IRL C18 We’ll Meet Again Tomorrow

When the two of them arrived, they went to sit down at their usual place. Right now, the sun was already starting to sink below the horizon, making the valley seem dimmer than usual.

“Ah, I’ve come online pretty late today, huh?”

Ao Jing also glanced at the valley but just smiled. “It’s not a problem. It’s our plot of land so we can just come back another day if you want to see another sunset.” He opened his inventory while he said so, looking around for something. When he found it, his eyes lit up, and he took it out with a grin, handing it to Shangguan Yu. “Here.”

Shangguan Yu looked over, half expecting a flask of wine like he had brought one over the other day but instead, it was a small package wrapped in paper. He raised his brows but still took it from his husband’s hands and unwrapped it. Looking at the dark bar inside, he turned to Ao Jing, a look of confusion on his face. “This is … chocolate?”

Ao Jing grinned. “It is. Take a bite.”

Shangguan Yu lightly furrowed his brows but still broke off a piece and put it in his mouth. Slowly chewing it, he put on a thoughtful expression. “It’s not bad. Could probably use a bit more work though. Where did you get this?”

“From the marketplace.”

Shangguan Yu’s expression turned even more confused. “They sell chocolate in the marketplace? Wait, was that why you actually went there?” He couldn’t really imagine that that would be the case but who knew? Maybe this was some kind of surprise that Ao Jing had wanted to give him at the right moment?

Ao Jing shook his head though and leaned over, putting an arm around his shoulders. “When going to the market to buy something for yourself, you always have to buy something for your wife as well.”

Shangguan Yu snorted. “What wife? Clearly, I’m your husband.”

Ao Jing just laughed and then broke off a piece of the chocolate as well, eating it himself. “Whatever you want to call it, I felt like it would be worth a try. I think the recipe is a limited edition from the premium store. There should still be some there.”

“Do you want to buy one? Actually, it’s not that good. If it was really tasty, I’d say it’s worth the money. Just imagining eating as much chocolate as you can without putting on any weight … Gosh, this company could make so much money.” He shook his head, taking another piece of chocolate. Even if it wasn’t top-quality, it was still eatable. He certainly wouldn’t waste it.

Ao Jing just watched him, a smile on his lips. “I’m pretty sure that it’s not just the company. Can you imagine what will happen when couples’ anniversaries and such things come around? Or maybe the Qixi Festival? Whoever has the recipe by then, will be able to make a fortune with selling this on the market.”

Shangguan Yu’s head swiveled around and he stared at his husband in wonder with a hint of admiration mixed in. “You’re such a capitalist!”

Ao Jing didn’t deny it. “Well, it’s an effortless way to learn something in-game. With that money, we could maybe rent another plot of land or upgrade our flying mount, or even get a second story for our house. Haven’t you always wanted one?”

Shangguan Yu clicked his tongue. “Oh, I guess you do have a point.” He wrapped the rest of the chocolate back up and put it into his own inventory, giving his husband another mischievous smile. “Speaking of being a capitalist …” He turned around to him and hugged his neck. “When I came back, my family asked all sorts of questions.”

Ao Jing raised his brows. “Oh? Do my beliefs factor in there?”

“Not yet. But they would like to know where exactly you’re working. And I guess I’m a bit curious as well.”

Ao Jing smiled and leaned forward until his face was only half an inch away from Shangguan Yu’s. “Actually, I’m really happy that you’re asking. It means that you care enough about me to want to know more.”

Shangguan Yu laughed at that. “What are you even saying? I thought you might not be comfortable answering such questions so I always held back. Anyway, I already know what you’re doing. I can probably guess what kind of company it is.”

“Oh? Then maybe you should have a guess! Anyway, if you want to make sure if you’re right, they do have my photo on the website since I’m a longterm intern. In fact … I might be staying there after I finish my studies. So I guess you could just look at all the company websites and search for my name.”

Shangguan Yu slightly leaned back and gave him a long look. “Did you know that my sister also asked for a photo of you?”

Ao Jing couldn’t help but chuckle. “I didn’t but I guess it’s not that strange. If you don’t like the one on the website, you can also tell me. I’ll send you one. I’ll even send you two.” He kept quiet for a moment and then reached up to take Shangguan Yu’s hand. “Anyway, you’re back home now. Have you thought about when to meet up with me?” He didn’t want to seem impatient but … Well, he really was impatient. There was no use in denying that.

Shangguan Yu didn’t know how to answer for a moment. He could really understand how Ao Jing felt but he also couldn’t help but be nervous. By now, his heart was beating furiously and he had trouble coming up with any coherent thought. He felt that maybe he would need a few more days to prepare himself. But then again, they already knew each other for half a year and he had been the one who brought up in the first place that they should meet up. Why was he being like this now?

He cleared his throat and then gave his husband a smile. “Well, I guess I’ll go shopping with my mother first to find something nice to wear for our date. As soon as I’ve done that, we could meet the day afterward. I could ask her if tomorrow would be alright.”

Ao Jing’s heart thumped just as heavily. “Tomorrow … So we’d be going out in two days’ time already?”

Shangguan Yu hesitated for a moment but then nodded. “Yeah, if it works out like that. Let me ask her first though. I can tell you if it worked out tomorrow evening maybe?”

Ao Jing tightly squeezed his hand and then broke out in a bright smile. “Very well. Then tomorrow, we’ll meet again? And then you can tell me.”

Shangguan Yu nodded and squeezed his hand back. “Before that though … Do you have any questions?”

Ao Jing smiled brightly. “I have a ton. But I feel like it’d be better to ask you in person. I really can’t wait for it.”

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