CU C14 Wedding Night

The whole room was decorated in red. From the tablecloth to the blanket on the bed to the curtains hanging from the beams, everything was made of red fabric as if the Han family had been afraid they wouldn’t know what a joyous occasion it was.

Lou Zhi Lin rolled his eyes when he saw but still stepped further into the room before he halted, glancing over his shoulder at the man that was following behind. Han Yu Quan was similarly dressed in a red robe. The bright color made his black hair and eyes stand out and gave his eyebrows a heroic feeling, highlighting the already ridiculously handsome face.

Lou Zhi Lin scoffed. “Looking at you like this, I guess I should be happy that we’re married now. If I had let anybody see you like this, then somebody might’ve tried to snatch you away.”

Han Yu Quan chuckled in response. “That is a compliment I can give right back. My beautiful spouse.” He stepped closer, reaching out and grabbing Lou Zhi Lin’s shoulders. His gaze brushed over his body, taking in the similarly red robe that his husband was wearing and smiled. “I’m afraid whether it’s men or women, they would all go crazy after seeing you like this.”

Lou Zhi Lin gave a grin that showed just how pleased he was with hearing that but he still pretended to be modest. “Thankfully, you won’t have to worry about that.”

“Not in a bit.”

Lou Zhi Lin raised his brows. Hadn’t they married already? What was there to be worried about now?

Han Yu Quan stepped past him and picked up the two silver cups on the table, handing one of them to Lou Zhi Lin while he kept the second one. “There’s still the wedding wine. Let’s drink it and make this official.”

Lou Zhi Lin stepped closer and they crossed their arms, drinking from the cup, their gazes holding each other’s. The wine was sweet or maybe that was just the feeling of being newly married. In any case, they could not help but smile at each other before they lowered their gazes again.

Lou Zhi Lin put the cup down with a smile and pulled at his husband’s arm. “Alright, now, you really don’t have to worry anymore. No need to hold back any longer.”

Han Yu Quan laughed and followed him over to the bed, sitting down on the edge. He couldn’t help but take Lou Zhi Lin’s hands into his, giving him a long look. His husband … he could really get used to that thought. Well, he could now.

Lou Zhi Lin’s ears reddened when he was subjected to that gaze and he slapped his husband’s leg in embarrassment. “Senior martial brother! What are you looking at me like that for?”

Han Yu Quan laughed out loud. “What? You’re still going to call me ‘senior martial brother’? Didn’t you just say that I didn’t need to worry anymore and that we’re officially married now? Why don’t you call me ‘husband’ instead? Come on, try it!”

Lou Zhi Lin’s ears turned even redder, his cheeks also blushing slightly. This bastard! Why had he married him again? Even calling him senior martial brother was just given their Master face. After all, where did he have any seniority at all? They were the same age and they had even become their Master’s disciples on the same day. It was just that this asshole had managed to hand over that cup of tea a moment earlier. Calling him senior martial brother had only been to make him happy. And now he actually had the guts to tell him to call him husband.

Lou Zhi Lin huffed and turned his head away. “You wish!”

Han Yu Quan just laughed again and leaned over, pulling the person into his arms. “Then do you want me to call you ‘husband’ first?”

“No!” Lou Zhi Lin sat up straight, his expression one of absolute rejection. It was as if the two of them were in some kind of contest of who would do it first once again.

“Are you sure? If you’re embarrassed, you can just tell me. Then I’ll start first and you can take some time to get used to it. You know that my face is rather thick.”

“My face is thicker than yours!”

Han Yu Quan nodded and reached out, kneading Lou Zhi Lin’s cheeks. “Of course it is. Your face is the thickest in the world. It’s also the most lovable. I can’t look at it enough.” He leaned forward, stopped kneading his cheeks and then kissed his lips, preventing Lou Zhi Lin from giving a response.

The two of them tumbled onto the bed, hugging each other tightly. In the silence that was hanging over the house since they had sent the guests on their way, the only sounds were their breath that became frantic and the slight rustling when their clothes rubbed together. Han Yu Quan couldn’t help but brush over Lou Zhi Lin’s body, feeling a satisfaction that he had never known before.

Even though they had spent so many years together and been in a relationship with the intention of marrying sooner or later for quite some time as well, being in this room decorated all in red with both of them wearing wedding robes just seemed so much more real. Now, they really were officially, undebatably joined until they took their last breath.

He propped himself up on his arms and gave Lou Zhi Lin a smile. “I love you.”

Lou Zhi Lin raised his brows and then reached up, brushing Han Yu Quan’s hair back over his shoulders. “What’s gotten into you? Normally, you’re not like this.” Even though he liked to tease him every now and then, he was usually more reserved and would keep that kind of thought to himself.

“On a normal day, I don’t get married.”

The corners of Lou Zhi Lin’s mouth quirked up and he nodded. He had probably been thinking too much. “That’s also true.”

The two of them fell silent and just looked at each other, both having their own thoughts.

Lou Zhi Lin finally turned his head to the side and looked at the two silver wine cups on the table, feeling that their wedding day was indeed something different. As should be their wedding night. He glanced back up at his husband, his gaze somewhat suspicious. “Actually, why are you the one on top?”

Han Yu Quan raised his brows at that. “What do you mean?”

Lou Zhi Lin reached up and poked his chest. “Just because you call yourself my senior martial brother it doesn’t mean I’ll agree that you’ll be the one on top tonight. Actually, since we’re both the same age and have the same experience, I feel like you owe it to me that I’ll be the one on top tonight since you already took my spot as senior martial brother for all these years.”

Han Yu Quan stared at him, unable to believe what he had just heard. He had never really thought about it but whenever he imagined their wedding night, he had always naturally assumed that he would be the one on top. How could it be any other way? He was the senior martial brother in this relationship, after all. And anyway, how could he be the one on the bottom in their wedding night? There was no way he would accept that! Lou Zhi Lin had to be nuts to think this was even an option.

