OMF V7C458 You Will Remember

Leng Jin Yu watched his expression for some time and then turned onto his back, his fingers brushing through Jinde’s hair. “The two of you are close. Don’t you think that he would tell you in the future how things turn out?”

Jinde shook his head. “You can only say so because you don’t know him as well as I do. He has been going after this boy for quite some time. But even though I have hinted and hinted, he has never spoken about him in front of me. I can’t be sure that he would actually bring it up.”

Leng Jin Yu kept quiet for a moment, finally silently brushing through Jinde’s hair. “Maybe he’s embarrassed to talk about it with the person he admired before this.”

Jinde laughed. “Well, maybe that’s it. In any case, I’m not sure if he will really speak up. Xin Lan is the type of person who will just keep his worries to himself. It’s troublesome. I sometimes wished he was more open. But he just never learned to accept help.

“I guess he has already given up on the idea of anybody ever being able to help him. Being as strong as him and having as much experience as he does probably does that to a person. I think I can see the same tendency in myself every now and then.”

Leng Jin Yu nodded. He would believe that at a word. Even he himself had noticed that he would do that back in the mortal realm after he had gotten to a higher cultivation level. It was just … when you became stronger, you felt that you had the strength to confront things on your own. Asking somebody else for help … it seemed a little stupid. Why would you bother somebody when you could do it on your own? That you were slowly pulling back from everyone that you knew was something you would only notice when you were suddenly all alone.

And he had only done this in the mortal realm. He also hadn’t lived that long when compared to Jinde or Xin Lan. So for them, it should be even worse. “Well, since he asked this time, I’m sure he will pay attention to what you said. And even though my feelings toward him are a little complicated, I think that if he genuinely likes Hua Lin Yu, he will not take this lightly. I guess there’s a chance for them to get together.”

Jinde sighed. “I hope you’re right. I certainly wish it to him. He deserves to find love and be with the person he likes. If you asked me, it doesn’t necessarily have to be Hua Lin Yu. But since he seems to have caught some feelings for him, it would be nice if it worked out. After all, who knows how long it would take to find someone else? I don’t even want to think about it.”

Leng Jin Yu nodded. He could imagine as much. After all, before this, it had been Jinde for a long time. Xin Lan hadn’t even looked at others. It definitely couldn’t be said that he wasn’t loyal.

Jinde pushed himself up onto his elbows and then brushed his husband’s chest with his fingertips. “In any case, Xin Lan can surely turn things around. And if he can’t, he has the chance to reach out. Until then … we should not bother about this too much. There’s nothing we can do for him from here anyway. Instead, I think we should focus on our own matters.”

Leng Jin Yu looked at him, suddenly feeling a little apprehensive. He gulped and then reached up, capturing Jinde’s hand. “Giving back a part of Chun Yin’s soul to me wouldn’t hurt you, would it?”

Jinde shook his head. “No, nothing of the like. If it is taking back your own soul that would be a problem. But that isn’t what was this is about. You have already reincarnated so even though that part of Chun Yin’s soul that is still with me and your soul are originally the same thing, there is a slight difference. So separating it from me and giving it back won’t be a problem.

“Furthermore, I’m not giving you all of it. It’s just a part. There’s no problem with that. Even if this was still Chun Yin himself, it wouldn’t be a problem. In the past, let’s say I had originally bound my soul to Chun Yin’s and then gotten injured. If you gave part of the soul back to help me, it would’ve been alright. You just can’t separate the whole soul and give it back. That would lead to disaster.”

Leng Jin Yu nodded. By now, he had a general understanding of how the soul binding of the dragons worked. So this much actually wasn’t new to him. It was just that he still couldn’t help but worry. Jinde had only just completely recovered. To suddenly do something to his soul or the soul that was bound to him … made him a bit nervous. And also … Well, if he was honest, he was nervous about regaining his memories. “Will this change anything between us?”

Jinde looked at him, feeling as if he should shake his head to dispel his doubts but he finally couldn’t go through with it. “I know you want me to say no but I can’t promise you that. All this time, I’ve had my memories from my past. To me, it is a part of my own life. To you, it is something that happened in another life. Naturally, that will be different.

“Hearing these things is for you is just like hearing stories about somebody else. If you didn’t know that you had been reborn and that you are still tied to me by Chun Yin’s soul, then it would just be as if I had a stupid ex-lover. Nothing to do with you. But that will change as soon as you get this part of his soul back.

“You will remember. Not just like you’re being told what happened but as if you really experienced it. The things that happened … you will see, you will hear, you will smell, you will feel. Every single instance of Chun Yin’s life, from the first memories he has, to the last, you will remember all of it.

“It is as if in just that instance, you were living a whole life. That will be a major change. And it might make you see some things differently. It could change your perception of the whole world. That is a risk that you’ll have to take if you really do this.”

Leng Jin Yu really couldn’t say that he was any calmer when he heard that. But anyway … “There’s no other choice, is there? If you want your answers, this is the only way.”

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