OMF V3C111 Everybody Has Their Luck

With Shao Hai and Xiao Dong taking the lead, the other outer sect disciples also asked Nian Hong Fang and Mao Xun for help with choosing their rewards. The only one who hadn’t spoken up yet was Qiguan Cheng Da.

He gave Nian Hong Fang half a smile and then presented the three pills he had taken. He didn’t feel that it was too strange for him to have been able to pick them out by himself. After all, he was older than the others and had some more experience because of that. “Senior martial brother Nian, could you help me as well? I looked through the things that I took before and I think that these three pills seemed very good. Am I right about that or would you suggest for me to take something else?”

Nian Hong Fang looked over and then stared at the pills in a daze. They were indeed … very good. “You … You found these in the underground hideout?”

Qiguan Cheng Da gave him a strange look and nodded his head. “Of course. Why? Is something wrong with them? They wouldn’t be poisonous, would they?” He turned to look at the pills in his hand with shock as if he was about to fling them away.

Nian Hong Fang hesitated for a moment and then motioned at one of the pills. “It’s not that something is wrong with them, it’s just that that pill there is an Amethyst Lightning pill. That is more than rare. It’s definitely not something that fits in with everything else we found. That pill is of a much higher level. Both the ingredients that are needed to refine it as well as the level of the one who is able to do so are much higher than everything else in the hideout suggests as normal.”

Qiguan Cheng Da picked the pill up and pretended to take a closer look. “Well, I guess it does explain why it gives off so much spiritual energy. I was wondering about that as well. But I just figured that maybe I had gotten lucky. What kind of pill is it?”

Yu Jin gave Qiguan Cheng Da a look but didn’t speak up and just continued to sit at the side.

Seeing his reaction, Qiguan Cheng Da tensed slightly. That question probably shouldn’t have been asked. They had already spoken about it once. Naturally, he should know what it was for. Could it be that he had just given himself away? He couldn’t let that happen! “I feel that the name sounds a bit familiar but I can’t really recall right now.”

Nian Hong Fang’s expression turned embarrassed. “Did it come up, yes?” He could hardly imagine that. This kind of pill was so rare that even talking about it was pointless. But then again, the Grandmaster’s disciple had recently wanted to have one of these refined as well judging from the list of ingredients that he had brought by. Maybe people had heard about that and talked?

It was strange that precisely this pill would turn up now though. Especially since he hadn’t noticed it before. With the kind of spiritual energy it gave off, it should’ve been much more noticeable.

Well, even though this was quite strange, he didn’t dare to say anything about it. Just what should he say? That he suspected that there was something wrong with Qiguan Cheng Da’s story? But especially since this pill was so rare, there was no explanation as to where he would’ve gotten this pill from. If it hadn’t been in that underground hideout, where would he have found it? No, this would be even stranger. So most likely, he really just happened to be extremely lucky.

“Well, this pill can be used to change somebody’s aptitude. Even a disciple with full spirit veins can turn into one with heavenly spirit veins upon taking this pill. So you can see that it is very precious.”

Qiguan Cheng Da put on a surprised expression. “I see. It was actually like that.” He pretended to ponder for a moment and then turned to Yu Jin. “I think you were the one who mentioned this to me, senior martial brother Yu, weren’t you? Something about the Grandmaster’s disciple wanting to have such a pill refined?

“You wouldn’t happen to know if he managed to do that yet, would you? Maybe we should bring this one back to the Yun Zou Sect after all then. If it was something that was so important to him, it should be for something that has to do with the sect’s future.”

Yu Jin gave him an unreadable look, making Qiguan Cheng Da feel awkward. Shouldn’t he reject immediately? After all, he should have heard that the Grandmaster’s disciple had managed to refine the pill already, shouldn’t he? So why wasn’t he saying anything?

With Yu Jin keeping quiet, nobody else dared to speak up either since they hadn’t been the one who had been asked. With that, Qiguan Cheng Da was the one who needed to make a decision.

He looked at the pill in his hand, feeling regretful. He had just wanted to use the opportunity to leave the others with a good impression while still being able to keep the Amethyst Lightning pill since the Grandmaster’s disciple should already have one of his own. But now, that move had actually backfired. Things had become awkward and he wouldn’t even be able to keep the pill. After all, since he had already suggested it, he couldn’t just take it back.

He cleared his throat and then put the pill down, giving a strained smile. “I guess that is what I should do then.”

Yu Jin continued to look at him and then sighed. “Everybody has their luck. Since you found it, you should keep it. Your own aptitude isn’t very good. It would be a waste not to take it and just as the others, you have the right to take three things.”

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