OMF V3C105 Reconsidering His Choice

Qiu Ling handed everything he needed to Jing Yi and then watched him try to make a fire once again. Even though he still needed several attempts, it worked out much better this time and they soon started to reheat the rest of the food.

Jing Yi sat back with a happy expression and then turned to Qiu Ling. “I guess if you let me try a few more times, I’ll be able to do this as well from now on. Then you can go off and hunt while I prepare everything else. No need to do all of this on your own anymore.”

Qiu Ling nodded and then weighed the flint in his hand that Jing Yi had just given back. “That’s true. Do you want to carry these around with you then? It wouldn’t be good if something like yesterday evening happened again and I forget to give you what you need and then you can’t do anything.”

Jing Yi nodded and took the flint back from him, putting it into his own small bag. Thankfully, he wasn’t carrying much inside and it wasn’t heavy so it wouldn’t be a problem to carry it around. “It’s a bit of a pity that I can’t carry wood around like you. It’s really convenient that way, isn’t it? No need to gather it every single time.”

Qiu Ling just blinked his eyes and then searched around inside his spatial ring, trying to see if he had any other spatial item lying around. Back in the Nine Heavens, his beloved had never needed anything like that. So if he gifted him something, it was always only for the sake of making him happy. So he had cared much more about how something looked or what the meaning behind it was than he had thought about its practicality. Now, things were different though. His beloved was currently just a mortal and was in a much worse situation than Jing He.

Unfortunately, Qiu Ling couldn’t find anything to give him. He sighed and then leaned against the tree trunk next to Jing Yi. “Remind me of this again later. I’ll try to find one for you as well.”

Jing Yi widened his eyes and then hurriedly shook his head. “That’s not what I meant at all! Seriously, don’t even think about it. You’ve already done so much for me. I really would be ashamed of myself if I something like this from you.” He didn’t know too much about this kind of item but he couldn’t imagine that it was something simple. Most likely, it was worth a lot.

He definitely couldn’t accept that kind of thing from Qiu Ling. Getting a flint from him was something completely different. It was something practical that he would be using for the two of them on their journey. On the other hand, an item like that ring that Qiu Ling was using was different. That would only be for making his own life easier. He really couldn’t accept it.

Qiu Ling didn’t see any issue with it though. “I don’t mind. As long as you’re happy, I’m also happy. So if I can do something to make you happy, then I’ll naturally do so.” He reached over and grabbed Jing Yi’s hand, giving him a smile. Yes, as long as there was something he could do to make Jing Yi feel better, he wouldn’t hold back at all. For his beloved, he was willing to go all out.

Jing Yi looked at him with resignation. He probably should’ve expected that kind of response. “Honestly, you really don’t have to. In fact, you shouldn’t. I’m happy that you want to make me happy. But doing this … I don’t think it would really achieve that. I wouldn’t be able to feel good about it even if that was what you wanted.”

Qiu Ling didn’t quite understand but he left the subject at that for now. Anyway, he could just bring up the topic again in the future and then see where it led. Maybe his beloved would’ve changed his opinion by then. Anyway, with time, they were getting closer and closer. By the time this year ended, he didn’t doubt that they would be on their way to get married.

By then, would his beloved really pay attention to something like this? Definitely not! After all, when they were finally a real couple again, then whatever was his, would also be his beloved’s. There was no need to speculate anymore whose spatial item was what. Everything would just be shared between them.

Still, to reassure his beloved, he didn’t say any of that for now. “Alright, if you don’t want it, then I won’t do it. I wouldn’t want to make you feel guilty.”

Jing Yi nodded, smiling unwittingly. “Thank you.” He looked at Qiu Ling for a moment longer, wondering how things seemed to have changed so much in the time they had been together.

Back in the Yun Zou Sect, Qiu Ling hadn’t waited for his response at all and just run off and collected the materials for the Amethyst Lightning pill. Now, he had actually listened to his explanation and then even reconsidered his choice after he took his feelings into consideration. This was really nice.

Qiu Ling looked at Jing Yi as well, not quite understanding his thoughts but he was happy as long as his beloved was happy. He turned to the food that had been reheated and filled their bowls with it, handing one of them to Jing Yi. “Well, I guess the food is ready. Let’s eat for now. After that … Well, I guess we should make a plan where to go after this. Do you feel like you already got a good grasp on the spiritual energy of the water just now? Or do you want to take another look?”

Jing Yi pondered and then shook his head. “No, I don’t think it was enough. It was … just a fleeting feeling. It was there one moment and then gone the next. That was why I wasn’t even sure in the first place and had to ask. So maybe it really would be good if we went to a place that had a lot of spiritual energy of the water first. Maybe we could go and visit the sea? I’ve never been there but Shao Hai told me a few stories about that. It must look really stunning.”

Qiu Ling froze with his chopsticks still in his hands, his gaze becoming empty. Stunning … He couldn’t help but think of the glowing sea when he heard that. Yes, it had been a stunning sight. Unfortunately, it was also a sight he didn’t want to remember.

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