OMF V3C93 It Became a Habit

Qiu Ling gave Jing Yi time to watch. He didn’t think that it was too important whether or not his beloved would be able to try cultivating again today. No, more than that, he felt that it was more important that Jing Yi was able to enjoy himself. He could still do everything else tomorrow.

The sun sunk further behind the horizon, its red light losing some of its intensity while the shadows around them grew more pronounced. Eventually, Jing Yi shook himself out of his thoughts and turned to Qiu Ling. “It’s beautiful.”

Qiu Ling nodded and glanced around. “It sure is. It has gotten late though. How about setting up camp here?”

Jing Yi once again glanced at the sky and then nodded, looking around the top of the mountain. The trees didn’t grow as dense here as they had at the foot of the mountain. There were still several of them close to the edge though. They provided the perfect place to rest under. After all, the treetops would be able to shield them in case it started to rain in the night and if it was windy, they could huddle closer to the trunks. That was much better than having no cover at all.

He motioned over and then turned to look at Qiu Ling. “Let’s go there?”

Qiu Ling nodded and followed him over before he took the blankets out from his spatial ring. Just like in all the other weeks when they had been traveling together and sleeping under the night sky, Jing Yi took them from him and put them on the ground without needing to ask while Qiu Ling took out a pot they could use to make a simple dish. He stepped away from their camp and waved a cloud over, holding the pot below it while he watched it rain. When he went back to the camp, Jing Yi had already found some stones that he used to make a small fire pit.

“I guess we’ve gotten quite used to this.” Qiu Ling knelt down next to him and put the pot down, giving his beloved a smile.

Jing Yi paused with the last stone in hand. Right. It had only been a few weeks but by now, he was so used to this kind of life that he didn’t even need to think about what to do. He just knew that after they chose their spot, Qiu Ling would take out what they needed and do everything that required the use of spiritual energy while he prepared everything that didn’t. They actually made quite the good team.

Jing Yi put the stone in the gap and looked up, giving Qiu Ling a smile. “Well, I guess it became a habit by now. It’s just a pity that I don’t know how to use my spiritual energy yet or I could help some more. You’ll still have to find something to eat for us, after all.” Speaking of which … Jing Yi turned around. There was only a sliver of sunlight left. He could hardly imagine that Qiu Ling would have enough time to find something. “If you think it’s too late already, then you shouldn’t go.”

“No, it’s alright.” Qiu Ling wasn’t in a hurry at all. Thanks to being a dragon, he was able to see quite well in the dark. Although … His beloved didn’t know that.

He tilted his head and cleared his throat. “Well, you’re right though that there’s not too much time left. I’ll hurry up and get back as soon as I can. Can you make the fire on your own?”

Jing Yi nodded and reached out to take the flints from Qiu Ling. He hadn’t tried this yet but he had watched him do this so often, that he felt it couldn’t be too hard. He would just try a few times and it should work out.

Qiu Ling nodded and then rushed out, looking for some food. He couldn’t help but worry though. When the last sunlight vanished, Jing Yi would be left in the dark if he didn’t manage to start the fire. Wouldn’t he be afraid then?

With that thought in mind, Qiu Ling hurried up. His beloved wasn’t a picky eater so just casually taking some fruits would be alright. There was the problem that they shouldn’t contain spiritual energy though and he didn’t really know what was poisonous and what wasn’t so … he’d much rather hunt something.

While Qiu Ling was looking for some small animal he could bring back, Jing Yi turned back to the fire pit, then … he closed his eyes and sighed. “How am I supposed to make a fire without wood?” He shook his head and got up, searching around for some dry branches on the ground.

He knew that Qiu Ling was carrying firewood around in that spatial ring he had shown him. Normally, he would just take it out but because the time had been tight, he probably hadn’t thought of it.

Jing Yi couldn’t help but chuckle. “It’s kind of funny considering we were just saying how we had gotten so used to this. And now of all times, we miss one of the steps.” He shook his head and carried the branches back before looking in the other direction. He didn’t need a lot of wood. After all, he just wanted a small fire that would be able to give off some light. They could still throw in some of Qiu Ling’s firewood later on, after all, to make it bigger.

Behind him, the last rays of sunlight vanished, making everything turn dull and gray. By now, it was hard to see anything. Jing Yi sighed and returned to the fire pit, narrowing his eyes to make everything out on the ground. He sat down next to it, arranged the twigs and picked up the flints that he had put down next to it. Then, he tried to replicate what he had seen Qiu Ling do.

As for the result … there was nothing to talk about.

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