SML V2C30 A Caring Partner

Li Ming patiently waited for Mo Fang to speak up. After two or three minutes had gone by without even the hint of an answer, he couldn’t help but give him a sidelong glance though. “Can’t think of anything?”

Mo Fang gave him a wry smile. “Ah, it’s difficult. What would your most important thing be?”

Li Ming’s gaze turned a little subtle. This was pretty much the very same situation he had already noticed yesterday. Once again, Mo Fang didn’t really want to give an answer before he had made sure what his answer was. So whatever he said afterward … he wasn’t quite sure if he could be certain that it was an honest response. This was … well, he really didn’t know what to think of it. He knew where Mo Fang was coming from but he really didn’t like it.

He gave a noncommittal smile and shook his head. “I asked first. I’ll tell you after you tell me yours.”

Mo Fang looked a little lost. So much for slowly wheedling the answer out of Li Ming and then going from there. Now, he would really have to think of something himself.

He didn’t know what to go with though. It should be something that Li Ming would find good. Judging from his personality … he would probably want somebody who was kind and caring? That definitely wasn’t a bad thing. And he could justify asking for the same after how his relationship with Lan Heng had been and finally ended.

Li Ming saw that Mo Fang really didn’t seem to know where to even begin so he couldn’t help but soften his stand a bit. “If you can’t think of how to put it into one word, you can also explain. I don’t mind hearing your general thoughts on it either.” In fact, the explanation might be more important since it would tell him why Mo Fang thought the way he did.

Mo Fang made an unenthusiastic sound at that. In any case, it wasn’t making things much easier. But, well, it was at least a step in the right direction. He could probably work with that. If he saw that Li Ming didn’t like where his explanations were going, he could at least start to backpedal.

“Well, I think there’s so much that makes a good relationship that it’s really hard to decide what would be the most important things. For one, if I think back to how things went with Lan Heng, then I think that it’s important that the other person is caring. Like, you can’t just think of yourself. You also have to think about the other one from time to time. Otherwise, your partner will just be unhappy.”

Li Ming nodded. “I guess Lan Heng wasn’t too thoughtful.”

Mo Fang pursed his lips. “Absolutely not! I’ve never seen somebody who is less thoughtful than him. Well, maybe he was still in the beginning. But with time, I guess he just took me for granted.” In fact, this wasn’t completely wrong. In the beginning, when he had just moved in with him, it hadn’t been like this.

Back then, Lan Heng would be happy having somebody at his side who was good-looking, sexy, and adventurous. But then, when they were together for a long time, he started to not appreciate it as much anymore. Maybe he had just gotten tired of him or maybe it was that he noticed the other people who were looking and couldn’t stand it. In any case, his own attitude had worsened over time.

This really was something that he wouldn’t want to go through again. Although, he couldn’t say that Lan Heng had been the first guy that had been like this to him. He did have to admit that he was probably the worst of those though.

Thinking of that, Mo Fang immediately added another thing to his list. “The other one definitely can’t be jealous. Like, do you think there’s any model out there that’s ugly? If my boyfriend can’t take it when I’m surrounded by other good-looking men, that’s a problem. How am I supposed to do my job like this?”

Li Ming nodded, feeling that this was definitely an honest answer now. In fact, they had already talked about this problem before. And he could imagine that it was very vexing to Mo Fang. “I guess it goes hand-in-hand with the first one, doesn’t it? You love your job so a caring partner should support you in doing it. But if they are jealous, they can’t do that and will hinder you instead.”

Mo Fang gave a hum. “Exactly that! In any case, I’ve been modeling for quite some time and I really like it. Also, with a bit of luck, I think I could even make a decent living with this. I don’t want a boyfriend who will stand in the way of that.”

Li Ming nodded. “Don’t worry. I won’t be like that.”

Mo Fang stepped closer and reached out, lightly tapping his chin. “I know! You really aren’t like that. Not at all. I’ve already seen that you don’t have a problem with such things. Otherwise, you already would’ve made a fuss when you met Lan Heng or Si Tao.”

Li Ming couldn’t help but chuckle at that. “Well, it’s not like I was your boyfriend already back then, right?”

Mo Fang raised his brows and looked from side to side, almost biting down on his tongue. “Right. Everything went so fast that I somehow forgot about this. But I think that even if you met them now, you wouldn’t react any differently.” He smiled brightly, hoping that Li Ming wouldn’t notice that he had actually given himself away just now.

Mo Fang was lucky enough. Since it had only been one week, Li Ming couldn’t help but think that Mo Fang wasn’t that far off with this idea. In any case, after meeting two of his exes and hearing about at least one or two others, that might have scared quite a few men off.

So taking into consideration that he was also a model, finding a new boyfriend that wouldn’t have a problem with all that might indeed be difficult. And in the end, he was also happy that Mo Fang thought so well of him. Who wouldn’t be?

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