OMF V7C447 Time for a Reenactment

Leng Jin Yu smiled lightly while he watched him leave. Yuchi Bing Xia was a very emotional person. The people he was close to … he would always try to keep an eye on them to make sure that they were alright To actually let his disciple go, that wasn’t something he could easily do. But on the other hand, he always wanted the best for these people as well. That was also why the Chun Feng Sect’s betrayal had hit him so hard back then. He just never would’ve been able to imagine that a friend would be able to do something like this.

With Yuchi Bing Xia gone, Leng Jin Yu turned to Zhangsun Xun Yi. “We will stay here for some more time but it is inevitable to go back to the Jian Yi Sect. When we decide that it is time, I will inform you beforehand though.”

Zhangsun Xun Yi nodded. “Thank you for that. Anyway …” He looked from one person to the other and then back again. “Do you intend to stay here directly for the time being or will you go out and travel?” He could imagine that Jinde might like to do the latter. After all, he had been imprisoned for a long time.

Leng Jin Yu had similar thoughts so he turned to his husband, slightly raising his brows. He would go with whatever Jinde wanted.

Jinde shook his head though. “We’ll stay here. While I would love to go out, there are a few things we still need to do. No need to do that anywhere out there where we have to take so many more things into consideration. The Yun Zou Sect is pretty good for that.” He turned to look at his husband, his gaze becoming a little complicated.

What he had said before was true. He really wanted a child with Leng Jin Yu. He had always wanted one and now that his husband was actually at his side, it was the perfect opportunity. At the same time, they needed to wait until Leng Jin Yu had completely restored his memories of his previous life.

While they could raise a child without doing so, it was still better to regain them. After all, it would allow him to put some of the previous worries to rest and finally find the answers to the questions that had been haunting him. He longed to do this and he knew that Leng Jin Yu also wanted to find out.

Also, doing it in one fell swoop was better than having the memories slowly trickle out as they did before. Just a few images that had made their way through every now and then couldn’t compare with restoring his whole memory.

Jinde interlaced his fingers with Leng Jin Yu’s and turned to look into his eyes. “The thing we planned … actually, I don’t think we need to wait for too long.”

Leng Jin Yu couldn’t help but turn serious. He nodded and then motioned over to the array. “In that case, should we go back now?”

Jinde hesitated for a moment but then nodded. The two of them said their farewell to Zhangsun Xun Yi and then stepped into the array again, returning to their own dimension. Now, it really was time. Nothing was holding them back anymore.

They went back to their room and Jinde pulled Leng Jin Yu over to the bed, sitting down. Looking at him, his lips curved up into a sweet smile. “My husband.”

Leng Jin Yu smiled back and reached out with his other hand, lightly tracing Jinde’s cheek. “My husband.”

Jinde laughed and then leaned forward, meeting Leng Jin Yu’s lips. “Mn. Today, tomorrow, and each and every day after that.”

Leng Jin Yu tilted his head, giving him another kiss. “I think it’s been a while longer than just a day.”

“Quite some time longer indeed.” Jinde let go of his hand and then wrapped his arms around his neck, inching closer until he was almost sticking to Leng Jin Yu’s body.

His husband opened his eyes that had just fallen shut and glanced at him. “Is this part of giving back a soul?”

“Now, this is part of spending time with my husband.” Jinde’s fingers slipped into Leng Jin Yu’s hair, lightly scratching his skin before he opened it and made it cascade down Leng Jin Yu’s back.

Leng Jin Yu slightly raised his brows. He knew that Jinde had always been looking forward to giving him back his memories and having a child. While his husband definitely wasn’t shy when it came to spending time in bed, he wouldn’t have thought that he would use this moment to do so. Instead, he would’ve expected that he would jump on the opportunity to make his dream come true.

Jinde didn’t even think of doing that though. Instead, he inched even closer, finally toppling Leng Jin Yu to the bed. His hands were brushing his chest and his lips were gently sucking his husband’s. It seemed as if he couldn’t get enough at all.

Leng Jin Yu gently wrapped his arms around Jinde’s waist and then just looked at him, his gaze softening further the longer he did so. “I love you.”

Jinde stopped for a moment and raised his head, looking into his husband’s eyes. His lips parted but finally, he just sighed and then gave a smile. “I love you too. And in case you were wondering … I am finally healed. So since the day we’ve gotten married, this is really the first time that we are together without me suffering from those old injuries.

“I know that I could probably wait until your memories have been restored but I think that it won’t be the same. When you remember everything from your past life, your perspective on things will change a bit. So before that … I just want to have that one time with you. That one time where it is just the two of us like back at the beginning, just without the added complications.”

Leng Jin Yu’s smile deepened. He had known that there had to be some kind of reason for it. That it was this … He probably should’ve thought of that. “Well, I guess you should take out that green robe then. Didn’t we say back then that there should be a reenactment?”

Jinde laughed and lowered his head to his husband’s chest to stifle it. “Yes, maybe we should just do that now. Are you going to help me out of this robe first before you are going to help me into the other one?”

He gave him a suggestive look that made Leng Jin Yu ponder what the right answer might be. In any case, it might be difficult to get Jinde into the other robe after this one was taken off. But if it made his husband happy, he would certainly give it a try.

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