While he still pondered how to gently let him down, Lou Zhi Lin grabbed his shoulders and then spun them around, coming to sit on top of him. “I like this much better. So, dear husband, let’s go at it.” He opened Han Yu Quan’s belt as if he had only waited for this moment and then flung it to the side, wanting to continue.

Han Yu Quan froze but then reached up, grabbing Lou Zhi Lin around the waist and turning them around, pushing him onto the bed. “I don’t think so.” He returned the favor of opening his belt and throwing it away and then pulled open his outer robe. He definitely wouldn’t be outdone by Lou Zhi Lin on their wedding night!

Lou Zhi Lin’s eyes blazed with fury. Who did this guy think he was?! He wasn’t some girl that had to submit to her husband. He was a man as well. Why shouldn’t he be the one on top? If they had a duel to decide who would be on top and who on the bottom, there was no saying that Han Yu Quan would win. So why should he just accept it if he said he would?

He grabbed onto Han Yu Quan’s shoulders again, trying to revert their positions once more. Naturally, his senior martial brother wouldn’t have it. The two of them wrestled for a while until suddenly, there was nothing below them anymore.

Their eyes widened and they stared at each other with a bad premonition written in their eyes. Then, they crashed onto the ground with a thud. They both groaned, rolling onto their backs and staring up at the ceiling.

“I guess this is retribution?” Han Yu Quan took a deep breath and then turned to the side, rubbing his back while he gave his husband a somewhat accusing look. Wasn’t it all because Lou Zhi Lin had tried to stir up trouble? If he had continued to be obedient, this wouldn’t have happened.

Lou Zhi Lin pursed his lips and then huffed, not at all content with his husband’s try at explaining this bout of bad luck. “Why did both of us fall then? I didn’t do anything. It’s all on you.”

Han Yu Quan gave him a complicated look but didn’t say anything. Who was one who had started all this? Hadn’t everything been going well before Lou Zhi Lin made such unreasonable demands? How was it his fault? But even though he was convinced of this, he didn’t feel that it was right to say so. After all, a husband should indulge their spouse a little. Even more so on the wedding night. Lou Zhi Lin was probably just shy and didn’t want to admit it as usual. He should coax him for a while and then there wouldn’t be such irresponsible talk anymore.

Lou Zhi Lin looked at him angrily when he didn’t get an answer. This guy definitely had to be planning something! “What?”

Han Yu Quan sat up from the ground and then pulled Lou Zhi Lin into a sitting position as well. “I wouldn’t want to argue with my husband on our wedding night. It was an accident. We should just forget about it and continue like before. Wasn’t the mood quite good?” He leaned over, his hands sneaking below Lou Zhi Lin’s outer robe while he closed in on his lips. If he just took well enough care of him, Lou Zhi Lin would soon forget about these extraneous thoughts and give in. It was just a matter of time and effort.

Lou Zhi Lin also reached out, pushing the robe that had already opened on its own when they fell to the ground halfway off Han Yu Quan’s shoulders. His hands remained on his shoulders for a moment, his nails faintly scratching his neck.

Han Yu Quan felt that this should be a sign he was on the right track. Most likely, Lou Zhi Lin was already overcome with lust and didn’t want to wait any longer. Thus, he tried to push his lover down.

Lou Zhi Lin’s eyes that had just closed when he enjoyed the kiss, flew right back open and he pushed his husband back. He growled at him with furrowed brows, the same fury as before ignited in his eyes. “What do you think you’re doing?!”

Han Yu Quan looked at him blankly. “Didn’t we agree to enjoy our wedding night?” What was he being so unreasonable before? Hadn’t he enjoyed it just now?

“But not like this!” Lou Zhi Lin leaped to his feet and pointed at his husband’s nose. “You’re trying to take advantage of me!”

Han Yu Quan still wasn’t sure how to react. “How am I taking advantage of you? I’m your husband, this is our wedding night. Shouldn’t we sleep with each other?”

“Yes, but I’ll be the one on top. I already said it before.”

Han Yu Quan’s brows furrowed as well and he got up. “Don’t be unreasonable.”

“Where am I unreasonable?!”

“You’re unreasonable with your demands! I’m your husband. How can you ask something like this of me?”

“Well, I’m your husband too! Don’t you think you’re the unreasonable one here?!”

“But I’m your senior martial brother.”

“Oh, now, you’re my senior martial brother again? Don’t kid yourself, Han Yu Quan! You’re only my senior martial brother because you threw down that cup back then and grabbed the other one so I had to go and get a new one. Otherwise, I would be your senior martial brother.”

Han Yu Quan gave pause and his cheeks flushed crimson at the accusation. “Well, anyway, you’re not. So you should listen to me.”

“Hmph!” Lou Zhi Lan huffed and then lay down in bed, facing the wall and pulling the blanket over him. As if he would listen to that asshole!

Han Yu Quan stared at him in a daze and then harrumphed, laying down as well. He tried to grab the blanket and pull half of it over him but Lou Zhi Lin pulled it back.

“You go sleep in the study!”

“Why should I go sleep in the study?!”

The two of them tugged at it for a while, their anger not abating in the slightest.

Finally, Han Yu Quan huffed. “Well, what do I need a blanket for? I’m a man. I can take the cold!” He turned on his side, facing away from Lou Zhi Lin.

His husband stared at him with blazing eyes and then threw the blanket down. “I don’t need that stupid blanket either!” He turned back to the wall, crossing his arms in front of his chest.

That night, neither of them used the blanket. Neither of them was on top either and the mood when they woke up wasn’t the best as well. They certainly hadn’t imagined their wedding night to be like this.

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