IRL C17 It Was All Real

Shangguan Yu never even would have dreamed of what his sister and brother-in-law were doing. He unpacked his luggage with a happy smile, his gaze traveling over to the laptop that he had already put on his desk every few minutes.

He just couldn’t wait to get online and see Ao Jing again. He wanted to tell him that he had gotten back and how his family had greeted him, and how they had talked about him. He also wanted to ask him all the questions that his family had brought up.

While he wasn’t really afraid that there was anything fishy about Ao Jing, he still wanted to know more about him. So far, while they had gotten to know each other quite well, he didn’t really know any details about his real life. He was able to say what his favorite food and drink were, which movies and what music he liked but he didn’t even know the name of the company he worked at. It was a bit strange.

But maybe that was just the type of relationship you would have been you met online. You could be close but on the other hand, you would also be very far away. Anyway, he had never felt that Ao Jing was deliberately hiding things.

Well, right now, they weren’t as far away from each other anymore. No, since coming here, they were several kilometers closer to each other. It might not seem like much but he definitely felt that it was. Now, it was also only a few more days until they would finally see each other. In fact, if he really did go shopping with his mother tomorrow to have something nice to wear for his first date, then maybe they could already meet up in two days. It would be nice.

He finally put the last clothes in his wardrobe and then rushed over to his desk, sitting down, and hastily opening the laptop. He took the VR headset and put it on, immediately starting the game.

The two of them had said their goodbyes at that crossroad where they had met Liangqiu Min before. Looking around, he couldn’t see Ao Jing. Well, that would have been too coincidental.

Shangguan Yu sighed and opened his friendslist, looking whether his husband was already online or not. His expression already lit up again when he saw that he had indeed logged in already. He closed his friendslist again and used the teleportation skill to go over to where Ao Jing currently was.

As it turned out, he was currently in one of the big cities, browsing through some stalls.

Shangguan Yu rushed over and hugged his waist, putting his chin on his shoulder. “What are you doing?”

On the other side, Ao Jing closed the window of the shop and turned to the side, lightly brushing Shangguan Yu’s head with his cheek. “Just looking for some new equipment.”

Shangguan Yu looked him up and down and then raised his brows. “Why? Is yours not good anymore?”

Ao Jing smiled and shook his head. “That’s not it. I’m just thinking of trying some enchantments for better stats. It can wait though. Do you want to go continue with the mission?”

Shangguan Yu let go of his waist and instead grabbed his arm, pulling him around. “I do want to continue the mission but maybe not right now. If you still need to look for equipment, you can also do it right now.”

Ao Jing shook his head. “Don’t worry. It’s not urgent at all. So, what do you want to do instead?”

“Mn … Well, I finally got home so maybe you want to hear about it?”

Ao Jing nodded. “How about going back to our home for that? It might take too long though.”

The players were able to buy a plot of land to either farm or build a house. They were also able to buy an additional piece of land as a couple. The two of them had decided to put all three pieces of land together which had allowed them to build a small house for the two of them where they could go to refine things without being disturbed by other players while also growing some ingredients outside of the house.

And, since they had looked for a long time before deciding on this specific spot, they felt that their piece of land was the most beautiful in the whole world of the game. It was actually overlooking that cliff and the valley where they liked to sit.

While the cliff itself wasn’t part of their property anymore, hardly anybody went there so they normally had that spot to themselves as well. Unfortunately, it was a little far away from the bigger cities so getting there in a short amount of time was impossible. They always had to move quite a distance to get there which would make it impossible to play a lot.

Shangguan Yu looked around and then inched closer to his husband, giving him a mischievous look. “Well, I think we have to talk about some very … personal matters. So I think it would be alright to take the time to go there. As for the mission … In the worst case, we can still do that tomorrow.”

Ao Jing nodded and then summoned that flying mount he had bought, pulling Shangguan Yu onto it. “Very well. Then let’s just go over right away. I’m quite curious to hear just what it is that you have in mind.

Shangguan Yu laughed and then hugged his waist again, leaning against his broad back.

Their hair fanned out behind them when they rose into the air, rushed over the city, and then over the planes outside. The wind brushed their faces, feeling a lot like it was real.

Shangguan Yu closed his eyes and held onto his husband, smiling to himself. In a sense, this was just as real as real life. Even if it wasn’t their true faces and their true bodies, the time they spent was still real. Nothing could change that. He just didn’t believe that he had been scammed.

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