Choosing You

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Hello, Handsome Stranger!

Your voice is A Whisper in the Night, your Sweet Fragrance a memory I am unable to forget. You are my good Brother, my Study Companion, my Safe Haven, Heaven‘s Gift to me.

Maybe it was Love at Second Sight that brought us together. The Next Natural Step would be our Two Confessions and to Make It Legal at last. From the First Time we met, to our Anniversary or to our Wedding Night, I want to Treasure Every Day with you and tell you ‚Welcome Home‘ when you return in the evening.

A Bowl of Rice and Ten Pieces of Gold are the same to me as long as they‘re shared with you. I want to go through the Good Times and the bad times with you. I Dare you to Fight for It if we are ever about to lose hope. It‘s just like an Adventure that the two of us will only be able to pass together.

If you have to Walk Alone for a stretch of this path, then I will be Waiting for You at the finish line whether it‘s for Five Days or Twenty-five Years, not caring if we move Into a Palace or live in a Lonely Hut. I would only be Brokenhearted if you weren‘t with me at the end.

So please, Promise Yourself to Me because among all the men of this world, I am unable to choose anyone but you.

A Collection of 30 Gay Romance Short Stories

Table of Contents:

[01] Hello, Handsome Stranger!
[02] A Whisper in the Night
[03] Sweet Fragrance
[04] Brother
[05] Study Companion
[06] Safe Haven
[07] Heaven’s Gift
[08] Love at Second Sight
[09] The Next Natural Step
[10] Two Confessions
[11] Make It Legal
[12] First Time
[13] Anniversary
[14] Wedding Night
[15] Welcome Home
[16] Treasure Every Day
[17] A Bowl of Rice
[18] Ten Pieces of Gold
[19] Good Times
[20] Dare
[21] Fight for It
[22] Adventure
[23] Walk Alone
[24] Waiting for You
[25] Five Days
[26] Twenty-Five Years
[27] Into the Palace
[28] Lonely Hut
[29] Brokenhearted
[30] Promise Yourself to Me

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