RMN C188 Why Try?

Yun Bei Fen nodded. After learning two skills and also listening to Mei Chao Bing explain how the new skill was supposed to work, he had no trouble understanding it in theory. In fact, it sounded pretty simple. Whether he would be able to put it into practice though … it still remained to be seen.

Mei Chao Bing raised his hand and started to give him a demonstration just in case. “In fact, the skill isn’t very difficult. And since you are able to already make an energy shield, it should be quite easy for you. So again, you first have to generate the necessary energy.” He did so, making sure that the energy was around his hand just like Yun Bei Fen would be doing it. “For this, it might be easiest if you try to make a ball first. Actually, you can use other forms as well. Even an energy shield could be thrown like this but the impact won’t be as big and it would likely shatter upon hitting someone. So you should always keep in mind how the impact of the energy will affect the other person. The bigger the impact, the better for you.

“Next, you need to detach the energy from your body and have it move away. The faster you do this, the less likely is it that your opponent will be able to evade. It will also increase the impact of the attack.” This time, Mei Chao Bing hesitated for a moment. If he used his energy to show this, it would likely cause some damage unless he shielded the spot he attacked. And doing that might make it difficult for Yun Bei Fen to differentiate between the attack and the shield.

Before he could try to come up with something, Song Mu walked over to them. “Do you need a target?”

Mei Chao Bing felt a little uncomfortable thinking about working with him but then again, Song Mu hadn’t done anything yet that should worry him. Most likely, he was just as suspicious of others as others had been of him. While Song Mu wasn’t necessarily on his side, he also hadn’t shown that he was on the other side. So why should he reject it? And anyway, Song Mu was currently leading their group. He had also said that he would help out whenever he was needed. In this case, it was the most logical choice to have him do this. “Thank you.”

Song Mu stood a few meters away, put up an energy shield, and then just waited for Mei Chao Bing to continue with the demonstration.

Mei Chao Bing reduced the output of his spiritual energy, making sure that there was no chance at all that he would hurt Song Mu or give away his true level. Even if he was trying to work with them, he still couldn’t be careless. There were just too many ways in which this could come back to bite him later on.

With the one being attacked not being Mei Chao Bing, Yun Bei Fen wasn’t worried at all and just calmly watched the skill unfold.

Yuan Lei and Yi Ju who had been watching the last time when he was fussing over Mei Chao Bing couldn’t help but chuckle to themselves.

“What can you do? That fiance of his gets special treatment.”

Yuan Lei shook his head. “I can’t say I’m surprised at that. Anyway, it was a bit hard to watch last time. Most likely, they should train like this all the time from now on.”

Yi Ju nodded and then turned back to work on her own skill.

Meanwhile, Mei Chao Bing turned to Yun Bei Fen, giving him a smile. “Did you see?”

Yun Bei Fen nodded. “I did. Can you show me how to do it with a different form though?”

Mei Chao Bing’s lips twitched. He also remembered how things had been the last time and was slightly embarrassed that his little bunny had fussed over him so much but paid no attention at all to Song Mu’s safety and even asked for another demonstration.

Song Mu had a good laugh though and just waved for Mei Chao Bing to do it. “It’s alright. Just go ahead. It’s not like I’m of a low level.” And anyway, he didn’t think that Mei Chao Bing would try to hurt him. Even though they weren’t friends anymore, he wasn’t like that.

Mei Chao Bing nodded and then changed the position of his hand, forming an elongated projectile. “This is a form that is rather good for attacking somebody. Because of the way it is shaped, it will fly faster and be less obstructed by the air. Also, when hitting something, it will be easier to pierce through it. If you make it very small, this can also be used as a kind of hidden attack to distract an enemy.”

Yun Bei Fen nodded and then watched as Mei Chao Bing shot the projectile at Song Mu. Seeing how it hit the energy shield, he had an expression of understanding. “I see!”

Mei Chao Bing nodded and put down his hand, nodding at Song Mu. “Thank you. I can take it from here.”

Song Mu nodded and then wandered away, going to help out Liu Bao Ru and Tan Xin instead. Anyway, he was happy enough that Mei Chao Bing had taken him up on the offer and not asked Yuan Lei. This was already a great step forward compared to before. He couldn’t be greedy for more. They would never be able to get the friendship back that they had had back then. He had known that when he made his decision back then. No matter how much he regretted it, he knew that this was the unchangeable truth. So why should he try?

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