SML V2C13 He Could Pull It Off

Mo Fang naturally took advantage of the situation. He slipped the phone back into his pocket and then wrapped his arms around Li Ming’s neck, pressing up against his body. “Seriously though, I’m incredibly happy. You know, this is all I ever wished for. You probably can’t even imagine how happy I am.”

Li Ming pulled himself out of his stupor and gave Mo Fang a smile. He couldn’t deny that he was happy being looked at in this way. “I’m also happy. Just … maybe this isn’t the time or the place for that. Look, people are already watching.”

Mo Fang didn’t let go of him though. “Let them watch then. I don’t mind if they see it.”

Once again, Li Ming wasn’t quite sure how to react. It seemed that no matter what, he would always be surprised at Mo Fang’s words and actions. Sometimes, he wondered if they were actually speaking about the same thing. “It’s not really the polite thing to do though, is it?”

Mo Fang just snorted and wrapped his arms even tighter around Li Ming’s neck. “Why? Do you think they’re all sad singles that will feel dejected if they see us being so close together? Don’t worry! I’m sure that by now, they all have thick skin. It’s just like watching a movie.”

Li Ming wasn’t too sure about that but there really didn’t seem any way to discourage Mo Fang with just that. “Actually, I am a little uncomfortable with it in public like this.” He could imagine that this wasn’t something that Mo Fang would like to hear but it was the truth. He really didn’t feel that it was the right thing to do to display your relationship like this.

Maybe that was an outdated view but it still was his view. And if they wanted to have a relationship, then he was afraid that Mo Fang would have to learn to live with that. He wouldn’t mind it if nobody else was around or if it was just a quick kiss or something but as for this level of PDA that Mo Fang was obviously going for … he really didn’t like it.

Mo Fang did indeed purse his lips but he still took back his arms. “What a pity. And here I thought that on our first date, the two of us would be able to be closer.”

Li Ming had a bit of a guilty conscience when he heard that but he still didn’t want to back down on that. “Well, it’s not like this is already the end of our date, right? Let’s just go through the exhibition and later, we can do what you want, alright? I think that the place I picked out for later will be a bit better for that.”

Mo Fang perked up at that, clearly happy. “Alright, let’s hurry up.” He took Li Ming’s hand again and then pulled him along. This much should be allowed, right?

Soon enough, the two of them arrived at one of the two underwater tunnels of the aquarium. Passing through it, they both craned their necks, this time actually both paying attention to what was going on around them.

Mo Fang still held onto Li Ming’s arm but he was actually a little fascinated right now. “Ah, I wonder if it’s a little bit like this if you’re doing underwater photoshoots. I’ve never had that opportunity. It must be really nice.”

Li Ming turned to glance at him and couldn’t help but smile faintly when he saw his enthralled expression. This was probably the first time that he saw Mo Fang like this. While he had stood next to him for most of the exhibition before, and had actually also looked at the fish tanks and the signs, it had always more seemed like it was something he felt he had to do and not quite something that he really liked doing. Now, that was different though.

“It’s really a different feeling. As if … you were really there with them. I guess if you did a shot where you were really underwater, it would be more difficult though. Would you actually have to hold your breath?”

Mo Fang gave a hum and then leaned closer to Li Ming, lowering his voice. “If I’m being honest, I suspect that you wouldn’t go into the water at all. I think nowadays, at least for most magazines or things, they will just take your photo in front of a green screen and then use a program to make it look as if you had been underwater. These magazine people, they are all dirty liars.”

Li Ming laughed at that. “Well, I guess I can imagine that. But it’s probably easier that way as well. And not as difficult for the models either. So in the end, it’s a win-win situation, isn’t it? Would you really like to be photographed underwater directly?”

Mo Fang pondered for a moment and then gave Li Ming another cheeky grin. “Well, I think I would make one hell of a merman.”

Li Ming looked at him, stunned. This … was once again not quite the answer that he had expected. Although … He took a look at Mo Fang’s face and then swept down a glance before looking back up and couldn’t help but agree. Yes, Mo Fang would indeed make one hell of a mermaid. In fact, he was a bit like a siren. He would totally believe that with his looks, he would likely be able to lure a lot of men underwater. Although … “Do you know how to sing?”

Mo Fang raised his brows, not quite sure where this was coming from. “Well, I guess about average? Why though? Is there something wrong?”

Li Ming shook his head. “No, I just thought that normally, in the movies, the mermaids always sing. So I was wondering if you would be able to do that.”

Mo Fang laughed and slapped his chest in jest. “You! What are you saying? When they’re singing, I don’t think they’d be doing it underwater. Don’t they normally sit on the shore for that? At least that’s what I’ve seen so far. That wouldn’t be an underwater shoot then.”

Li Ming shrugged his shoulders. “I’m sure you’ll know better than me.”

Mo Fang laughed again and then pulled him along once more, going through the rest of the tunnel so they could leave the aquarium soon. He really wanted to go to the second-place Li Ming had planned so he could finally get closer. It was time for some real intimacy.

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