OMF V7C489 He Was Not Alone

Qiu Ling needed a moment to think it through but finally nodded. “I guess for that person, that was really all they cared about.”

Bai Fen nodded. “So you have done the best for this person. Now, what about you? You might not be able to ask them anymore if there is a question but there are other people in your life, aren’t there? In the future, maybe you can talk with somebody else. I’m sure there is somebody else who knew that person. Maybe even somebody who might have a good guess about the things you want to ask?”

Qiu Ling’s expression turned subtle at that. Right. Even though his father was gone, he had also found Jinde again. Considering how inseparable these two had been before, it was pretty clear that Jinde would always have a pretty good guess about anything he could ask.

And then there was also his father’s reincarnation. While he wasn’t actually his father, he should still be able to tell him if there was something about his father’s life that he wanted to know. The questions about his family that he had refused to ask him before … Leng Jin Yu would know about this just as much as his father did.

As for anything else … he could talk with his Jing He, with the Heavenly Empress, with both Jinde and Leng Jin Yu, maybe even with Jing He’s uncle. And then there were also his advisers.

It was true. He wasn’t alone anymore. He wasn’t that boy that was left behind after what had happened with his parents. So much time had passed but he had always seen himself as the one who was left behind, the one who needed to stay outside of the actual dragon race to make sure that nobody ever discovered his secret.

Maybe it was time to let go of that. Maybe it was time to prove to himself that all of this was his own misconception. Maybe he should do what his father had said and talk to one of his advisers. Find a way to counter any argument in the future that would say he was a demon and not a dragon.

In any case, had to prepare at one point. And while he would’ve liked to wait until Jing He had woken up again and married him, it was probably better to do so right now. After all, Jing He would remember what he had told Jing Yi. And even if he didn’t, Qiu Ling also knew that one day, he would have to tell Jing He the truth about himself.

They were a couple. He deserved to know. He deserved to know just as much as he had deserved to know about the curse that was put on the Heavenly Emperor’s bloodline. Because this was something that would influence the lives of both of them. The curse on Jing He would and him being part demon also would. It was something that he could not hide from him.

So since he did not know how long it would take until Jing He woke up again, he should probably better start to prepare early. Who knew? Maybe something would go wrong when Jing Yi tried to ascend. Maybe then, his beloved would wake up sooner than he had originally assumed. He couldn’t become headless then. No, before that happened, he had to be prepared. He needed to find the answers until then. There was no other way.

Determination entered Qiu Ling’s gaze. He got up and inclined his head toward Bai Fen. “Thank you, mother-in-law. I think I see clearer now.”

Bai Fen raised her brows. “Then are going to leave now?”

Qiu Ling gave a hum and then leaned down to kiss Jing He’s forehead. Taking a look at him and lightly brushing his cheek, he finally straightened up again. “I realized that there is something I need to do. After that … Ah, I don’t know yet. Maybe I’ll come back here, maybe I’ll see how things are in the human realm. Maybe it will even take so long that I won’t have the time for that before Jing Yi starts his ascension. I’ll have to see.”

“Very well. Then you keep safe. I will accompany Jing He for a while longer. If there is something else that you need, you know how to reach me.”

Qiu Ling smiled and nodded before he finally left the palace.

Qiang Wei and Yi Zan who were still waiting next to the door exchanged a glance and looked inside but finally kept standing outside when they saw the Heavenly Empress. In any case, she was His Highness’s mother. They shouldn’t disturb her at this moment. It would be better to just wait until she was done with her visit and return to their position then. As long as they stood at this door and the heavenly guards stood at the other, there was nothing that could happen anyway.

Back inside, Bai Fen also glanced over at the door to see if the two dragons would come inside. Seeing that they didn’t, she turned to look at Jing He, took his hand, and sighed. “It’s time for you to wake up, child. Your fiance seems to be going through a rough time. He could really need you at his side now.”

Unfortunately, no matter what she said, Jing He wouldn’t wake up. His soul was still somewhere else. There was no way to get it back before that person died.

She actually felt a bit distressed thinking of how Zhong Jing Yi would probably be killed as soon as he ascended. She didn’t want her son to remember a violent death. Not after everything that had happened in his life so far.

No, it would’ve been best if he could have grown old and just peacefully passed away in his sleep. Unfortunately, the trials seldom were like this. How could she expect the fate of a cursed child like hers to be any different?

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