OMF V3C98 Familiar Faces

Back in the Yun Zou Sect, the time for the interested disciples to apply for the mission of investigating the demonic practitioners’ hideout was running out. Yu Jin looked at the ones that had already gathered on the square where they were supposed to meet up.

There was only a handful of them. Other than Qiguan Cheng Da, Xiao Dong, and Shao Hai, there was the disciple that had previously tried to help out Qiguan Cheng Da by delivering his message to Yu Jin, as well as two other disciples that were from the outer sect.

He nodded to himself. This was to be expected. While the mission was open to everyone, the inner sect disciples had many missions to choose from. Quite a few were easier but would yield better rewards because of who was behind them.

So the inner sect disciples would be choosy when deciding which tasks to accept. A mission of unknown difficulty and with unknown results would hardly be considered by them even if it was posted by the Sect Master’s head disciple.

The one inner sect disciple who had decided to come had probably done so because of their meeting the last time. Without that personal connection, it was unlikely he would have considered the option for more than a few moments even if he saw the paper scroll.

On the other hand, it was a chance for the outer sect disciples. So everybody who felt that they had decent skills or didn’t mind danger would give it a try. Having four outer sect disciples join wasn’t a surprise at all.

And then there was also the fact that the mission had only been posted for a bit more than a week. While quite a few disciples would come by in that time, it was only a fraction of the overall size of the Yun Zou Sect. After all, not everybody went to regularly check for new missions and those that did were likely outside already attempting another one.

Anyway, having these people was already quite good. Especially since there were also several direct disciples of the Elders that his Master had chosen beforehand.

Yu Jin turned to them and nodded in greeting. He didn’t know them well but he recognized some of them. One was Elder Geng’s disciple, Mao Xun, who had already been on the mission five years ago when Yu Jin had entered the sect.

The person next to him was the Grandelder’s disciple, Nian Hong Fang. Yu Jin hadn’t interacted much with him but seen him when his Master dragged him over to the Grandelder’s palace to introduce him back then. He didn’t know much about Nian Hong Fang but judging from the gazes that he was exchanging with Mao Xun every now and then, there was some history between them. Or maybe it would be more accurate to say that there was currently a story between them.

There was also Elder Wu’s head disciple, Su Jian, who was standing not far from Mao Xun. They didn’t seem incredibly close but should still have a good relationship with each other. It was just that he could probably read the signs and was trying to keep to himself so he wouldn’t bother the couple.

Yu Jin didn’t know the other two but from his Master’s notes, he gathered that they were also the head disciples of two Elders.

Yu Jin glanced up at the sun and then stepped forward. “It’s about time to set off. I hope all of you know the details of the mission. If there are any questions, please ask them now. There is still time to back out.”

The disciples exchanged glances but nobody spoke.

Yu Jin nodded. “Very well. Then let’s set off.” He turned around and took out the flying artifact his Master had given him. Even though he hadn’t asked, he was sure that the disciples from the outer sect were unable to fly. Their levels just didn’t seem high enough.

All of them got onto the artifact, Yu Jin imbued his spiritual energy, and off they went. Shao Hai couldn’t help but glance over the edge of the artifact, earning himself a dark look from Qiguan Cheng Da who felt that he was losing the outer sect disciples face. He didn’t dare to reprimand him in front of the inner sect disciples though so he stayed quiet.

Soon enough, the group arrived at the village that they were supposed to investigate. Yu Jin glanced at it once before getting off the artifact after everyone else and putting it away.

“We’ve reached. Let’s first scout the village aboveground to see if we can find any other entrances to the underground hideout.”

The disciples nodded and then followed him.

Qiguan Cheng Da glanced around and then hurried closer to Yu Jin. He hadn’t forgotten that he still needed to give the others an explanation as to why Yu Jin was being cold toward him. Outright stating it would make the others only doubtful so in the end, he had come up with another method.

He glanced at Yu Jin’s expression with a thick layer of worry plastered onto his face. “Senior martial brother Yu, if this is too difficult for you, then please say something. After all, your previous Master …” He trailed off and then sighed as if he was personally greatly saddened by this.

Yu Jin glanced at him but did not respond. Anyway, they had already talked about this.

The disciples that had been in the mission back then had already heard some whispers so about the story behind Yu Jin’s admission to the Yun Zou Sect. Being reminded of it now, they couldn’t help but cast a few more glances at him, trying to make sure if he was really holding up well.

Behind them, Shao Hai couldn’t help but be confused. He reached over and tugged at Xiao Dong’s sleeve. “What do you think he means?”

Qiguan Cheng Da had a hard time holding back his smile. Well, for those that didn’t know, this was the perfect opportunity to learn about Yu Jin’s sad backstory and his care for him, wasn’t it?

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