IRL C21 Sounds Like a Plan

Even though it did suggest itself, he really wouldn’t have thought of that. “That …”

Shangguan Xin raised her brows. “You don’t like it? I thought that it was something that you both liked. And there are still quite a few people around but you would be able to do something together and could be in proximity. We can look for something else though.” To be honest, while she had been sure that going to a nice cafe was a must for such a date, she hadn’t been too sure about this.

Since they were already playing a game all the time since they had gotten to know each other, this might be a little too much. Maybe they would rather do something completely different. But it really was hard to find something that could be actively done while still being close.

“Maybe you’d rather go and do some sports?” But there probably wouldn’t be many people around and it would be very difficult for Yu Lan to go and observe them as well. She was a little worried about that.

Shangguan Yu shook his head. “No, actually, I really like this idea. I guess Ao Jing should be alright with it too. Actually, I don’t think he has much of an opinion on what to do. He’ll probably just be happy that we can finally meet.” After all, while it had been him who proposed it, Ao Jing had said yes immediately. That had to mean that he was looking forward to this just as much as he was, right?

Yu Lan nodded. “Anyway, he isn’t from here so it’s on you to choose what to do. I’ll go check out everything tomorrow and if it looks good, I’d suggest you just go there. If there’s something wrong with that place and I don’t feel that it fits, then I’ll send you a message and we can try to come up with something else on short notice.”

Shangguan Yu nodded. “I think that would be for the best, yes. Anyway, it doesn’t have to be perfect. I just want a place where I can spend some time with him without it being in the game. I probably wouldn’t mind either being in that cafe with him the whole time. The game center could be pretty loud.”

Shangguan Xin nodded at that. “I thought so too. My idea would be that the two of you meet up in the early afternoon and first go to the cafe to grab a bite and warm up with each other and after that, you can go to the game center and have some fun. If it’s going really well, then you could also go to a restaurant in the evening afterward.”

Shangguan Yu nodded but he was afraid that that wouldn’t be possible. After all, Ao Jing would still need to go home afterward. He didn’t want to keep him for too long. Still, he could just ask. “Then, you’d better send me the address. It’d be kind of embarrassing if I wasn’t able to find it.”

Shangguan Xin nodded and then send it over before turning back to her brother. “So … Since I’ve confessed about what we’ve been doing, I guess it’s time for you to share the details of what you found out. Where does he work? And how does he look? Actually, just show me the photo.” She waved at him, making Shangguan Yu feel quite embarrassed.

He would definitely show his sister the photo but … He didn’t have one yet. After all, he had gone down right after he got off the game with Ao Jing. He hadn’t had any time yet to look at the websites. “That …”

Shangguan Xin raised her brows. “Don’t tell me that you didn’t ask him for the photo.”

Shangguan Yu shook his head. “That’s not it. I just … I don’t have it on my phone right now. I’ll show you tomorrow.”

Shangguan Xin pouted but still had to give in in the end. “Very well. If you say so, then we’ll do that. So, what about tomorrow? When do you want to leave?”

Shangguan Yu pondered for a moment, not quite sure about it. “Well … I guess it would be for the best if we went early, right? That way, we won’t be pressed for time in the evening. Furthermore, I still need to ask Ao Jing if he can meet the day after. So I need a bit of time in the evening for that.”

Shangguan Xin nodded. “Alright, then I guess we’ll eat breakfast together and then just go shopping right afterward. Anyway, it can’t hurt to try a few different outfits. And if we are really early, we could also go over and take a look at that cafe and the game center together with Yu Lan. He will only be able to go and take a look after work after all.”

“That sounds like a plan. Then, should we watch a movie now or something?” Anyway, he was finally home, he’d love to spend some more time with his family. And while he did like Ao Jing and wanted to get together with him and would definitely introduce him to his family later on, he hadn’t even met him himself up until now. So there wasn’t much he could tell them about him.

Shangguan Xin was immediately up for it. “Alright, let me go get mom. I’m sure she’ll want to watch with us.”

Shangguan Yu nodded and then leaned back, pulling his legs up to his chest while he stared over at the TV. Ah, with each hour, their date got closer. When he thought of it now, his heart thumped heavily and he felt like he couldn’t wait for it anymore. He really, really, really hoped that things would work out between him and Ao Jing.

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