IRL C22 A Picture of His Husband

Shangguan Yu had trouble sleeping when he went to bed later that day. In his mind, he just couldn’t help but think back to his meeting with Ao Jing earlier today and ponder what his family had said. Also, by now, he already knew what they were going to do for their date. It was getting closer but it felt a bit unreal. That really was hard to wrap his head around.

He rolled onto his back and then reached for his phone, opening Baidu. Thanks to the movie they had watched, he still hadn’t looked up the websites of those companies in Ao Jing’s city. Now that he thought of it, he couldn’t help but want to do so immediately.

His mouth was a little dry when he typed in the name of the city and then searched for companies and IT. Ao Jing … He really was curious about how he looked. Would he be handsome? And what if he wasn’t?

Shangguan Yu blankly held his phone, not even looking at the results that were showing up on top. Yeah, what if he really was as ugly as an ogre as that NPC in the game had said? Would he be able to take that?

He lowered his phone and frowned. To be honest, he had gotten quite used to that especially handsome look of Ao Jing’s game character. It would be difficult to associate this person with somebody ugly. But then again, it would probably also be difficult to associate him with anybody but that game character. After all, he had already known that one for half a year. As for his self in real life, that was a different thing altogether. So regardless of how he looked, it would be quite the big change. So whatever it was, he would be able to take it and just had to get used to it.

What was much more important was that they got along with each other. If their personalities clashed, that would be much worse. But he didn’t believe that that was the case. After all, while you could pretend to be somebody else online to a certain degree, it was still hard to keep that up for a long time and they had played almost every day together since that day in the gods’ peach blossom garden. He didn’t believe that Ao Jing never would have slipped up if he really was just pretending to be somebody else. So … Their personalities should match quite well.

Thinking of that, he once again raised his phone and then scrolled through the search results. He opened the first five in different tabs and then went to look through them one by one. He was quite surprised that there were several companies that had to do with technology in just this one city but they did have different specialties so maybe they weren’t an actual competition to each other. Ao Jing hadn’t given away too many details, considering that they had mostly been talking about everyday stuff. He probably knew more about his coworkers than his actual work.

Smiling to himself, Shangguan Yu navigated to the side introducing the staff of the first company, scrolling through the list. There really were photos but there wasn’t anybody named Ao Jing there.

He sighed, feeling a bit disappointed. But, well, that didn’t have to mean anything. There were still four others, right? And maybe there would even be more companies if he looked further through the results.

Closing that tab and switching to the second one, he once again went to look at the people working there. This company was rather big as well and there were several departments that were being introduced. He searched for the one that Ao Jing would be most likely in and then scrolled through the list. There were some older men and even a handful of women which was quite surprising given the field. In his own courses at university, there had only ever been a handful of women as well.

The further down he scrolled, the more his brows furrowed. Could it be that Ao Jing also wasn’t part of this company? He finally reached the end of the list and had to sigh to himself. He wasn’t there. It seemed he wasn’t lucky with finding that photo.

He already wanted to close the tab when he noticed that there was a separate page that introduced the people interning at the company. Shangguan Yu’s face immediately lit up. Right! Since Ao Jing was only doing an internship, he might not be among the introductions of the regular employees. Putting all the interns of the different departments on the same page would make much more sense.

He clicked on the link in the menu and then stared at the pictures appearing with his heart beating madly. The people shown there were about his own age, obviously much more likely candidates for Ao Jing.

He sat up in bed, slowly scrolling down once again. He didn’t even look at the names. Instead, his gaze was transfixed on the pictures. Especially on the man in the third position. He couldn’t help but feel … He did bear some resemblance to that character in the game.

It wasn’t very much. Just the shape of his face, the arch of his brows, the straight nose … Maybe the thin lips as well. The gaze was definitely different from the one that Ao Jing used to look at him but he could imagine that face having the same kind of gaze as well.

Feeling intrigued, he finally glanced at the name beside that photo. Sure enough, it was Ao Jing.

Shangguan Yu looked at the picture again, swiping on the screen to zoom in. Taking a closer look, he didn’t quite know how to react. Hesitating for a moment, he finally took a screenshot. This … was the first real picture he had seen of his husband. It … somehow made him feel shy.

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