SML V2C32 Getting Along Harmoniously

Mo Fang had already been able to smell the food when he opened the door of the bathroom for the first time. While he might want to seduce his boyfriend, eating good food was also something that he very much enjoyed. Thus, he didn’t bother to play any more games and instead rushed to get dressed, hurrying out of the bathroom immediately.

He went over and wrapped his arms around Li Ming’s neck, peering at the pan in front of him. “Ah, that looks delicious. How much longer will you need?” He slightly leaned forward, thinking of nibbling on Li Ming’s ear but then held back just in time. No, he couldn’t go overboard now. He had already overstepped Li Ming’s boundaries quite a few times today. If he continued like that, Li Ming would get angry and that definitely wouldn’t benefit him.

Li Ming reached up and actually rubbed his arm, feeling happy. Hugging was still alright with him if it didn’t go overboard so he felt like Mo Fang was giving it his best shot to get along harmoniously. Also, this kind of scene of him cooking for them while Mo Fang was showing such interest was really sweet. This was the kind of lifestyle he wanted: Being close, doing things together, taking care of each other … Yes, he really liked this.

“Don’t worry. I’ll be done in a minute. Why don’t you already sit down?”

Mo Fang looked over at the table and noticed that it hadn’t been set yet. “Ah, let me get the plates then. Where are they?”

Li Ming motioned over to the cupboard and Mo Fang went to grab everything they needed. He felt satisfied with himself when he did so. Ah, this was really great. After doing this a few times, he would definitely know where everything was and, after a few days, he could surprise Li Ming by doing this on his own without needing to be told anything. Then, Li Ming would definitely recognize how well the two of them fit together. He definitely was the kind of person who valued such things.

Mo Fang wasn’t wrong with that. When Li Ming glanced over his shoulder and saw Mo Fang there with his hair still slightly wet, the dress-shirt hugging his body while he earnestly set the table for the two of them, his heart thumped. He actually had the thought that if every day could be like this, it would be great.

He hurriedly turned back, scolding himself for thinking like this. In any case, this was only the second day for them. While it was nice to be in a relationship like this after so long, they weren’t ready. They weren’t ready by far. The fact that Mo Fang wouldn’t honestly answer his questions right now and was still worried told him as much. Maybe at the point where Mo Fang would be able not to be too influenced by his last breakup, they could slowly start to think about things like this. Before that, it was completely impossible.

Who would’ve thought that Mo Fang’s grand plan of making Li Ming have tender, protective feelings for him based on the fact that he was such a poor soul would actually backfire in such a majestic way? Now, he didn’t even know it but they would have to go slower just because of his acting. Maybe being honest from the get-go would’ve gotten him further.

Well, Mo Fang wouldn’t find out anytime soon. He sat down after he finished, giving his boyfriend’s back view a long look. Ah, looking at him like this, he was sure that there would be a lot of fun in the future when Li Ming finally came around.

Li Ming finished with the food and then turned around, putting everything on the table.

Mo Fang smiled brightly at him. “So, what nice thing did you make today?” He looked at the food and felt that he probably hadn’t eaten any of this before.

Li Ming smiled and then motioned at the dish in the middle. “This is a potato omelet, that over there is a baked toast and then I have a small cake. I wasn’t really sure if you like sweet things or if you would rather go for something savory so I tried to have a little of all options for you.”

Mo Fang smiled happily. “Ah, that is so thoughtful of you.” In fact, he really was happy about this. None of his previous boyfriends would’ve done anything like this. Well, he didn’t think that any of his previous boyfriends actually knew how to cook. In that regard, he usually seemed to attract the type that wasn’t able to do that either just like him. Now, he was finally in the lucky position of being able to have Li Ming cook for him though. It was a nice change. “Well, then I won’t stand on ceremony with you. It looks really tasty. I can’t wait to try it.”

Li Ming happily watched while Mo Fang put a bit of everything on his plate and then took some for himself. He couldn’t help but keep a close eye on Mo Fang though, trying to figure out what it was that he liked better. After all, he still needed it for future reference.

Unfortunately for him, it really wasn’t easy to figure out. Mo Fang first tried the potato omelet since it was still warm. He looked like it was still a bit too hot but then, his expression morphed into one of genuine surprise.

“Oh, wow! This is really great! I feel like you should be eating with you every day from now on.”

Li Ming laughed and shook his head, trying it himself. He actually felt a little bit relieved when he realized that it was quite good indeed. It would’ve been so embarrassing if he made a mistake again because he was thinking about Mo Fang all the time. Not that he thought that Mo Fang would actually mind it. If he would have explained the situation to him, he might have even been happy about it. “Well, I’m glad you like it.”

Mo Fang nodded and then tried to cake, also looking like he was satisfied with it. Whatever he’d like more … it wasn’t easy to say.

Li Ming wanted to speak up again when he realized that he hadn’t put the drinks on the table. He closed his eyes and inwardly cursed before he put down the cutlery and got up. “Right, I made you some orange juice.” He put the glass down next to Mo Fang and gave him a faint smile. “I also didn’t know what exactly you’d like to drink.”

Mo Fang smiled and took the glass, leaning back slightly. “Well, usually, it’s not a problem no matter what it is. And if we go jogging every day, then I don’t mind either. If we don’t, and I’m always eating with you, I’m afraid real I’ll have to keep track of the calories a bit more. Juice is usually quite heavy in that regard.”

Li Ming nodded, feeling that that might really be better. He didn’t want to get in the way of Mo Fang’s job after all. Speaking of which … “So, did you think of something else you think is important in a relationship?”

Mo Fang who had just wanted to take another bite of the potato omelet almost choked. Had his boyfriend still not given up?!

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