went on to look for a different place to stay.

It probably would’ve been smarter to stay close to Hua Lin Yu so he could use every moment available to try and get him back but it was also important to give him a bit of space. And he felt that it would be easier for himself as well if he didn’t have to see him all the time. Otherwise, if Hua Lin Yu started to behave strangely around him, who knew if he would be able to keep his temper? Thus, he could only go and find another place.

The estate he had originally owned had already been lost in the one thousand years that had gone by in the mortal realm. Thus, there was no way to move back there. As for anything else … he really wanted to sigh. Usually, he would prefer a place that was close to the Hua family’s estate but not necessarily close to other people. It was just that when there was a big cultivation family or sect, normal mortals would usually start gathering around because they hoped for these practitioners’ protection. Some might even think that if they were to get close, they might be noticed and would be taken in as disciples or something of the like. That way, they would have a splendid future ahead of them. In most cases, this was simply delusional but it did help with founding cities. Looking around now, he also had to notice that there were several larger towns around and not many opportunities for him to find a place of his own.

He sighed to himself again and then went to one of the cities, having a look at the courtyard houses that were for sale. He didn’t know how long they would stay in the mortal realm. Maybe he would once again do this for naught. But it was still better to have a place that he could return to whenever he wanted than to suddenly be without a place from one day to the other.

Strolling through the streets of the city, Xin Lan felt the gazes of the humans that were following him and heard their whispers.

“Who is that man? I’ve never seen him here before.”

“Looks of one like one of those cultivators. Do you think he is from the Hua family?”

“Why is he wearing a mask?”

Xin Lan tried to ignore them but he really wasn’t happy with this. He had never liked to hear people talk about him. Back in the immortal realms, he was already in the kind of position where they usually wouldn’t feel the need to do it in front of him. Most could recognize him at a glance.

But here in the mortal realm, it was a different matter altogether. They had no idea who he was so, naturally, they felt the need to give it their best guess. And they also couldn’t help but question everything about him that was different from a normal person. Looking young but having white hair? That was odd! Wearing a mask in broad daylight? Odd as well! These people would always be able to find something what was different about him.

Well, he probably shouldn’t be surprised at that. They weren’t even of the same race. How could they feel that they were the same? Naturally, there would be differences. But it did remind him of all those times when he felt like he didn’t belong in the dragon race either and this was something he did not like to be reminded of.

Finally, Xin Lan stopped in front of one of the houses. It was a little rundown but quite spacious and the estates next to it were also quite big so he likely wouldn’t be bothered by anyone. Yes, this was probably the kind of dwelling he would like to live in. He should just buy it and then go from there.

Having decided, Xin Lan didn’t bother about anything else anymore. He went to get the deed of the house, paid the money, and then returned. Stepping through the gate, and looking around, his expression was a little underwhelmed. Well, this could not compare to his place in the dragon realm of course. But for the time being, it would suffice. He went to hire a few servants to turn the house livable and then left the city to go back to the Hua family’s estate again.

He had taken his time to look around so by now, Hua Lin Yu and Hua Lin Rong should have been able to tell their family about what had happened if they wanted to do so. If not … Well, maybe it would be better if their family didn’t actually know.

After it was out that Hua Lin Yu had second guesses about getting married, who knew who would try to influence him? In fact, this was a bit of a problem now that they were in the mortal realm. The youngest son of the Hua family would definitely be coveted by many. If he wasn’t careful, then who knew if some love rival would try to sweep in now that his standing wasn’t as clear anymore? He definitely had to guard against that.

When he reached the place, he found Hua Lin Rong sitting in the courtyard in a daze. He raised his brows and then went over, sitting down next to him without asking. In any case, no matter how his relationship with Hua Lin Yu was right now, he had also gotten close to the older brother. To keep his relationship amicable would definitely be in his favor. “What’s the matter? You look like you got quite the shock.” Could it be that this was about his family’s reaction toward what had happened? There was a faint hope in Xin Lan’s heart but it was bound to be shattered.

Hua Lin Rong sighed. “You said before that there was a time difference. I also knew that. But to think that so much has changed after we were only gone for three years …” He shook his head, his expression still unbelieving. “There are a bunch of new children in our branch families. Some of the Elders and even some of our generation have died outside. There are some changes in the cultivation world as well. Nothing major but it still makes me feel that time sure flies. I really hope that our parents won’t ascend too soon. If they always live in the immortal realms, they probably wouldn’t even notice when all their offspring suddenly died off.”

Xin Lan raised his brows. “Your parents only have your two as their children. And do you really think that I would allow for anything to happen to you or your brother? In that regard, you really don’t need to worry.”

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