SML V2C9 I Want to Be Spoiled

Li Ming went back to the bathroom with an outfit in his hands that was still relatively new and had only been worn once or twice. “Here. It’s not completely new but it’s the best that I have.”

Mo Fang reached out, only showing his skin up to his elbow but flashed Li Ming a smile through the door. “I wouldn’t mind even if that wasn’t the case. Anyway, you’re my boyfriend now. There’s no reason not to wear each other’s clothes, right?”

“Oh … I suppose so?” Li Ming gave an awkward laugh and rubbed his neck, not quite sure what to say to that.

Mo Fang just closed the door and then the rustling of clothes could be heard from the other side before he finally stepped out. “I’m really sorry for always making trouble. Still, it’s also a little nice. It makes me feel closer to you.” He reached out and took Li Ming’s hand, stepping toward him. “I hope you don’t think I am being too direct here?”

Li Ming shook his head even though he was still quite surprised that Mo Fang was able to be like this with him already and then motioned over to the living room. “I looked a few dating ideas up online. Do you want to see what you’d like?”

“Mn, let’s do that.”

The two of them went over, sitting down on the couch together, their thighs touching lightly.

Li Ming picked his phone back up and showed the sites he had opened to Mo Fang. “I’m not quite sure what you’re into so I tried to find a bit of everything.”

Mo Fang looked at the ideas and couldn’t help but feel even luckier that he had met Li Ming. His new boyfriend really hadn’t promised too much. There were parks to stroll around in, some well-known cafes and restaurants they could take a break at, museums and galleries, an ice-skating ring, … “Ah, it’s really difficult to decide with all these options …”

Li Ming couldn’t help but smile at that and leaned a little closer. “Well, what’s your preference?”

Mo Fang reached out and rubbed Li Ming’s thigh. “I don’t mind as long as you’re there with me.”

Li Ming was a little taken aback but caught himself a moment later. “Well, that’s a given, isn’t it? But … if you could decide on anything, no matter what, then what would your perfect date be like? What would you want to do?”

Mo Fang put on a pensive expression. “Well … It’s a little difficult. Actually, I really don’t care too much about what we’re doing. You know, dating to me is just about spending time with each other and feeling loved. I just want to be spoiled a bit.”

This time, Li Ming was intrigued. This was not quite what he had expected. He would’ve thought that Mo Fang would have quite the clear expectations what he wanted on a date since he had dated quite a lot more from the sound of it. “Nothing specific, really? Or … what does being spoiled mean to you?”

Mo Fang pursed his lips and then leaned closer to Li Ming, his expression seeming a little mischievous. “You can’t hate me for it when I say it.”

Li Ming couldn’t help but laugh and then reached out, putting his arm around Mo Fang’s shoulders. “Why would I do? I said I wanted to know it so you can tell me.” Anyway, he couldn’t imagine that it would be anything bad.

“Well, it’s actually nothing specific either. It’s just that I want the other person to think about me. Just seeing what they think I would like already means a lot to me. Just putting in some thought, you know? It doesn’t actually need to be something that I really like. I just want them to spend some time on it.”

Li Ming looked at him, having a bit of trouble following that train of thought. It definitely wasn’t something that would make him think differently about Mo Fang but it was something that he wasn’t quite sure he could understand. “So, in the end, you’d rather want me to decide?”

Mo Fang seemed to hesitate for a bit but then nodded. This time, he really wasn’t pretending. Since they were already together, he could probably slowly just be himself. Then, in the end, he’d just hope that it would work out. And this really was something that he liked.

Li Ming gave a hum and then looked at his phone, slightly furrowing his brows. He did have a bit of trouble thinking of what to do. It would’ve been easier if they really knew each other so he could plan something that he thought Mo Fang liked. But right now, with nothing much to go off, it was difficult to find some things that he was sure Mo Fang would like.

And even though Mo Fang had said that he didn’t mind if he got it wrong, he still wanted their first day to be something special. “Well, we just came home from running so I guess doing anything that’s strenuous might be a bit of an overkill for today. How about doing something more leisurely? Does that sound good?”

Mo Fang smiled, feeling that this was quite interesting. Normally, his boyfriends had only ever surprised him with what they had planned. He had never sat next to them while they did the planning. “It does. Anyway, I’ll agree to anything you say.”

Li Ming chuckled, not quite sure if Mo Fang was just talking about the date or in general. Considering how sweet he had been so far, the latter might actually be the case.

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